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  1. wow never seen anything like that before, nice post
  2. Nice post, i think i might want to get some of those nuggets tonight
  3. thanks for the recipe, i think i might give it a try
  4. nice videos man, get me motivated to go pumping some iron
  5. Hi fellow bodybuilders, I was watching tv the other day and I saw a commercial for the perfect pullups. I knew about the perfect pushup, but never heard of the perfect pullups. I was surprised to see that invention. It look kind of funny seeing how it works. Have annyone ever tired it? Or what do you think about such product? Just want to see what yal think about it.
  6. Does anyone know if The Perfect Pushups are any good. I saw the infomercial and it looks pretty good for a day away from the gym or a warm up routine. What does everyone think? Have you used it before and is it worth the money? Thanks.
  7. Ohh man cant wait to see the fight. I have watch every episode of every season. And for the fight night cant wait to see Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon. I pick Joe to win. He is a solid fighter with lightning speed.
  8. Wow I would like to see Kimbo fight someone who takes him down. I wonder how he will perform on the ground because all his past fight was on his two feet.
  9. Thanks yal for the information, it was very helpful.
  10. What does everyone think about heavy grips? I seen the website a couple of time and I am trying to build my forearm and hand strength. Should I give these a try or are they a waste of time. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I know I am new here, but everyone here is right. This forum does have nicer people than the other ones. I hope to meet new people and learn from everyone here. Nice to meet yal.
  12. I believe eating right is the way to gain weight and keep your abs tight. You want to gain muscle and not fat, so eating right should help. Also doing a lot of running can help keep your muscle tight. Thats my 2 cents
  13. I have to agree with ronnie that at this time there is no one that can beat anderson silver in the middle weight division in UFC. Okami does stand a chance but I think he will still lose. Anderson Silva punches like chuck liddell, but has ground game like BJ Penn. It will be hard for anyone to defeat him. Has anyone seen the fight with Silva and Chonan? Now that was something cool. If you missed it check it out on you tube.
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