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  1. i like lara bars or thinkorganic bars. They are about $1.50 each around here. favorite is the lara bar. all raw ingredients.
  2. I was looking online, and found a raw meal replacement. It's called elixr mre. It comes with whey or hemp protein. I was wondering if anyone has tried the the hemp protein mre. Its seems to be reasonable priced, and the ingredients seem to be right on the money. What yall think????? www.elixirmre.com/product_pages/hemp_elixir.html
  3. no shes not...shes a yoga instructor..
  4. I keep tellin her shes not eating enough...dont ya think??
  5. VM...you think vegans should not carry guns??? As I look around at my famlily, and know what I go through every night at work, not knowing if I will come home to my family....whew...I better not get started....n/m...I do respect your view...although I do not agree...
  6. I have been reading what yall have posted and yall have made some very good comments. I think that all martial arts have advantages and disadvantages. I have had a LOT of self defense training. I have had muy thai, BJJ, aikido (mostly joint locks and submissions relating to those locks), and numerous clasees that have a little of various styles thrown in there. I apply these defensive (and offensive) tactics at work often, and I have seen what works and doesnt work for me. Key words...for me...What works for some doesnt work for others. I have put huge guys in wrist locks and arm bars, and they go to their knees. Other guys are out of it before it is locked in, or even worse, i have had them look at me like i was an idiot. Then what do you do. Think quickly, change tactics, and hit or kick damn hard. I am in the process now of gettin back into my martial arts training. My personal feeling is that you need to train in various disciplines. Aikido is great, with limitations. Muy Thai is great, as long as you are on your feet. BJJ is great, but what if they guy you are goin up against has a great sprawl. What you gonna do when u cant get him down. It will happen. By no means do i consider myself an expert. I just have seen what works for me. Hope that helped. If not, then i worked on my typin skills.
  7. I've been in the gym on and off since i was a teenager. I have always been in decent shape, but now after shoulder surgery, I really want to step up my workouts. My basic workout routine is to hit each body part twice a week with weights. I hit each body part with three different exercises. For example, chest would be flat/incline/decline...then next workout out i might change up one to flyes...alternating between machines and free weights. I have had to really step up my cardio because i have some intense training classes coming up in October. 2 a day workouts in the class...part of the training is running 3 miles each time..8 minute miles...So i have really had to step up my running and cardio. I am doing about 45 minutes of cardio a day, probably 6 times a week, alternating between running/swimming/eliptical...I know its a lot, but i need to be ready and get my running time down. My wife is a power yoga instructor, so starting about 3 weeks ago, i am also doing about an hour of yoga 5 times a week. I initially thought the class was just stretching until i put my ego aside, and got in there. They kicked my butt. I think i counted over 100 pushups throughout the various movements. I came outa there with a new respect for that power yoga class. They also heat the room, so u are sweating like a pig by the time its over. Hell of a workout!! So thats my basic workout. I still need to cut about 7 more lbs of fat to get my six pack. Its a struggle. I think my main problem is with my job, workouts, and family time, I only get between 2-4 hours of sleep a day. If I am lucky, I get an hour nap in the evening sometimes. I work nites so its real hard on the body anyway. I know thats REAL bad, and you need sleep to grow, but my that's my schedule right now. I work double shifts three days a week, so I usually just get the yoga and cardio in, and pickup the weights the next day. I havent asked any questions yet. Question. Am i doing too much?? I'm afraid of getting burned out, but I don't know where to cut back. I need the cardio and running to prepare. I need the weights to grow. I need to yoga to get the range of motion back into my shoulder. I just started supplementing this week with creatine and l-glut. I know supplements are for another section, but since i'm typin a novel here, I might as well throw that one in there too. Any advice is wanted and appreciated!!!
  8. Mavric


    Hi everyone. My wife, texanyogi, has already given a little background on us. Like she posted, we became vegan in December of last year, and haven't looked back. Yes, I am a cop. I've been a police officer for eight years, so being in shape is definately important, not only for my personal health, but for safety on my job. I have had a difficult year with my workouts. I am coming back from shoulder surgery last year. I tore all the cartilage in my left shoulder, and ruptured my biceps tendon during a martial arts class. It sucked, but if you are gonna learn then u have to train hard. Now, I have titanium hooks holding all the cartilage down in my shoulder. I went through four months of rehab, starting with 1/2 lb dumbell curls. I am now up to 25 lbs, and gettin stronger. My shoulder was in a sling for 4 months, so i basically shriveled up to nothing. Now, its time for me to put the weight back on. I have some workout questions, but i will post in another area. My wife and I are excited about being part of this website, and look forward to talking to all of yall.
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