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  1. Trolls could be based on Neanderthals whom we know we're much stronger and intelligent creatures..
  2. Oh yeah. I loved that one. I really like to think all these sorts of things are based on actual creatures that really did exist at one time. I think that humans (and others) really like to kill things that are different and for every existing species today they are probably oh, 100 (well it's a lot worse than that actually) at least that were killed off. So there certainly could have been all kinds of intelligent species that were killed off. It's fun to think Middle Earth type creatures maybe are based on some reality that has been (somehow) passed down across many thousands of years. So giants, hobbits, trolls, etc. Some may have even survived to fairly recently, who knows? Maybe back during Stonehenge being built even.
  3. If it does happen I think it will be because people want it to happen - it's a self fulfilling prophesy (just my humble opinion). I just hope I find a safe place to hide until it's all over. Hey, that was me quoting some christian fundy nut. I don't believe we are nearing the christian endtimes. I do think the US is going to have a economic meltdown as we don't produce anything anymore thanks to offshoring. This means the US dollar is getting very weak and eventually people will stop investing in it. My dad is switching over to the Indian stock market for example. Which is why i don't want to be dependent on blueberries for curing my insomnia. I don't think I'll have access to unlimited frozen blueberries one of these days. I do plan on planting a bunch of blueberry bushes but they don't thrive this far north.
  4. I've never been there. I do think some countries demonize the US in order to increase solidarity among their people/distract them from the problems that they are causing all on their own.
  5. I don't know much about him.... but I hear he's the anti-christ. http://www.unfogged.com/archives/week_2006_10_22.html#005644 Did anyone read the TIME Magazine article on Obama? It really creeped me out. At one of Obama's speaking engagements he was introduced in the following way: "He's all of us! He's not black! He's not white! He's not ..." The speaker then faltered and realized that she was about to say that He's not male or female. This kind of a description for anyone is worrysome. I believe that this is exactly how antichrist will be. Also, Obama announced today that he will be considering a run for president in '08. This going back on past statements that he was not interested in running. Not to mention that everything seems to be falling into place for end-times events to occur. Just my humble opinion. ----- Yes, I believe he will win in 08 and we will be finished by 012. I feel in my soul that he is the AntiChrist. He's too good to believe. Where did he come from? Where did his name come from? What evil forces are behind him? ----- If Barack Obama runs and wins in 08' It will truely spell the doom for America as we know it. He truely is evil. We all know this and can feel it in our bones. Shame on Time Magazine and shame on Illinois.
  6. It's a common misconception that God knows all. He's actually really dumb. But don't let him hear you say that. Because he can kick some serious ass and he's very vengeful.
  7. I used to live nearby. Let's see what I can remember.... The two main roads are Cerrillos and St. Francis which intersect each other. Along Cerrilos you get most of the main food and shopping stuff. There's a Whole Foods on Cerrillos a few hundred yards from where the two intersect. There's a mostly vegan restaurant that's kind of haughty on a road off St. Francis. Indian Arvudic style (Can't spell) I don't recommend it. But the whole foods grocery store is good. There's two borders stores there. The one that isn't on Cerrillos but is at San Busco has a place called the Zia diner that has some vegan stuff. There's a youth hostel on Cerrilos. It's across the street from an Indian school.
  8. I really don't like trying to make it illegal to deny holocausts. For starters I'm denying the Ukranian holocaust right here. But also censoring stuff just makes people wonder if the censored view has some merit. There was a book that refuted all the Jewish holocaust denial ideas written by some frenchman. I was amazed that some people were angry with him for writing it because he "legitimized" their denials by refuting them. Censorship is always the wrong way to go about things. They really really hate America because they used to have a democracy until America overthrew it in 1953 and replaced it with a murderous regime that went around torturing people for many decades. The idea that the US actually wants their to be freedom in Iran doesn't pass the laugh test. So if Bush telling them to rise up.... is just not of much use. If I were them I'd probably go do the exact opposite as I'd assume he was telling them to do something that would get them slaughtered, like the US did with the Polish uprising if I remember correctly. (Tricked them into thinking they had a chance and should revolt, then left them out to hang and be slaughtered so they could have something negative to hang on the USSR). raVen, problem with the greens is they go bad quick. Frozen blueberries last forever... I'll try to do better. Pomengranite juice is pretty expensive here. That's great about the torture bill. Yah for torture!! Just finished watching The Battle for Algiers. It had plenty of torture and it made me think about the parallels between the French and the US.
  9. I agree with NK that it's basically a declaration of war. It's funny but I don't recall Pakistan's military dictatorship getting sanctions when they got nukes. Oh yeah, they're capitalist. Nevermind.
  10. I'm curious if they'll even do exit polls this year.
  11. The link shows that there are lots of tech job openings where I work. They are always looking for people with good computer/engineering skills there The articles I posted are looking at the country as a whole. There are 300 million people living here so even with less "tech jobs" there can still be "lots of tech job openings", just way more applicants than actual jobs. Would you mind doing something to that first link of yours so it doesn't mess up the width of this thread? (eh, not important.)
  12. Yes, like I said civil should be OK. So then I'm sorry that you've stopped studying it, since you liked it so much. I never really cared for it honestly. And comp sci is doing ...OK so far. But it appears to be a field that will be susceptible to offshoring also. Actually I do know a plumber who is rolling in the dough. Again though, concerning your link. I'm not quite sure why you're showing it to me.....? Do you think it refutes something in the articles I linked to?
  13. Is that what's happening where you live? That's not what's happening here. Here people HAVE to go to college because there just aren't hardly any jobs for people who don't. There aren't manufacturing jobs hardly anymore in the US like CNC operators. That's what those articles I linked at the beginning were primarily talking about. Manufacturing is down the toilet in the US. For example, from 1985 to 2000 where I live, we lost 36% of our manufacturing jobs while gaining 19% in service jobs. That means CNC operators had to go work at McDs or be unemployed. Also aside from offshoring, the increase in technology has resulted in a huge unneeded workforce. If we were totally socialist this would mean people working much shorter hours. Since were mostly capitalist it means the unneeded workforce goes off to college to get useless degrees (just jumping through hoops basically) and then they can go get a job that as often as not they could have learned how to do in less than a year yet they had to spend at least 4 in college. Actually I think without money (just trading) most of the problems of actual capitalism would go away. You know, things like monopolies that you somehow forgot to mention. Things like 1% owning 95% of the land, etc. Thats funny because the IMF and WB have been forcing extremist unregulated capitalism on the third world for the last 30 years and the results have been the worst disaster in history. And there certainly is plenty of solutions by the way. Here's a list of books you could read to learn more about things. Manufacturing Consent by Edward Herman and Noam CHomsky Killing Hope by William Blum Globalization and It's Discontents by Joseph Stiglitz The Bush Agenda by Antonia Juhasz How the Othe Half Dies by Susan George
  14. Well it's a complicated thing.... For starters there has to be extreme MSM reform. Right now the mainstream media is owned by the extremely rich and has a pretty uniform bias in that respect. A bias which can be called a "power elite" or "ruling elite" or "ruling class" or "unregulated pro- capitalist" or "multinational corporate" or etc, bias. We need national news media that has something other than billions of dollars behind it. That doesn't necessarily mean getting rid of anything already existing, it just means adding to it. Pacifica Radio for example should be a national media outlet. They are in LA aren't they? Do you listen to them raVen? They have DemocracyNow! I know. The main problem is that the FCC has made it so that you must have a ton of money in order to get heard. For example, I'd like to see Pacifica at least on the radio where I live. I want to find out how much it would cost. I'm guessing a ton. The FCC needs serious reform. They need to open up the airways to viewpoints that don't have billions of dollars behind them. Once that's done, it's just depends. But there's no need to look beyond that right now. I have scroll back and forth to read this thread now.... annoying.
  15. I think imposing sanctions is always a bad idea. The people of the country (whatever country) bear the brunt of the sanctions and it ultimately usually ends up in more misery than straight out violence would have. I forget exactly but I think it was 500,000 children that were killed by Iraqi sanctions from 1991 to 2000 or so, for example. I haven't read enough to know what to think of Kim Jong-Il. What I have read is pretty negative. But I would really like to find a viewpoint that answers (or tries to answer) all the negative stuff. I haven't found that. I've found extreme secrecy and a sort of religion supposedly put around Jong-Il to help keep the people obedient. But then what I've read had clear reason to be biased against him so I'm not sure I trust it. If they really want to stop him on the nuke thing without causing a lot of harm they should obviously actually TALK to NK. NK seems to want to talk about something. Not even talking to them seems ridiculous. Other than that, I just don't know.
  16. For example: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2006/jul2006/nazi-j03_prn.shtml And even wikipedia (which is often very right-wing slanted) I think gives plenty that is very damming concerning Paperclip.
  17. From what I've heard... the death rate in the gulags was about the same as in US jails, except during WWII. Also the percentage of people in gulags wasn't much different from in US jails. But I'm not super certain of this stuff. I'd need to read more. Alexander Solzhetsin (sp) (I just cannot spell that guys name) was pretty dishonest and his anti-Stalin propaganda (A day in the life of ... some guy in the gulags) and (The Gulag Archipelago) were released because Krushchev was trying to discredit Stalin. Solzhetsin was actually a spy and a fascist (I'm told at least by someone who's proven pretty trustworthy) and not very honest. But again, I haven't researched the Gulags well enough. I'd like to get some books by Arch J. Getty and other scholars but I'd have to buy them as they aren't in local libraries... Don't have time either right now anyway. Five years ago, I wrote a column about the unknown Holocaust in Ukraine. I was shocked to receive a flood of mail from young Americans and Canadians of Ukrainian descent telling me that until they read my article, they knew nothing of the 1932–33 genocide in which Stalin's regime murdered 7 million Ukrainians and sent 2 million to concentration camps. How, I wondered, could such historical amnesia afflict so many young North-American Ukrainians? For Jews and Armenians, the genocides their people suffered are vivid, living memories that influence their daily lives. Yet today, on the 70th anniversary of the destruction of a quarter of Ukraine's population, this titanic crime has almost vanished into history's black hole. There's an online book called Fraud, Famine and Fascism that talks about this lie. The 2 million being sent to concentration camps is a part I hadn't heard before though. So has the extermination of the Don Cossacks by the Soviets in the 1920's, and Volga Germans, in 1941; and mass executions and deportations to concentration camps of Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, and Poles. At the end of World War II, Stalin's gulag held 5.5 million prisoners, 23% Ukrainians and 6% Baltic peoples. The germans were transfered away from the Eastern Front because they really seemed to sympathize with the Nazis. The "gulag" was just a jail. Those numbers are a little high compared to the numbers in jail in the US. Not sure if they are accurate. Probably not. These jails had the same sort of death rate as in US jails except during WWII during which time the USSR was having some serious troubles and i can sort of see worrying about those in jail would be a lower priority when tens of millions of civilians are being killed. yes, this is mostly about the supposed ukranian genocide. This started with nazis and was picked up by Hearst. That book discredits some of it. Also Dr. Mark Tauger (who is a professor at West Virginia university) has some stuff talking about how many actually died from the famine. (There was a famine, just not remotely engineered.) And the number 7 million is grossly inflated. It seems they were trying to make sure it was above 6 million to get ahead of the Jewish holocaust. There were (If i remember correctly) around a million who died of famine though. While academia, media and Hollywood rightly keep attention on the Jewish Holocaust, they ignore Ukraine. We still hunt Nazi killers but not communist killers. There are few photos of the Ukraine genocide or Stalin's gulag, and fewer living survivors. Dead men tell no tales. Actually immediately after WWII, the US started Operation Paperclip and gave new identities to at least 1000 high ranking Nazis, so among other things they could help the US fight communism. Most notably was Adolph Eichmann, I think his name was.
  18. Ok, I will. So you didn't know that show would be so much about West Virginia then? Work and college. You know, those blueberry smoothies make a huge difference for me with sleep. Often I have to get up at either 4:30am or 5:30 for work and without those smoothies I just don't get enough sleep. I hate to be so dependent on them but I'm glad I figured out how they help as I spent a lot of time being sleep deprived in the past. It's a 100 year old house that my dad bought for $750 dollars of unpaid taxes. He gave it to us. It's not much to look at but i don't mind. It's a decent neighborhood. Luckily my father-in-law has experience with this stuff and is showing my how to do stuff (install windows, doors, siding.) It slants sort of like in the Willy Wonka movie.... but the foundation is OK.
  19. Hey, Jay, I know you're busy, but you can see/hear/read the interviews online: Here is the Houghton interview You can click on "the forgotten classic flatland" for a quickie, if you don't have time right now, to give you a little preview. By the way, what do you think should be China's next move? They're in a tough spot...Dealing with Kim Jong-il seems to have landed in their lap again. Military response, I'm assuming is out of the question... You know, it doesn't seem to matter -- the proposal to impose sanctions is only going to piss off J-il and, really, I don't think he gives a damn. He is already starving the People (in more ways than one); so I see him not allowing the aid -- food, services -- in to the country just to show his defiance. He just seems that kinda guy to me. OK. I'll try to watch that this evening. I saw the thing last night on PBS with Houghton. Sorry I haven't been posting here lately. I missed one of your posts above also. I'll answer it when I have a chance. The only problem with religion is they seem to usually get around to making it illegal to be an atheist/agnostic/etc once they get a big enough majority. Other than that it doesn't have to be such a bad thing I guess. I like the liberation theologists in Latin America (although they've been massacred by US supported regimes). The truly religious wouldn't support Bush for a number of reasons if they just knew what's really going on. Most recently there's a book coming out about how BushCo secretly makes fun of evangelicals, calling them nuts, etc. I'll answer more later. I'm working 12 days straight then I get a weekend off and I'm trying to fix up my house, put siding on, new doors, etc.
  20. Huh? You found that on a national job site someone somewhere wants a software engineer and you think this refutes the article? Here's another excellent, excellent article. http://counterpunch.com/roberts09302006.html Will, I think civil engineering should be OK though as they can't ship the roads and highways overseas.... I don't think. I also get the idea that you've motivated yourself to do this and really don't want to see anything negative interfering with your motivation. Still maybe someone else might want to know.
  21. Yeah, gas prices have fallen. But people seem to understand it's a little too convenient. Also we have the rumor of Osama being dead. Doesn't really matter though. Virtually no one knows about IMF SAPs so there's no outcry about their results (almost half the world malnourished) so nothing will be done no matter who gets into office. And Kucinich is part of the establishment. He can't even admit we need MSM reform. He's... what's it called.... one of those guys who coopts a movement. Like the FBI wanted to get rid of Martin Luther King and replace him with their own black leader who was "tame". And so Kucinich makes it look like the democrats are something other than republican lite while he never actually brings up anything you didn't already know, nor does he actually accomplish anything.
  22. I've a few things when I was young. Like I was hallicinating or something. Laying in bed seeing stuff on the wall. I finally get up and turn the lights on and nothing's there. Had my hearing go very funny too, where suddenly I could hear stuff that was too far away for me to be hearing..... Also had sleep paralysis which is fun. I don't think anything of it. It's all easily enough explained.... unless someone really wants it to mean something more....
  23. I don't because the difference such provides is very close to negligible at best and reduces my enjoyment of life too much.
  24. After a year of high volume I think I shall take a rest from it. results for me: 1. I get overheated very easy. Just feel like I''m burning and can't sleep. Multiple high rep sets (more than 3 reps) brings it on bad. If I eat blueberry shakes I get better but sometimes I get sick of religiously eating them..... My mom is the same way concerning getting overheated. It's seem it's just some strange thing about us. It's been a constant battle to avoid overheating with high volume lifting. 2. I was much more injury prone. In particular on pressing movements. And for the last month I've had some shoulder pain. (Not related to moving, just when leaning forward while sitting my right sholder starts burning.) 3. The amount of improvement I made was negligible. I mean to say I got really good at doing set after set but my one set while totally fresh max was about the same I think. I went to a gym that has a 300# pulldown machine. If fresh (I wasn't) I think I could get maybe 4 or 5 reps. 12 years ago I did this same machine and could do a couple reps and that was without even bothering to train chinup stuff. Way back then I just did rows and pullovers (HIT style) and was almost as strong as now. So I finally have a gym to workout at and I'm just going back to a single set every 4 days or so. Just a nice easy workout. Very short. Just a few exercises. Not much reason to keep a log as I've done this already for many years in the past. I know when I'll platuea at dips, etc. I know how eating will affect things, etc. In fact I know a ton and should write it up. I'm really a wealth of untapped (ignored) information. Oh well. But not much reason to keep a log anymore as the experiments are done for now. Maybe permanently.
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