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  1. Oh my god, my strawberry trousers Pyjama trousers. I look hmm... like I'm bulking Notice the sweat spot in my shirt. At least I did something Anyway, a great pic and great sessions Made my PB at bench. 39 kg. cbob3000, welcome to Turku to train with us There's also other places to train if the wallpaper in tuc's room disturbs your exercise
  2. Aww, baby blue looking so neat! And hey, imagine all hot vegans wearing those pants! Ou my god, I'm gonna die while thinking of it!
  3. thanks for your kind words and good advice, xjohanx. to me taking a couple of tablespoons coldpressed oils daily was a big help. while cooking i don't use that much oils. i have thought that increasing the amount of unprocessed food would be wise. i already have done it step by step. i don't put my trust in facial creams. those ones i use are nature cosmetics. never ever even consider those other horrible facial creams. my plan is that after these creams i'll skip using them. my godmother recently told me that using coldpressed olive oil on skin is all good and enough. first i though i am just a lazy bastard who just eats and eats sugar but talking with a woman who has had similar probs i realized the fault isn't mine. drinking sugary juice and crying at the same the horrible taste of it made me undestood that everything isn't okay. it took so damned long to realize the connection between my skin, hair loss, stomach pain, PCOS and eating too much sugar. it makes me happy that i know i'm going to a better direction.
  4. Has anyone else had or still have the problem called unhealthylooking skin? If I ate too much sugar (like chocolate, candy...), the day or a few of days after skin in my face gives its reaction, pimples. If I eat too much sugar, my stomach also tells it. To me much sugar is a bit different thing than to my friends for example. Many friends can eat sugary things (and some of them also eat all food like cheese and kebab) more than I and their skin doesn't give any "comments" like my skin does. One big difference between me and most of people is that I have PCOS http://www.medicinenet.com/polycystic_ovary/article.htm and my PCOS is a quite angry one. Acne and hair loss are some of PCOS sympthoms and I have suffered from both. PCOS people also have not so good insuline levels and suffer from sugar addiction. Been there, done that. Taking supps and reducing sugary foods helps quite much. Sometimes my motivation is all gone Is my only way to skip almost all the sugary things? These days I don't eat candy and sugary foods that much but if I start to eat them even little, I'll eat them at least a couple of days. Not that much anymore but my skin tells if I ate too much. Of course it would be nice to have goodlooking skin and look pretty with no face powder etc. But I'm so conserned of my health because I know that my skin doesn't give those signs just for fun. If I got pimples, I know there's some probs. I eat enough fats like coldpressed oils, seeds and nuts and take care of my skin with nat cosmetics (creams) quite regularly. When I ate too little fats my skin felt dry and looked much worse. Should I just continue and wait for more results? I refused from hardline diets because of my background with ED. Of course I'm willing to try as sugarless diet as possible. I've also been said that it may be like that diet doens't help I don't want any medicins. I have done some changes and those changes have helped me. Still I'm a bit confused and worried. Sometimes it feels like my friends think I'm too worried. But when I was young (like 13 - 16 yo), my skin was so clear and pretty. When I turned 16, my PCOS started and got sympthoms but it took many years to get to know why I lost hair and got very bad skin and started to eat much much candy. I'd like to get my old skin and hair back because it would mean that things with my health wouldn't be in that horrible situation. Doctor (who isn't proffesional at all) suggested me to take contraceptive pills for regular menstruation etc. What happened? He wrote a recipe for the strongest pills and I got very bad sympthoms. Tried one month and never again. And how vegan is it to use contraceptive pills with lactose and surely animal tests before getting pills to pharmacy? And how healthy are those pills? And yes, this is fourth day with sugary things. Like 1,5 dl ice cream, strawberry jam with low sugar %, about 50 g chocolate, seitan wok with sweet chili sauce, one piece of nougat, chips which includes little sugar and the worst things 1 l Alpro's soy chocolate drink plus some pieces of whole cane sugar. Also dried apricots. All that during four days. Can't evaluate how much above mentioned amount is but I'm really afraid how my skin looks tomorrow morning or on Wed. Earlier I ate like 300 g candy almost every day But it was so connected with bad ED times and lack of info. I just didn't realized it's not normal if you want candy everyday although between bad ED times I had good times and eat well. Sometimes I can do nothing 'cos I just want some sugar And if this continues I may get diabetes although I'm not overweighted or medicins I don't want. I haven't tried low carb diet but at least my stomach stands well rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta. Perhaps the only problem is "quick carbs", not all carbs. So if you have some tricks regarding avoiding sugar or reducing sugar consumption, please be kind and share those tricks. Also tips for skin care based on nutrition is welcomed. I've noticed that nutrition has an impact how I feel but I still feel that those key solutions aren't in my hands yet. Or it can be it I'm too impatient.
  5. IYM: Thanks! Yep, these days non-programmed training feels the best. Perhaps I'll try a strict program some day. HGPG: Thanks, my dear! I really wish to meet you soon
  6. The Gaslight Anthem - Meet Me At River's Edge AND I HAVE A TICKET TO TGA'S GIG AT HELSINKI, FIN! <3 <3 <3
  7. Okay, here we go Like I told in my introduction I have done gym training quite short time. More systematic exercising like two months. Before that two months I do what I like and enjoy -attitude. Last two months I have paid attention to my whole body. I'm a bit ashamed of these pics. Okay, ashamed is a wrong adjective. Actually I'm a bit excited... My goal isn't low fat% or grow very much. I try to exercise in an enjoyble way and let's see what happens or if it happens nothing at all http://i42.tinypic.com/t5qc0x.jpg Not six pack at all http://i39.tinypic.com/2hi9qvk.jpg I feel my back is only fat http://i43.tinypic.com/j8cufs.jpg Taken about a month ago. I haven't that kind of beginning pictures. After trying deadlift at VFW I felt it would be nice to train at gym but at Sep, I had no goals at all. Now some goals. Not too strict. And generally sports have been part of my life like three years. First years mostly aerobic and stuff like that which I don't like anymore. More pics to come someday.
  8. I won't post any pics regarding my ideal physique. Actually I have no clear ideal physique like ideal weight. There are lots of many healthylooking people I appriciate. I've learnt I want to be me and a bit develop myself but avoid comparing with others. I have a quite colorful history with ED (and still recovering) and EDs include comparing. I'm still a bit suffering of ED sympthoms so that's why I don't want to think in I want to look like her -manner. When I'm all okay, I perhaps can do that. I'd like to get more muscle, be fit but the main goal is to feel great and have energy to do things. I also like to be little soft so I'm not aiming at super low fat %. My ideal physique is totally connected with my mental health. I'm not super fit but feel great, enjoy going to gym and doing other sports and eat in a rather optimal manner. I wish I'll lose a bit fat but I'll do it slowly and not stress about it. I'll try out HIIT and look if something happens. Too strict limits are not my thing at the moment. My ideal physique is some like result of doing enjoyble things. At least I have some parts of my body which I like a lot for example my height. I'm 1,76 m tall. After reflecting my past with bad ED times I appriciate my physique like this more and more because living isn't that painful anymore and yesterday I realized I haven't had those weird heart problems anymore. My post may be quite far away from other posts but I wanted to bring this kind of aspect to this discussion, too. After revocering totally I suppose I'll be able to set more goals if I want but my experiences of ED has made that I want to live more with no total control which defines my ED a lot. I want to enjoy my life, not do too strict goals. Now setting strict goals with lifting weights would be dangerous to me. If someone is all okay, setting hard goals is all okay. But this is my situation now but I'm extremely happy 'cos I can go to gym with joy and take care of both my mental and physic health by going to gym and doing other sports.
  9. Yofu. Silken tofu and berries/fruits into blender. Soy milk + choco powred. (But this isn't like that kind of vital thing to have. At least little bit protein and good taste. And I mean pure choco powred with no sugar or stuff like that.)
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