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  1. I can't wait to see Sicko. If it pisses off the same groups Moore's other movies did, we should enjoy it thoroughly!
  2. No, that was my inside voice I am going to begin calling people nuggets with my outside voice!!
  3. That is funny. Should we make a list of all the evil people in history that ate meat? What's this site got, like 4 vegetarians. Manson was a vegetarian; hence, vegetarians are evil and you should not be one. Manson also had a nose; hence noses are evil and you should not have one!
  4. LOL! That's to V's, not one W! I would've figured that out on my own if I hadn't missed that. Duh. I don't think I'll be able to make it out since I only just recently found out about it. Just for fun, I'll check out ticket prices and stuff. Is there a VV every year?
  5. Wow...you've witnessed fights, veganpotter? What sort of people attend? I know some other NFL player claimed cops and judges attend them.
  6. One would think that if mainstream America would get outraged about any sort of animal abuse, it would be that against "man's best friend," right? Most people I know who eat cows and pigs get really mad about those who eat dogs. The property he purchased was probably bought primarily for the purpose of dog fighting. The practice has moved out of urban areas because of the crack down. It's a lot easier to hide an operation like that in a rural area.
  7. I'm at a loss. What's W'07? I hope it's not something blatantly obvious that I missed! Thanks for the responses, by the way!!
  8. I can't even walk up 2 flights of stairs before I get morning carbs in me. I'd pass out if I tried to cardio first thing in the morning.
  9. I wish I was coming out sooner. Sounds like my kind of set up: veg-friendly, quiet. I just don't know if my spaz cat Smugg would be too much for your little sweethearts!
  10. Hi, folks. I'm starting this thread to find about your city's disc golf scene (especially Portland). My husband is really into it and I play a little. We have one course in Omaha, and there are a couple in other nearby cities. He likes the one closest to home best, though.
  11. Just thought I'd chime in about this. I haven't heard any new info on the subject for awhile now. I get really angry at people defending his actions because "it's how he was brought up" or saying he's a target because of his name. So many people are saying, "They're his dogs; it's his property." I get so disheartened by the lack of mainstream outrage.
  12. Thanks, lotus. I really hope to get accepted to school there in Portland. I've never lived outside Omaha!
  13. Hi there, Tasha! I can't wait to visit Portland. In Omaha we only have one restaurant that's guaranteed to have vegan stuff, but they also serve fish and chicken. I don't know why they gotta do that. I always thought they were strictly a veggie restaurant and ate there a lot even before I quit eating meat. Never noticed the flesh on the menu, but my husband, who long ago cooked there, assured me it's offered. Oh well, he cooks better than those folks anyway!
  14. Thanks a lot for the welcomes, guys! It's good to know there's a lot of Portland residents here. I want to try to get up there next summer to check out the law school. We've done our research about vegan stuff in the area, and I honestly think I will cry the first time I go into the vegan grocery store or a vegan restaurant and not have to check labels or ask "What's in this?" I'll peruse the boards and see what's going on! In the meantime, if anyone knows any great tricep excercises beyond dips, kickbacks, and the tricep pullover, let me know! That's all I have in my arsenal for getting those little muscles back in shape! Thanks again for the warm welcome!
  15. Hi, everyone. I'm from Omaha, NE. I don't know any other vegans. My husband, much to my surprise, turned vegetarian a few months after I went vegan. This has been extremely helpful since he's the cook. I have been vegan for about 2 years now. I haven't peeked around the forum too much yet, but I joined for advice on fitness and just to have some more vegans with which to communicate. I used to work out a lot, but I've slacked in the last few years. Well, I just turned 30 and notice myself spreading out a bit, though I haven't gained any weight. Anyhoo, I really want to get in shape and stay that way as I embark on my third decade of life. My big idea is to go to law school and study animal law. The school I'm most interested in is in Portland, OR. Anyhoo, hi everyone. I'll come up with an avatar soon.
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