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  1. A store called health food unlimited. They are in castro valley.
  2. i live in hayward, you live in sj you live 20 milies from me crazy in price difference
  3. lobsteriffic, your tipnn doll, the cheese is 2.87 at my store
  4. Bean and nacho cheese. mix beans with the diya cheese. for me wen i make it i usually measure it out. turns out to be a 25g meal for me. I like to eat (ALOT) i mean ALOT. like 1 can of beans in the nachos, and 1 cup of cheese. pretty bomb
  5. Diya cheese is a non soy product. Pure vegan cheese. but no soy. Thats what it says on the bag. one of the best tasting cheese i ever had.
  6. Carbs. Raw tofu in salads is bomb as f*ck. Fofurky which is tofu turkey. 5 slices is 16g of protein Tofu is 76 grams of protein for a 6 serving. which is the whole block of tofu. Diya cheese which is good for making grilled cheese. melts perfect. chowmein, can be found at whole foods, mix it with chopped tofu. Just gotta look at the back of the box, look for carbohydrates and protein. Right now im pretty much on tofu and grilled cheese and salad diet. been about 2 weeks, i put on about 4 pounds.
  7. Im gunna have to agree with veganessential, gotta keep that muscle warmed up, or it is possible that you may have the natural weaker knee than the other. like my right is stronger than my left, everyone has those.
  8. might be something different, this machine is insane, every musle on the top half of my body is burning wen i use it
  9. Anyone here have any expierience with those rope trainer machines. I guess a different gym location that I have a membership to has these rop trainers, kinda feels like your climbing up a rope. Anyone know anything about these.
  10. When are you gunna be in the bay area next, I live in hayward thaught Id be able to come to a convention that you may have comming up.
  11. Earth blanace = For the Win, it taste the best
  12. hell ya, abs on a women are the most attractive
  13. Females .50 g per lb males .85 g per lb in my opinion
  14. You need to remember about your health tho, protein is a must for every human. It is kinda of unhealthy if the human body doesnt consume protein, so atleast get some of it. even if its 30g a day
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