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  1. Just an update of my friend-training partner here After getting no results size wise in any other routine or training style he has tried through the years, I measured him today before heading to the gym and he has added 2 and a half inches around his chest without adding anything to his waist measurement . He still has a long way to go before he looks like he trains with weights but his 37 and a half inch chest is now 40 inches. His arms have stayed the same size, but look more hard and shapely. Maybe when I measure him in another months time they will have grown as well
  2. My advice would be to stick with the 5x5 As you add weight to the compoundv movements, and add bodyweight, your arms will grow also. Adding muscle can be a painfully slow process, but its easy to overdo things in the gym and slow the process down even more.
  3. my best ever training results came while I was following an abreviated weight training routine, and eating 80g of protein per day. I managed to add weight to the bar and solid weight to my frame while eating just 80g I have fell for the more is better trap before, and all I added was extra bodyfat due to the extra calories. Most of the high protein advice for athletes comesd from people selling protein powders etc
  4. I have used mentzer routines before and had my best results from his consolidation routine squats pulldown bench press 1 set only rest a week, then do deadlift front press barbell curl.again 1 set only My training partner who is a classic tall skinny bloke and has had NO RESULTS at all from any other programme he has tried through the years, is now geting stronger, AND adding bodyweight doing mikes ideal routine http://www.musclenet.com/mikementzerheavyduty.htm looking at this workout and the amount of time between working each bodypart its hard to believe that it works, but it has, and does work for countless people heres a forum you may find helpfull http://www.highintensity.net/Forums/Forums.asp
  5. yes after running my marathon next week, Im having a week doing nothing, then having 6 months concentrating on my weight training, and am going to give dc a good 6 months trial
  6. Anybody here given dc training a good try? http://dc-training.blogspot.com/ obviously not his nutritional advice though lol If so what were your results cheers
  7. Im a bit late spotting this thread but just have to echo what others have said, you should be very proud of yourself for what you have achieved, and in such a relatively short time. Great work, excellent figure.
  8. just out of interest, whats the most productive bodybuilding routine you have ever used. cheers
  9. check out this site for more info on vince gironda training http://www.ironguru.com/ if you go to the site map then training articles there is some excellent info on there. I have to say that after getting to grips with what this man is really trying to say I understand more what he was getting at, and have since my first post on this thread, been training on a routine alternating the light 8x8 routine[although i do 6x8] with only 15-30 seconds between sets, with a heavy slow reps[4x4 seconds] 1 set per bodypart to failure routine, training 3 week on 1 week off[again as gironda advised] and am having some great results I am never in the gym more than 35 minutes, and after the back legs biceps 6x8 workout have trouble carrying my training bag home lol
  10. Best results from any split routine ive done, has been from a 3 day a week 2 way split training monday-wednesday- friday chest shoulders triceps, alternated with back legs biceps
  11. have known of vince and his training methods for many years and used to own his book unleashing the wild physique years ago, but ive always had my best results both in strength and size gain doing just one or two sets per body part, compound excercises to complete failure as heavy as possible.[HIT] Now im getting old and concetrating mainly on my running now I thought id give different types of routines a try. vinces ideas were light weights with only 10-15 seconds between sets, completely opposite to what ive done before, so i was just wondering if anybody had tried his routines. heres an article on one of vinces methods http://www.vincesgym.com/pages/faq_01.htm _________________
  12. Just out of interest, has anybody using this forum ever tried using any of vince girondas training routines, 8x8, a muscle has four sides etc? If so what were the results like
  13. I have to agree that Rachel Mclish is one of the all time greats, as were Gladys portuguese[probably wrong spelling], and the mighty Corinna Everson, who as a matter of fact, my daughter was named after lol
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