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  1. the idea is to really stimulate growth by hitting every muscle group twice a week, once hard and once light. i go for 4-8 reps every set except when it comes to legs and calves where i do 10+, every excersise i do for 3 sets. Monday. Hard triceps & shoulders, light chest & legs Squats Narrow grip bench presses Side lateral raises Incline dumbell press Cable front raises Bent over lateral raises Cable pushdowns Shoulder presses Tuesday. Hard biceps, light back & calves Bent over barbell row (sup grip) Calfpress Hammercurls EZ curls Dumbell curls Thursday. Hard chest, light triceps, front delts & legs Incline dumbbell presses Squats Dumbbell bench presses Dips (since my gym doesn't have a belt this becomes a high rep excersise) Dumbbell flyes Leg curls Friday. Hard back, light biceps, calves, mid and rear delts Chins (here i will do as many as i can for three sets, often around 8-12) Bent over barbell rows Lat pull downs (v-grip) Calfpress Upright rows I know that the triceps gets hit pretty hard on thursdays and biceps on fridays but i think it will work out fine. Due to an old injury i can't do deadlifts. Hopefully my back is okay by this fall so i can do a real hardcore routine. please comment, criticize and give me ideas.
  2. try using some straps, it should help if you get tired in your forearms. about the shoulder thing. i don't think it's bad that you get tired in your shoulders. your rear delts should get quite a pump when you do the bb row correctly.
  3. legs and abs Calf press 141 x 19 141 x 19 141 x 18 141 x 16 132 x 16 Hanging leg raises 3 sets Machine crunches 3 sets Squats 50 x 15 50 x 12 (a guy walked right into me, I almost dropped the barbell) 50 x 14 kind of crappy session, my legs suck. but i'll keep working on em.
  4. yesterday was triceps n shoulders. I went to a friend who has a bench and some dumbells and tried to make the best out of it. Narrow grip bench 57 x 6 55 x 9 57 x 8 Seated dumbell press 16 x 9 16 x 9 16 x 8 French press (don't normally do this, but since I couldn't do cable excersises i had to) 28 x 7 27 x 8 27 x 8 Dumbell side lateral raises (standing) 11 x 10 11 x 10 11 x 10 Bent over side lateral raises 11 x 12 11 x 12 11 x 12 Front barbell raises (Never done these before) 17 x 12 17 x 12 17 x 10 (now it started hurting like hell) today was guns and forearms Barbell curl 40 x 8 40 x 8 40 x 8 Barbell rows with supinated grip 55 x 8 55 x 8 55 x 8 Alternating hammers 18 x 8 18 x 8 18 x 8 Alternating dumbell curls 18 x 8 18 x 8 18 x 7 good session.
  5. that's a good excersise, and you have a good weight on it! my gym doesn't have that equipment, but i'm going to switch gym soon i hope. the site is great, you can find lot's of excersies, they have like everything. keep up the training dude, you might be the next big vegan bodybuilder!
  6. Hi, just wanted to say i enjoy following your log. you're really strong dude! Congrats on the recent gaining, impressive. But when you say calves, which excersise do you mean? maybe you can find it here http://exrx.net/Lists/ExList/CalfWt.html and just post a picture. would be fun to know since you seem to do it alot
  7. Back day, also know as favourite day. I changed my back routine last week, instead of doing loads of cable-excersises I decided to go hardcore. So I started with the classics. Barbell rows(new) 60 x 8 60 x 7 57,5 x 8 Dumbell rows(this one is a new oldie or something. I used to do it, but stopped, don't know why, now it's here to stay, I LOVE IT!) 26 x 10 26 x 10 26 x 10 V-bar pulldowns 68 x 8 68 x 7 64 x 8 Cable row (Sometimes I will switch this one with Lat pulldowns) 64 x 9 64 x 8 64 x 8 My back was totally finished after this but I still had some energy so.. Side lateral raises 10 x 10 10 x 10 10 x 8 Good session. peace out
  8. Chest today, might be my weakest bodypart, except for legs. Dumbell bench press 24 x 8 24 x 8 24 x 7 Incline dumbell bench press 22 x 8 22 x 8 22 x 7 Okay, today I did something I've never done befor, I tried to superset. Don't know why this is good, but I've read it is. If you have some information about it that explains the pros and cons please share! I did it with dips and pec decs, both are new exercises for me. I did the dips kind of bent over so I would hit the chest even more. Dips BW x 8 BW x 7 (now I was fuckin exhausted from the pec decs) BW x 7 Pec decs 30 x 10 30 x 7 30 x 9 Cable cross-overs (for the lower chest) 36 x 8 36 x 8 32 x 8 Not really a good session, but it was okay. peace out
  9. legs n abs okay, the deal with my legs is that I started training them like a month ago, I used to make up all sorts of excuses not to train them before plus I had an injury in my right hamstring. As I said before my gym is very limited, so we don't have a squat rack. for now that's okay, my legs are weak so I can lift the barbell over my head when I want to squat, hopefully I've found another gym when I can't do that anymore. Calf press 132 x 20 132 x 20 132 x 19 132 x 17 132 x 16 3 sets of hanging leg raises Squats 50 x 15 50 x 14 50 x 12 3 sets of machine crunches Since I just started training my legs I'm totally finished after three sets of squats, but hopefully I'll soon be able to add more excersises. Peace
  10. Biceps n Forearms Barbell curls 40 x 8 40 x 8 40 x 7 Barbell rows with supinated grip This one is new for me 55 x 8 55 x 8 55 x 7 Alternating hammers 18 x 8 18 x 8 18 x 8 Dumbell curls 18 x 8 18 x 7 18 x 8 Should mention that all weight are in kilos if I don't write something else. Peace out
  11. Today was Triceps n' Soulders, I did three sets of abs too. I was tired like hell, didn't sleep much at all but I ate a steady breakfast (seitan/soy-sandwhiches, yoghurt and soymilk) so the session was alright I guess. Seated dumbell press 16 x 8 16 x 7,5 (the last one was good but I couldn't get my arms straight) 16 x 6 Narrow grip bench press This one is new for me, I can't do the regular bench cause my right shoulder can't take it. But this one feels really good. 57,5 x 8 57,5 x 8 57,5 x 8 57,5 x 7 Dumbell side lateral raises (standing) 10 x 10 10 x 10 10 x 9 3 sets of crunches Overhead extensions (Cable, with a rope) 55 x 7 (Something happened here, not quite sure what, I always manage at least 8 reps on 55 kg, but however...) 50 x 12 50 x 10 Bent over side lateral raises (standing) 10 x 12 10 x 12 10 x 12 Front cable raises (with a rope) 23 x 12 23 x 10 23 x 10 Cable push-downs (I've done this for a long time but don't really know what to use for a handle so I'm trying different stuff, therefore I've lowered the weight) 64 x 10 64 x 9 64 x 9 As you might have noticed I like to train my shoulders quite light, I feel it's easier to get contact with them that way. Usually I go for 8 reps. Peace out!
  12. Alrighty, time to start a log! Basically I workout at the gym 5 times a week, I have a split program that I follow rather strictly. The split looks like this: Monday: Triceps, Shoulders Tuesday: Biceps, Forearms Wednesday: Legs, Abs Thursday: Chest Friday: Back I throw in a couple of sets of abs on some days, and on my back days I sometises do some shoulder work too. The excersies I do are not always my favourite ones but my gym is very limited and they are the ones I can do. At the moment I don't do any regular cardio, but when the weather shapes up I play lots of basketball and do both interval training and "long" distance running. Anyway, I appreciate all constructive critisism, comments and so on!
  13. alright just gonna try this (got it! ) yeah, the weather here's crazy, couldn't go to the gym yesterday or to work (like that's as important). today i'm hitting chest!
  14. thanks for the warm welcome! offense74: the dirty sotuh, I live in a shit whole just outside Lund. (how do you do those quote-thingys "offense74 wrote: then a box with a quote"?)
  15. Hi! Found this forum a while ago and just had to get in! My name is Johan I'm 19 years old and I've been a vegan a little more than two years and vegetarian for four years before that. I've been bodybuilding seriously for about a year (I wouldn't count the stuff I did earlier as neither training or bodybuilding) I hit the gym 5 times a week and hope to make some serious gains, I've always been skinny and still are even though I put on a few kilos. I'm 180 cm's tall and my morning weight is around 67 kg, before training seriously it was around 62 so it's going in the right direction. I study a lot of nutrition and training on my sparetime so I know a few things, but not nearly enough. I really hope that you guys can help me with my lifting and eating, you seem to have a lot of experience and knowledge! My plan is to start a log here soon where I will post training results and also stuff about my food and so on. Hope to hear from you all. Peace out
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