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  1. I buy mine at my local health food store. Vega is cheaper there than it is anywhere else I've found. My local store has a good selection of other vegan protein supplements as well. Do you have a Whole Foods in Winnepeg? If so, it's expensive, but maybe still not as bad as paying for shipping. You should be able to get Manitoba Harvest Hemp protein pretty easily!
  2. This fight's at my home town UFC--can't wait to see it live and in person! >
  3. Yeah, Muay Thai. It'll be way easier to stay motivated to train, especially if your alternative is to run twice a week. Won't make you big, but it will make you tough. Start rolling those shins! You need to do MT at least twice a week to progress properly. If you're too sore to do 2 days MT and 2 days weights at first, don't worry. Your body will adjust. When you start any martial art from scratch, your body will need to get used to doing stuff it's never done. When I'm not injured (which is not right now ) I try to train 4 days a week at the kickboxing gym and 2 days doing other stuff, like running, bodyweight exercises and some free weights. I'm not trying to get big though. I'm trying to keep my weight where it is.
  4. Cool--we may be heading over for a fight on July 17th.
  5. Thank you Diego Sanchez! Finally, someone beats the crap out of Clay Guida, even when he's laying on top of him doing nothing... would've liked to see him finished, but Guida's a tough dude. I'll give him that--he didn't even look that bad once they wiped all the blood off him. I'm sure his face was black and blue today. Yay Ross! meh, not so yay for Wilks-I prefered DeMarques but he got soundly destroyed. Decent finale though. Looking forward to the coaches' fight!
  6. Cute but also venomous (they produce a toxin from a gland under their elbows which they lick before biting predators; they also cover their babies in the toxin when they leave them to find food) and endangered. They are a CITES-listed animal. They are actually poached for their eyes, which are used in traditional medicines. All the You Tube videos are probably more harmful than good as they only increase demand for pet slow lorises. Sorry to rain on the cute-parade, but I found the video to be rather sad. From one website on slow lorises: "Sadly Lorises are often poached from the wild to be kept as pets. In the wild they are solitary animals and this provides challenges for their care in captivity, especially in refuge centres caring for abandoned pet lorises or orphaned babies. Wandering through any of the big markets in Indonesia, it is not uncommon to find them up for sale with their canine teeth removed. This reduces the effectiveness of the slow loris's bite. It also removes the loris's ability to feed on a balanced diet that includes those fascinating geckos. However, the pet trade is not the major threat to their survival in the wild. As is depressingly typical, the real threat comes from habitat destruction and killing for use in Asian medicines." More Info
  7. Yeah, win or lose, Wanderlei will fight Anderson soon. There's some bad blood there. One thing's for sure, Wand will take the fight to Anderson. Silva vs Silva! I still say Anderson will win tho!
  8. That was a pretty good show. Enjoyed watching Diaz pick apart Scott Smith. I actually felt kind of bad for Smith. Brett Rogers was impressive too. I guess everyone knows about Arlovski's chin now. He looked gutted after that KO. Felt bad for him too. Joe Riggs actually looked awesome against Baroni, had the better stand up and out-wrestled him. Strikeforce announcing is pretty lame though. Looking forward to Carano-Santos! So much hype for that fight, they better go 5 minute rounds!
  9. Some potentially good fights at UFC 99 for sure. I say Franklin over Silva Cain over Kongo Hardy over Davis (although I like them both, it's going to be mixed feelings) Swick over Saunders, quick Can't wait... I'm curious to see what the German fans are like. It'll probably sound like a Bayern Munich game in that place!
  10. Machida's hard to get a hold of and he's got solid BJJ. Greg Jackson probably told him not to go to the ground with Machida. They were hoping to catch Machida with his chin out. Oops.
  11. Machida rocked, but my favourite fight of the night was Frankie Edgar - Sean Sherk. That was impressive. Edgar had the perfect strategy and stuck to it. Sherk forgot he was a wrestler and lost the fight hunting for that one-punch KO. It was pretty awesome watching Machida tear apart Evans too.
  12. It's an unfortunate situation for Faulkner to be so seized up by a mouthpiece. Surely he can have one custom made that won't gag him. I use a cut mouthpiece myself for the same reason. I don't fight competitively anyway and my mouthpiece is still long enough to protect my jaw. I can totally sympathize with Faulkner though. He needs to figure it out! It was kind of an ironic match-up tho, don't you think? One guy can't keep his mouthpiece in, and the other can barely get his mouthpiece in because his teeth are knocked out.
  13. ...slicing a seal open, gutting it, cutting out the heart and eating it. CBC story Another story Yet again, I am ashamed of my country.
  14. Yeah, Monson's a pretty cool fighter. Awesome photo--
  15. Lyoto Machida. Sorry, don't care about the matts. Sean Sherk-Frankie Edgar is interesting too. Edgar's an underdog for sure, but he's got a huge heart. I've been holding out, but I think I have to play this one, and Evans-Machida, on UFC 2009 Undisputed tonight...
  16. Favourites come and go, except for one: The Last Emperor--Fedor Emelianenko
  17. That is funny! "No one-punch knock-out power on his feet." Hmm. Maybe Chuck should talk to Andrei Arlovski.
  18. Not sure if anyone on here saw any of Sengoku 8, but the FW tournament fights were pretty good. Omigawa was all over Nam Phan--that fight seemed to be stopped a bit early, but I don't think it would have changed much. Omigawa was still on a mission. Ronnie Mann started well but Hioki's triangle was beautiful. The Kanehara-Jung fight was the best of the fights for me, back and forth right to the end. I thought Kanehara won it, although I've read that Jung wasn't happy with the decision. Sandro was impressive too, for 19 seconds, and appears to have the heaviest hands of the bunch. The non-tournament fights paled in comparison. The first two sucked. I didn't want to see the Bulgarian win after 3 low blows. Blanco threw away his KO victory with a Badr Hari-esque illegal soccer kick. Maybe that's too harsh an indictment, he probably just got excited. I'm looking forward to the finals. Not sure if the match-ups have been set or not.
  19. Let's hope it sticks. Here in Canada, our government was openly disappointed and received lots of news media attention to let everyone know. They spouted their usual crap about controlling the seal population and that the hunt is actually humane. It is still a crime to witness a seal being slaughtered so no one truly independent can legally keep watch. Illegal footage and reports all point to the hunt being completely inhumane. I am ashamed to be a Canadian right now. Our stooge of a prime minister is on his way to the EU-Canada trade talks to try and lodge a formal complaint. The Canadian Conservative Government has expressed “deep disappointment, concern and opposition” to the ban and intends to make a complaint to the World Trade Organization if the ban passes. “The decision by the European Parliament lacks any basis in facts,” said the Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. “If the EU imposes a trade ban on seal products it must contain an exemption for any country, like Canada, that has strict guidelines in place for humane and sustainable sealing practices,” said the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway. “If there is no such acceptable exemption, Canada will challenge the ban at the World Trade Organization (WTO).”
  20. Yeah... that's crazy! At first it didn't look like he really had it tight.
  21. Silva-Griffin is interesting... I expect Griffin to use a lot of leg kicks, and circle out a lot. If he stands in front of Silva, I'm not so sure he'll last too long. Either way, he'll give Silva a good fight, unlike Leites. Combined with Penn-Kenflo, that's a huge night! I personally don't care about Hughes-Serra at all. It would be alright if Serra went back down to LW. I don't think he's too relevant at 170 anymore.
  22. Doh! I didn't look at the first post that carefully...
  23. Ya, pretty good season so far. I'm happy to see less of the shenanigans, but I just wonder how long they'll last before the house starts to implode... Bisping actually seems like a pretty good coach. Not so sure about Henderson but it's early to tell.
  24. Keeping your eyes a little lower also helps you keep your chin tucked, decreasing the chance you'll get knocked out by hooks or whatever else gets through your arms. All good points above. I usually look around the sternum. TUF had a perfect example of an eye feint if you caught the Apr.22 episode.
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