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  1. Now that is some serious efficiency.
  2. She does for a few seconds, rolls around all cute luring you in. But it's a trap. She ends up just chewing on your hand. Loving all the pictures from this thread.
  3. Mine's for a potbelly fire stove. The door is small, so when I want a fire I have to chop the pieces a lot smaller than for an average fireplace. It takes awhile.
  4. My 3yo Persian Mindy. So adorable. http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg846/scaled.php?server=846&filename=img1503ua.jpg&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg809/scaled.php?server=809&filename=img1499f.jpg&res=landing
  5. Where I live it get's really cold (Winter here atm). I chop wood every day and enjoy it. I find it to be a good workout, too. Have you ever chopped wood, do you do it regularly? If so, is it an exercise thing, or you do just do it because you need it to keep the house warm? I'm also curious, would you consider this an aerobic exercise, anaerobic or a bit of both? Any input is good.
  6. Very good progress! You should be proud. Did a change in diet have anything to do with your progress? (i.e. non-vegan to vegan)
  7. Does anyone else get the feeling that they need to workout more in a day? I mean, I've done my routine and I know it is very sufficient.. but I always get this feeling like I didn't do enough and I'm not getting maximum results unless I do some more. Another workout will be useless to me at this point, I've done what's needed, and I'm tired and don't want to, however I still get that annoying feeling like I NEED to. Anyone else share this sometimes?
  8. I often eat high protein tofu cooked in some soy sauce and sesame oil on toast with avocado spread and grated carrot. Really quick to make.
  9. These look good, I've also been stuck using the same ingredients. The extent of my fruit for smoothies is banana and some different berries.
  10. Well this forum seems to be very specific, being vegan and exercise oriented too. so I think it will hang around for a good time to come, well I'm hoping anyway. I like what I've seen so far.
  11. Hi, I scanned over other thread subject lines here and didn't seem to find one which talks about the speed of protein absorption. I know many non-vegans who take whey protein also use soy or pea. But they do not use them around a workout because of the slow absorption rate, which is why they've got the whey. Now, as I don't want to use whey of course, how does anyone else maximize protein absorption around workout time? That's when I want to get my biggest shot of protein. Are there any other foods or supplements? On another note, I know Soy Protein Isolate is absorbed slowly, but how slowly? I haven't been able to come across a timeframe in which is does it's stuff in my body. Anyway thanks for any input! - Matt
  12. Hi, I haven't been on a forum in a long time, but I've recently started to exercise and gain mass. Being vegan, I'm very glad I could find a forum which is about both. I'm doing okay for now, I don't need any specific help but I'll be sure to chip in if need be. Thanks.
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