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  1. Hello all. I'm a male, 41 yo, 6 ft tall, weight 196 lbs and not much active at all (but this is about to change). Apparently my BMR is 1918 kcal per day (calculated with this bmr calculator). Now my question is - can I go lower than BMR and still do sports (running)? I would like to quickly lose some weight and after that change my diet and eat more than BMR rate is (obviously). Do you think this is a bad idea? As far as I was told, BMR isn't the lowest calorie needed since body can get energy from stored fats (in my case there's a lot of energy in there ). Can I do my body harm if I eat to less calories? I am not planning on doing this my whole life - just for now, until I drop some weight. What do you think?
  2. Thanks for replying. First of all - that's a typo - it's not BMP, but BPM. And this is not resting heart rate. This is recovery heart rate. Apparently the watch measures it like this: after you press stop button on the watch (immediately after finishing the workout) the watch memorises your current heart rate and it does so again after 2 minutes. It then substracts second number from the first one and it displays you recovery heart rate. In my case that was 20 BPM. Which is kind of bad, but I'm a beginner so I don't worry that much now. Baiscally this number tells you how fast can your heart return to "normal" operation. The faster, the better. That's what I've read online Is there anyone here that uses recovery heart rate as motivation?
  3. Hello. I've bought myself a garmin gps enabled watch for running. I went for a short run yesterday and tried not to "die" After I've finished my run my watch displayed this "recovery heart rate" number, which apparently was 20 BMP. Now I've looked online a bit and I read that this might be a good indication of one's fitness level. As I intend to build my endurance with running, can I go with this number? Do you pay attention to this number yourself? If not, what is your motivation / measurement that you can hold on to? Only total time / distance ratio? Thanks for your replies. Bob
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    hello all!

    Hi everyone! I'm a new guy here. I'm 43, male and not that much physically active (desk job). I am changing my life and the first step is to change my diet entirely. I hope I'll get some useful information here. Cheers!
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