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  1. I recently purchased a jug of vega and I followed the directions on the thing which said that you have to mix it in water and then drink it. It ended up tasting really nasty and I couldn't finish it. How can I enjoy the health benefits of Vega without tasting it? Should I put it in a smoothie?
  2. I recently read an article on this website, I think about getting a six pack, that said that it is impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Is it better to lose fat first and then focus on gaining muscle, or vice versa?
  3. We could do "The Best Booty". Whoever has the sexiest/most muscular butt wins.
  4. Are there competitions for amateur or young adults (18-24ish maybe).
  5. The California Golden Bears face the Stanfurd Cardinal tonight. I'll be there at the game with RallyComm (the section that is wearing the blue and yellow rugbies). If you want to look out for me on TV go to the pictures section and see my football/volleyball pictures. Those of you who live in the Bay Area or have really good satellite can watch it on Fox Sports Net Bay Area. Go Bears! Beat The Color!
  6. , "Cal" is a shortened named for the University of California. They are called the Golden Bears or just the Bears. Sadly, I started doing the spellout body paint thing because I wanted to get a tan. I'm in RallyComm and if we are not one of the bodypaint people, then we have to wear a long sleeved blue and yellow rugby. I never sunburned, but I was barely any darker.
  7. I'm a huge fan of Cal sports and I think these pictures illustrate it. http://photos-515.ak.facebook.com/ip005/v17/176/116/1240952/n1240952_32154515_5058.jpg http://photos-335.ak.facebook.com/ip002/v48/106/87/1238686/n1238686_32848335_102.jpg I'm the "A" in California http://photos.pe.facebook.com/v47/211/7/1240915/n1240915_32350796_6242.jpg http://photos.pe.facebook.com/v45/106/87/1238686/n1238686_32240713_6179.jpg The "O" http://photos.pe.facebook.com/v45/106/87/1238686/n1238686_32240722_8475.jpg
  8. - Bench 100 lbs or more - Do a pull-up - Run a 5k
  9. It would be cool to do something like who can bench the most or do the heaviest bicep curl. Obviously you would do a mens and womens category. I also like the idea of doing a running contest. I think a good distance would be two miles.
  10. Are there any foods or techniques I could besides time to recover faster between workouts? I'm feeling very sore from a great deal of walking I did yesterday and I have a weight lifting class tomorrow. It would be great to find a way for me to get the lactic acid out of my muscles and bring up my energy in time for the class. Thanks!
  11. http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20061215/hl_hsn/kidswithhighiqsgrowuptobevegetarians
  12. Did any of y'all see Peter Singer on the Colbert Report. I was worried that Stephen Colbert would portray animal rights activists in a bad light, but he was actually pretty nice to Singer. I felt that a pretty good impression of the AR community was acheived. What are your thoughts?
  13. I really want to be able to do A pullup someday. Will my weight training help me acheive my goal or will the extra weight/mass work against me?
  14. I don't know for sure how healthy they are, but I love the soy chai protein drink thing they have. I haven't seen anything in the ingredients that stand out as being unhealthy.
  15. I've heard from an employee there that the food there is not vegan because they cook everything in chicken stock/chicken broth. I'm not sure if it is true though. I know that Panda Express cooks all their tofu/ veggie dishes in chicken stock.
  16. Child's Pose is by far my most favorite. Sometimes when I am in an excrutiating lecture class I feel like sliding out of my seat and doing it. http://www.wildmind.org/images/yoga/02c.jpg
  17. Reggaeton usually gets me pretty pumped especially Pitbull's fast paced songs.
  18. I think it is more of a spectator sport if you know what I mean. I have a bellydancing DVD stashed away somewhere in a box. The woman in the DVD had killer abs, so I assume that bellydancing could be a sport. I think it is more of an art/dance. One thing I have to say about bellydancing is that it teaches how to do some pretty sexy movements. After doing the dvd a couple of times, I practiced doing some of the movements very, very slowly when I was in my kitchen making something with my boyfriend. It was hilarious watching him get distracted and flustered.
  19. This is where I am going to store my records such as how much I can bench, how fast I can run, etc. Current Weight: 140 Current Waist: 30 Current Hip: 40 Bench Max: 75 lbs One Mile: 11 min Two Mile: 5k: ~45 min Max Bicep Curl: Max Mil Press: Most Consecutive Pull-Ups: Most Consecutive Push-Ups:
  20. I'm heading down to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 28th. What are some cool vegan-friendly restuarants/ groceries that I should visit?
  21. Hey all, I'm looking for a cool shirt to wear to the gym that will spread the message of vegan bodybuilding. I was thinking of getting the IDA's "Go Vegan and No One Gets Hurt" shirt. Are there any other cool ones?
  22. I have my first college final ever today. I work up early this morning because of severe menstrual cramps. Then I had to lug myself all the way to Berkeley, I'm staying home during finals week, via a 45 minute BART ride. I'm feeling drained and I really need energy for my three hour final in four hours.
  23. I'm Madeline from the San Francisco Bay Area. I became vegan just over year ago after finding out the environmental consequences of my original diet. I am currently a student at THEE University of California. Going to the best university in the world, most of my time is spent doing schoolwork. However, I still make time for my weight lifting and fitness. One of my biggest hobbies right now is vegan cooking. I'm always trying new recipes from my vegan cookbooks and attending vegan cooking classes in Oakland.
  24. I'm trying to get more into yoga, but my hamstrings are so tight. Yoga is not as enjoyable as I know it could be if I had looser hamstrings. What should I do to loosen them up?
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