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  1. I've gotten to know the product specialist at my favourite store and it has probably cost me a lot of money He was showing me one of his favourite wines of all time which he said is reasonablly priced at $50 I just can't do it!!!!
  2. thinking about investing in one for this winter I've always enjoyed that the best for my cardio because I can ead/play video games while I work out. I also enjoy tracking how many KM I put in over certain time periods any suggestions? are there models to avoid?
  3. JW

    Reality TV

    Big Brother getting interesting..... they do a great job with their "expect the unexpected" theme
  4. some more pushups last night. feels like I'm close to working out again (just in time for my 2 week vacation of course) I really miss the workouts. In the long run, this will probably be good for me having the rest period but in the meantime, I'm concentrating more on diet. I'm really craving raw veggies lately
  5. how's the wine consumption lately? I just bought a riesling from Alsace yesterday. It's chilling as I type this
  6. very cool! it really is similar to a lot of the workouts we do at my gym. how's the shoulder ?
  7. tried doing pushups last night and I felt rather stiff and a bit sore. this morning I woke up with pretty bad allergy symptoms again. I can't begin to say how frustrating this is. Yesterday I woke up feeling great, today I wake up feeling horrible! Last weekend the manchild in me came out..... soccer tournament at the lake. The kids entered a team (I wisely decided to pass on it..) Went to watch them play and they lost that game 1-0 I was mortified at their lack of tactics and I just couldn't help myself..... went into full coach mode (actually not THAT bad.... more of helping them out with positional play and formations) They ended up winning the tournament. I think I helped but I hope I wasn't too annoying lol I just have so much passion for the game.... My wife cringes when I get going but the kids don't mind. I'm not a negative, shouting, boot camp-loke drill sarge
  8. now I know what I want for dinner tonight!!!
  9. I would highly recommend watching the Gallactica series it's just a classic!!!! My friend started watching Defying Gravity and says it is pretty good
  10. what a creepy strange weekend!!! I was freaking everybody out on the weekend because we learned that a car went through the window of our local Starbucks location last Thursday. Turns out it happened less than half an hour after I was there. Then I was suggesting to everyone that we take a helicopter tour in NYC when we visit in a couple weeks....2 hours later we hear on the news about the helicopter crash in the Hudson..... Then..... last night on the way hom on the highway, I sort of "zoned out" I was POSITIVE that I was at a certain point on the highway (after a turnoff to another highway road) I even had the visual of it ... no traffic at all (unusual) and the highway to the right was a bit misty or smoky.. it took me about 3 minutes to realize that I wasn't there yet and when I did get there ....you guessed it.... no traffic and a misty/smoky horizon to the right.... creepy!!! I also had an incedibly stupid moment when I went swimming with my ipod in my pocket... crap!!!!! a couple bike rides on the weekend and some pushups I'll be hardpressed to get workouts in this week as I am INCREDIBLY busy at work and getting ready for vacation
  11. off to the cottage with my load of prescription drugs wow!! busy week only 1 workout only watched 2 movies one bad sci fi movie on TV with just horrific acting and low budget effects. The story however, was pretty interesting. I can't even recall the name... something Siege. Carl Weathers was the only person I recognized saw the Watchmen again last night. A bit overboard on the violence but I do love that movie!!!
  12. just watched the Watchmen again last night. I find this movie to be absolutely addicting. They went a bit overboard with the violence at times but the characters are just incredible. I go for days thinking about that flic after watching it.
  13. nothing like a good devilish sense of humour
  14. hmmmm back from the doc and I'm going to be full of drugs inhaler for my chest.... this will tell very quickly if I'm dealing with an asthma issue nasal spray for my impaired breathing through the nose might be some sleep apnea going on too blah!!!! but.... green light to resume workouts!!!!
  15. almost done with all the medical appointments!!! just the doctor this afternoon re: the breathing issues I really need to get this one fixed. It really stops me from sleeping well and the resulting fatigue coupled with the breathing issue makes it nearly impsiible to workout
  16. sounds awesome! thanks MS we'll be mainly in the manhattan area. starting to get pretty excited about the trip
  17. JW

    Reality TV

    hmmmm should we be laughing or blushing???
  18. I read about those somewhere good to know that it's worth it!! I heard there are some really good veg*n food carts. any must go to places to eat?
  19. Thanks Mary Stella I'm really looking forward to NYC I was in Boston a couple years ago and did the Cape Cod/Martha's Vinyard thing. Great times! we're only in NYC for a couple days so it's going to be a whirlwind tour! We just want to hit the major points of interest (of course the more we read the more points of interest we find)
  20. JW

    Reality TV

    How about vegan dating in the dark at a gym?
  21. took it easy at the gym today 20 minutes on the airdyne and 10 minutes on bike just not feeling right. this is gonna sound scary but having trouble catching my breath coupled with tightness in the chest doesn't sound too good. going to the doc on Thursday but I'm pretty sure there is some sort of allergies at work making the breathing more difficult. this really sucks!
  22. oh yeah..... no workouts on the weekend... just some boogyboarding and cycling. still a bit creeped out about the breathing issues
  23. RANT TIME !!! just in one of those FRUSTRATED modes right now.... went to the dentist this morning and I have an enamel defect on one of my front teeth. Getting that fixed on Thursday. Off to a urologist tomorrow to consult about recurring urinary tract infections Making an appointment today re: my continuing breathing problems... not getting any better. thought it might have been related to the flu. Still have to followup re: my appointment with a surgeon re: the finger injury. I'm just falling apart!!!!! on to the other rantings.... I am getting sooooo sick and tired of seeing all those self absorbed, me me me people out there.... And couple that with a teenage son who is firmly intrenched in the "it's all about me" stage of development.... and I'm ready to SNAP!!!!! I think that this is arising due to a couple reasons.... being out at the cottage (it's a fairly upscale cottage area) and knowing that the kids take it for granted when there are thousands of kids who can't even imagine being able to go to a place like that. Everytime I see a new monstrosity cottage being erected, it makes me a little upset. Why do they need that??? They are like city homes (VERY nice city homes) I was also reading up on New York City for our upcoming vacation and I was appalled at the incredible disparity in classes. All the insanely high priced shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment.. What % of the NYC population could afford to do any of these "tourist attractions" in their own city??? $20 per person to go to the museum??? Doesn't seem right to me... that should be available to all aaarrrghhhh!!!!!! (and to think I used to be an ultra conservative, pro-business, screw everybody else person when I was in University) talk about a 360 I'm gonna stop now because I could just keep going on this for a loooonnnggg time
  24. nothing too exciting at the moment.... I actually started reading a book series I bought for my daughter the Mortal Instruments series It's sort of in the Twilight/Harry Potter vein a very quick, entertaining read. I need that right now. I've been reading an awful lot of mathematics/statistics related books lately. The brain needs a rest I'm a bit af a math wannabe..... I think my abilities are definitely better than average but I have top work on it... I so admire those mathematical geniuses .... I'm going on vacation in a couple weeks to Boston,Cape Cod, Nantucket , New York. Planning on visiting MIT!!!!!
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