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lelles contest diet


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hey there,


as the start of the contest comes nearer I thought about an adequate diet. at the moment it looks like that:




oatmeal with chocolate soy milk [~500 kcal]

two glasses of multivitamin juice [250 kcal]


during the morning:


various fruits, nuts, vegetables etc. [~300 kcal]

a box of juice/bottle of malt beer [500 kcal]




rice/pasta together with broccoli/spinach/beans etc [500 kcal]



afternoon (after the workout)


protein shake with flax seeds and a banana added [400 kcal]

2 glasses of juice/water [200 kcal]





bread/musli/raw stuff [500 kcal]

2 glasses of juice/water [200 kcal]





~3350 kcal and about ~100 grams of protein


any suggestions? what do you think?



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shouldn't you eat more protein on the evening, and not so much carbohydrates


I've never really found it to be all that bad when I eat carbs late at night. When I'm bulking I'll eat anything at any time of the day, and I hardly ever put on any bodyfat, though I eat nutritious food most of the day anyway, so I think that's what the difference might be between myself and someone who packs away White bread late at night.

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I wonder what the advantage of eating most of the daily protein intake in the evening is?! I heard that a lot of times, could anyone please explain that to me? thanks


I space it through the day. If you're bulking too, lots of that really shouldn't matter, just eat and lift a lot, for the most part and you'll pack on the pounds with no problem.

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It looks good, but just so you know, broccoli is spelt with c's, not k's.


3,000+ calories sounds good, what do you currently weigh?


Oh ed...pretty sure Spelt is just a grain. Spelled. nerd.


I'm back in Va now. Come over and play chess.


That's more of an accent thing for me though, I didn't have to use the word when we hung out but that's exactly how I pronounce it.

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