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  1. Any one from Australia on here? Where are all the VBB's living?
  2. Any good restaurants or meet-ups in that area? Pensacola looks pretty close...
  3. Are there any/many vegans or vegos living in Fort Walton Beach or Navarre Florida? I am an Aussie who might be moving there next year with my husband who's in the military. From the other side of the world it looks like a very small place... I'm nervous about how we'd survive if there wasn't a vegan community. Anyone there into fitness and veganism? Cheers
  4. Well a tbs = 3tsp so I'm not sure what the problem is? In any case your talking about such a small amount of calories, does it really matter?
  5. http://www.theveganrd.com/2011/10/an-essential-resource-for-pregnant-vegans.html
  6. Got these in the mail today and looking forward to testing them out this weekend! Nice and light for a Vegan Boot http://www.altrec.com/salomon/womens-3d-fastpacker-mid-gtx-hiking-boot
  7. This would be quite accurate. The Australian Institute of Sport recommends 1.4-1.6g/kg of body weight for muscle growth. However women typically require 10-15% less than men as they have less lean body mass, so you could say about 1.3-1.5g/kg for women. For your weight this would be 106-123g protein. Try and increase your intake of beans, lentils, soy-milk, tempeh, tofu, seitan etc at lunch and dinner... that way you won't have to rely on protein powder for the majority of your protein intake. I aim for around 110g per day myself and manage to do this with one shake a day. At the moment your main meals are pretty low protein so making a few adjustments will help significantly. Good-luck
  8. Soaked/cooked. Perhaps a good excuse to use them! Maybe start with only half a cup per smoothie and work your way upwards until you find the maximum amount you can tolerate without altering the taste or texture too much.
  9. No idea but you can only try. I wouldn't use a whole tin, maybe 3/4 cup. White Cannellini beans don't have much flavour, but they would make it thick.
  10. My boy-friend has similar stats to you in height and weight. I have been pumping a steady 4,000cal into him, sometimes more and only now is he starting to see some weight-gain. He is doing zero cardio at the moment and heavy weights 3 x week. Try smoothies and make them high calorie. Derek Tresize had a good one posted on his website http://www.veganmuscleandfitness.com/vegan-weight-gainer-revision-and-more/ Liquid meals are often easier to get down! Good-luck
  11. If you're not gaining weight then no. The only way you'll know how many calories you need is to track your input and monitor your weight. If you're not gaining you need more
  12. So we are looking at getting a dog from the pound and the discussion has come up will the dog be vegan. I really want to try it but my boyfriend is apprehensive. Does anyone here have a vegan dog or pet? Or tried it and reverted back to giving their pet meat? I have read online it is definitely possible... keen to hear of some real life examples and perhaps the type of food you give/buy for them. Cheers
  13. You can get wrist straps for less than $10 from sports stores. Sports strapping tape works as well... but in the long run wrist straps will work out cheaper and more environmentally friendly
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