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  1. "bone on bone friction which would hurt. Either of these is bad...I've got a big problem with that in my hands and wrist." ouch veganpotter. no pain for me however doesnt sound like much thanks everyone.
  2. hi im 20 years old and when performing a body movement, nothing in particular i hear a cracking noise.. Is this an air buildup?
  3. hey try pure vitamin e oil supposed to help strecth marks and also scrars
  4. good shit raw ambition something to think about i like that
  5. roc


    Hey I was looking into getting into something with Fitness/Nutrition maybe Personal Training to start. Any good Suggestions
  6. Yes you are right we are built differently i wasnt trying to say get the same amount of strengh but something that will be the most effective at gaining strengh. The reason their strengh is so different is like i said before they have different lifestyles and their strength comes in thier genetics and lifestyles. BRONCO you are correct they also dont go to the gym and squat and press barbells so im wondering what the best mimic might be.
  7. What type of training is the most effective? Band Training, Free Weight Traing, Tube Training such as (Bowflex) are the only the im aware of. I have been thinking lately that Free Weight training might not be the most effective way to train as most say because if you were to take a gorilla for example they would be able to bench press 4000lbs or a monkey which is 4 times strong than a human the type of our human training is not even close to their strength. Yes i know they have different lifestyles but if anyone knows which is most effective please reply.
  8. i agree Cristian foods and drinks to taste better without any sugar added. I like to taste the orginal flavor.
  9. Hey i was searcing google and came across this site. Everyone should check it out if you havnt yet. It might make you want to switch to a raw diet if you arent already on one. http://www.thegardendiet.com/
  10. from my experience canadian women can handle it but you never know everyone is different.
  11. nitric oxide is just a pump while you are on the supplement from what i experienced and when you get off it wears off after you are done supplementing i think its a waste of money unless you are only looking for a pump for a month.
  12. well if any of you are able to have an organic store in your area this can help because big supermarkets tend to carry stuff from the big cooperations. I have 2 near me which it is a bit more expensive but there isnt any products that are processed.
  13. never heard of front levers definitly going to be trying these out tho. as far a that other site free hand stand pushs are nice i still need some more balance i think tho cant do many.
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