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  1. Yes I think the raw food tip is a very good one... What kind of exercise can you do??
  2. Also Kettlebells for sale and other bits and bobs... Been looking at getting a lot of equipment second hand because being a vegan ain't cheap most of the time. Found a good place for kettlebells underneath in the signature, and other stuff, try it out if you're on this side of the pond
  3. Some good tips here folks, awesome
  4. Must be some folks on here that can help, surely? Lots of soya bran protein and fibre will help you out!
  5. I tend to make dense soups (with legumes) and add soya bran to it. Fills me up nicely!!
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for some cheap and basic gymnastics equipment. A friend of mine and I are renting out a studio space and are going to put a range of gear in there. I used to do a bit of gymnastics in school (a while ago) and of course it is very good for core strength. Looking for some mats obviously, a balance beam and probably a couple of other bits and pieces! Live in the Dublin area, so perhaps something close to there, or elsewhere is fine too.
  7. It's a little bit quiet for the newcomers here, we must stick together!
  8. Always found it hard to improve my bench lifting. Only got to around 75Kg without being aided or spotted. Always had very slow improvements compared to other areas.
  9. Looking for a squat rack in Ireland to go in a space at home. Any brands or tips I should be looking at??? Thanks
  10. Hey bro! Good to see you going Vegan, trying to get my GF to do the same... I'm nearly winning, but not quite there yet!
  11. jek83

    Hi!! :)

    Hey everyone. I'm from the UK and very glad to have found this forum! I've been vegan for nearly three years and have been training for the past few months. I want to increase fitness but also get a bit stronger, so I am looking into getting some equipment for my home soon. Anyway, I'm rambling a bit. Have a good day all!
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