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  1. i can't remember where i read it online but it was a biography of jet li. he's legit. he was the national martial arts champ (adult open division) by the time he was 12 i think? out of any actor who does martial arts, chuck norris included, i think jet li could more than hold his own in the ufc. if i can find the link i'll post it. it was amazing to read how he grew up and bascially stopped going to academic school and was made to just train all day everyday as a kid.
  2. i (for the most part) keep track of how many calories/carbs/protein/g of fat i get each day. since olive oil and nuts are considered 'good' fat for you how would you keep track of grams of fat? like if i ate some ice cream (sorry, not vegan but veggie for 13 yrs!) i would count that fat in my total for the day but since nuts and the like are good for you would you put their fat content in there as well? i hope i was clear with what i'm asking thanks guys! brett
  3. i've begun keeping track of what i'm eating (calories/fat calories/fat/protein/carbs) my question is what is the ratio of calories to calories to fat that i should be looking for? i'm trying to get about 3000 calories a day so how many of those should be calories from fat? i know the less the better but what's ideal, in general? thanks brett
  4. i took the last month off of training and will get back into it this coming week...i'm going for a mon/wed/fri full body workout. i'd like some comments on my routine and what you'd change... mon flat bench press (alt. dumbbell/barbell after a few weeks) seated rows dumbbell arnold press barbell squat standing calf raise preacher curl tri pull down wed incline bench press pull ups/lat pull down dumbbell front and side raise (super set) barbell deadlift seated calf raise hammer curl skull crusher fri decline bench press bent over rows upright rows and shrugs (super set) lunges hamstring curl/quad extension (super set, light) incline curls close grip bench press keep in mind i will be mixing up the amount of sets/reps for each exercise and how i do them (dumbbell/barbell/machine) and abs will be done on all 3 days. i play soccer matches on tues/thurs so that is a heavy duty workout as well as super cardio cheers brett
  5. put your finger on your right nipple and go straight up till you hit your collarbone, now move your finger to the right toward your arm about 2 inches. right about there. now that i do that and really press and imagine where the pain is when i do it, i'm thinking it's in my shoulder muscle? i'll consult someone in person pretty soon but i thought since i was sitting here looking on this board i should go ahead and ask. thanks brett
  6. recently whenever i do dips i get this sharp pain right under my collar bone on the right side. it's only on that side and it's only when i do dips, nothing else. never even had that area pulled/strained before, not that i've noticed at least. any clue why/how this has happened and what i can do to correct it. someone told me it could be because it's a weak spot on my chest muscle and doing more incline bench would help. but i've been doing dips for a long time and have never had this problem till about a month ago. thanks brett
  7. i ate some more before bed so edit what i had posted to: calories: 1882 from fat: 320 protein: 116g carbs: 193g thanks!
  8. i'm always at the gym and i gained well (5'9", 160lbs). i want to really get cut so my main question is what is the best protein to carb ratio in you diet? i remember reading about 1:1.5 or 1:2. like if you ate 100g protein you would eat about 150g or 200g carbs. is that correct? here is what i ate today. i know i need more protein (this is my first day actually counting) so besides that is everything else in order? calories: 1642 calories from fat: 245 protein: 107g carbs: 160g thanks! brett
  9. i've been lifting for a year now. always have been doing splits (chest/tri, back/bi, shoulder, legs or something similar) i took a week off and now i'm going to try a full body workout split into two days. this is how my week looks tell me what you guys think or what i shouldn't include or if i should include something i'm missing thanks! brett monday SET A deadlift leg curl for hamstring flat bench press seated row bicep exercise (how often should i change which one i do? same with tricep) tricep work out tuesday SET B squat leg extension lat pull down shoulder press upright rows do all the above for 2 sets of 15 wednesday cardio and abs thursday do Set A but 3 sets of 12 reps friday do Set B 3 sets of 12 reps sat/sun off i've only just begun this last week but i feel i'm missing something. not enough for the chest maybe? should i perhaps add in incline bench press on one of the days? i do a little cardio and abs on each day anyway so dont think i'm lacking on the days i didn't put that in? and one other thing. can/should i change up the exercises every week. like instead of doing upright rows could i do shrugs ? any and all help is appreciated thanks
  10. i've read everywhere you should have somewhere between 1g and 1.5g of protein per body weight, sometimes even 2g. what i'm wondering and never have read is how much carbohydrates and fat should you intake? i'm 5'9" and 160lbs. i started lifting for the first time just about a year ago and i was at 140lbs. my body shape has changed a lot, in a good way. i want to refine my diet and make my muscles really stand out and look cut. so if anyone has any idea numbers wise how many grams of fat and carbs is good to be at that would help a lot. i'm not vegan, just vegetarian so i tend to eat a lot of cheese and pasta. i know there's a lot of carbs in pasta and fat in cheese, just seeing how much i need to cut out. thanks! brett
  11. hey jonathon..hardcore? where you from? i've heard of no comply..the band from cali? Sucide file were from boston and had the same singer..much better too. i know all the hxc bands..i've been going to shows and playing in bands for almost 13yrs now
  12. punk rock kids on here...good lookin out i'd be stoked to look like rollins someday. i've gained about 20lbs since i started lifting about 10months ago. just stick with it and you'll see results. go to the gym and be consistent. eating right helps too peace out
  13. LOTS of Danzig. as well as Madball, Cro Mags, Judge, Sick Of It All, Inside Out, Killing Time. those have been in heavy rotation for the past few months at the gym. angry stuff that gets you pumped to keep going
  14. gold's gym in west springfield, massachusetts open 24 hours except on weekends. one huge room with all the free weights and machines you can think of to train on. tons of treadmills and elipitcal (sp?) machines. plus lots of pretty ladies. most of the guys if not all are pretty huge too. i'm not a big guy at all but i enjoy going there and it's cheap ($20/month)
  15. here in the states on cable you can get fox soccer channel. it shows tons of EPL games, french ligue 1, bundesliga, us college soccer and some serie a. they do show sky sports news everyday as well which is nice. fox sports espanol shows tons of brazilian and argentine games as well. so with those two i pretty much watch soccer anytime i want. then if you get random foreign speaking channels you can see games like i get a portuguese channel.
  16. i wouldn't say i have a nutrition"program" at all. i just eat haha. here's an example of yesterday: breakfast (8am): 4 blueberry waffles, glass of orange juice... while at work for the next hour i drank a 32 ounce protein shake made with Muscle Milk powder (40g of protein), milk, and peanut butter (totalling about 700 calories) lunch (12pm): rice with garbanzo beans and 2 grape leaves (from a greek restaurant, grape leaves wrapped around rice and spices) snack at (3pm): balance bar (15g of protein)..chocolate/peanut butter....i love peanut butter 4:30pm: went to the gym and did a shoulder work out: 4 sets of should presses with dumbbells 3 sets of front raises with dumbbells 3 sets of side raises with dumbbells 3 sets of front raises with barbell (the one you can keep your hands close and raise to your chin for your traps...don't know the term) 4 sets of shrugs with dumbbells i'm using different weight each set like my shoulder press sets were 35lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs, 40lbs. i've been doing something like that for most of my exercises lately. what do you think. keep in mind i usually lift alone with no spotter so going heavy isn't really an option dinner (6pm): homemade eggplant (baked eggplant with tomato sauce with mushrooms and peppers) and a salad with balsamic dressing 10pm: 3 soy 'chicken' nuggets (don't know if they're vegan but made by morning star farms..sooo good) and half of a little frozen cheese pizza. i am almost always drinking water as well. the only other thing i drink besides water is juice or gatorade sometimes, never soda or anything. that's typically a lot for me for one day. i usually try to have at least one shake a day and i'm trying to cut out a lot of cheese and french fries. fries to me are like cigarettes to a smoker, i love them and eat them everyday, i'm going to try to eat them only once a week, if that. i want to get this thin layer of fat off me. i'm 5'9" and up to 155-160lbs now. i'm still 'thin' but i've definitely added muscle now i just want more definition. soccer season is over and i haven't ran or anything in about 3 weeks. i'm going to start doing what you said and do cardio for about 20 min after each lifting session. thanks! sorry but i think i just broke my own record for longest post on here
  17. how good/bad is rice for you? i love to eat basmati rice with garbanzo beans and some curry. i feel better after i eat it than when i eat pasta (i'm not vegan, just veggie) all the best brett
  18. don't be sad meggy. soccer is fun and hard work but whoever blew you off for it will see the error his/her ways
  19. i'm 26 and have played all my life. i still play competitively here in massachusetts. my brother plays professionally for the USL division 2 Western Mass Pioneers, they made it to the national championship game this year. anyway... i just got into weight training in january. i've put on about 15 pounds so far (i'm 5'9" and up to 160lbs now!). i really want to start getting shredded though. i need to get that thin layer or fat i have off so i have that really cut look. any suggestions? my cardio IS lacking lately so i know i have to hit that hard. what's good to get cut? i hate doing long sessions of cardio, it bores me. think that hitting the elliptical (sp?) at real intense rates for 15-20min will do? like 3 times a week? i want to get some sprints in a couple times a week as well but it's going to be getting colder here in the northeast soon. i'd love some advice, i've gained some muscle and hope to gain more, now i want to look cut too! thanks! i love this site and i wanted to say thanks for the hospitality, all my posts have been met with friendly advice so far. great job! Brett
  20. i kind of understand what you mean. could you give me a sample day of a full body workout? thanks for the help, i appreciate it!
  21. i've been working out for about 9 months and i have seen results everytime i lift i do chest/tri's, back/bi's, shoulders, legs, bi/tri on individual days. my question is how do i do a full body workout? like how many exercises per body part, how many sets and what not. thanks in advance brett
  22. two things: 1. is beer vegan? i've never drank and i was just wondering. 2. even str8 edge kids can take it to an unhealthy extreme this coming from someone who has never had alcohol, tobacco or any other illegal drug in their system (i was knocked out when i had my wisdom teeth removed last year man let me tell you whatever they give you knocks you on your ass) i see how people could get addicted to pain killers. it makes you all fucked up. just rambling on my closest experience of being high haha seeya
  23. nice to see some guys on here into hardcore. i've been 'edge' my whole life. i dont go wearing it on me or even telling people. it's just who i am. never drank, never had the desire and probably never will. i think it goes along well with an all around healthy lifestyle. i was in a couple 'edge' bands. still rocking out in hardcore bands, lifting weights and all that. pm me or IM me anytime ([email protected]) see ya brett
  24. thanks guys! ya eat as much/often as i can. that's my big problem. i have to work on that big time. i am/was fairly skinny (5'9", 140, now 150) and without any bodyfat really. lifting has gotten me a bit bigger. a year from now will i see a big difference? i want to A. get bigger and B. get cut. (i think that's most people's goal right?) but it's hard because of how much i intake. how do i make sure to eat "a lot" everyday? i eat breakfast, i can't eat too much, it's just me in the morning. lately i've been trying to have a 32oz shake for breakfast. then there's lunch, then dinner. that's about it. maybe a snack or shake later. how do you make yourself just eat more? sorry if this should be in another forum.
  25. hi! i'm 26yrs old and i just started lifting about 8 months ago. i lift about 4-5 times per week. i started out at 140lbs (i'm 5'9") and now i'm up to 150lb. i'm happy with my results so far but i hope to add another 10-15lbs and get more cut. i've been active my whole life, i still play competitve soccer so that keeps my cardio in check big time. i'm not a vegan but i've been a vegetarian (no meat, poultry or fish) for 11 years now. any and all help with lifting would be appreciated. thanks! Brett
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