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  1. I'm an atheist, but I have a few devoutly christian friends. There has been a cool trend growing in that community of trying to decommercialize christmas. They will open a dialouge with their family and friends months before the holiday season. They will explain where they are coming from. They will agree to buy no gifts or limit themselves to one small gift ( ~$20 ) per person. On christmas they will go to a religious service before having a small intimate dinner with family and close friends. Instead of economic enhancement day the holiday becomes about religion, family and friends for them. The commericalization of holidays has gotten out of control. I saw CNN clips of people standing in line, wrapped around the block, befor 5 am on black friday waiting to stampede into area stores. For what? To get a lot of junk people will not even appreciate 3 weeks later and put themselves into debt all of the way to mid spring?
  2. That is a great response that I am filing away for my own use. I've had that argument so many times, that hearing that comment would probably exhaust me......here we go again, another free 45 min lecture on anatomy, Darwinism etc. This sounds like it would be a good response for other tired objections, like the people who say they eat organic meat, that god told them they could eat met etc etc.
  3. You provide the site for free, on your own dime. You don't need to apologize. Nice to see the site back.
  4. Could you put that as a link titled something like "contact the admin" on the front page of the forum? It could be convenient for folks like me whose account got iced, but who didn't think to try reregistering.
  5. I got to see him on stage at a local theater the year Supersize Me came out. The theater was the last place it was being shown in a film festival tour before its general release. Spurlock introduced the film and took questions afterwards. I got the sense of him being one of those people who is both easy to talk to and naturally funny.
  6. Jim Morris, a former Mr. America, and a vegan ,is still going strong as a body builder at the age of 72: http://dingo.care2.com/pictures/c2c/share/47/478/852/478522_370.jpg Inspiring short video about him: http://tinyurl.com/2u64jy
  7. Hi; I am posting this here as there isn't a sub fora for site issues and this sub fora is on top so it is more likely that people like me might see this message. My account got wacked with site crashing. I had to recreate my account. I'm fairly new so I'm guessing my account wasn't part of a back up. FYI, don't waste your time trying to deal with the messages that your password word is wrong. It probably isn't. HTH Steve
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