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  1. Hi. Do any of you know which sites post jobs for electricians?
  2. Good question. To tell you the truth, I've never seen a single chubby Italian yet, if that's what you mean. How they do it I don't know, but I also decided to try this Italian diet and started ordering italian food online. It was probably my best decision because it's really different in quality from what I used to buy here in the UK. I advise you to try it.
  3. What would you advise my child to eat at school? He is getting worse at school now and is very absent-minded. I think he doesn't have enough energy, although I haven't changed his diet. What could be the problem?
  4. Guys, I have a cool idea for a startup that will definitely work. But I need the execs. If you have experience in development, let's talk.
  5. I think you're wrong. Of course it's all individual and it's hard to say for sure if it suits your girl or not. But if you look at these examples of short haircuts https://glaminati.com/stylish-short-haircuts-for-women/, I can say that girls with short haircuts on the contrary look fresh, stylish and youthful. Personally, I would make a short haircut, you can choose very cool options that will suit any appearance.
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