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  1. arrrr harr harr matey. seriously the first time I was on the vegan fitness boards, and everyone called each other MATE, I thought it was a pirate thing. thats why I was enthused to join. but alas no pirates
  2. yep I love them. Heaven Shall Burn is another vegan band.
  3. yes, mike mahler has recommended whey to his clients. in fact one of his clients has contacted me about refining the diet plan mahler had given him so that it was completely vegan. I still think mahler is a great guy, and I love his kettleball training idea. (never had a chance to try kettleballs yet) I think it be cool if he was still vegan.
  4. the other night I made really great vegan burritos I had inside my wholewheat wrap: kidney beans, boca burger ground soy browned with taco mix, taco sauce, tomatoes, rice, chiliis, peppers, cilantro it was soooo good. all it needed was lettuce tonight I am making the easy "refried beans from a can" burritos. lol. Im so cheap.
  5. Im back to bulking up the best I can. and my body is calling for me to eat as much as I can! yay
  6. In a male dominated scene filled with hatred. its great to see a band with morals and who break the sex barrier. they have a female vocalist and she is amazing. http://www.myspace.com/gather "As a band, Gather exists to promote the ideals of veganism and total liberation of the earth, humyns, and non-humyn animals. We oppose capitalism, sexism, racism, speciesism, homophobia, wage-slavery, drug-induced apathy, and all other forms of oppression. Since our inception, we have discovered that there are many who agree with us in these ideals, and we cherish the alliances we have forged. We will work to forge more alliances in the future, moving to create revolutionary change within the punk/hardcore scenes and the outside world. But in all struggles there are enemies, and we will not hesitate to make enemies if necessary in the fight to clease the world of its sickness. " http://www.myspace.com/gather
  7. if any vegans here (or vegan musicians you know) can play an instrument and live in or near the Portland, Oregon area... start practicing now. cause in a year I am moving there, and would really like to start up a band in the local scene. I play guitar and do some vocals. and my friend, LJ, is gonna play 2nd guitar (he's gonna move with me too.) the music will be heavy metal / heavy melodic rock. I love screamed vocals, but this band I would prefer to have a majority of clean singing. any and all influences accepted. I have an open mind. I'm not looking to become famous. I want to just have a fun time rocking out, singing a lil, and at the same time getting a great message across (veganism, straight edge, positvity, overcoming obstacles, chasing dreams, etc.) so if you could help me out that be great. I need: drummer bassist main vocalist thanks ya'll <3 topher
  8. a really great band for fans of iron maiden and metalcore. they have really catchy meldoies, and lots of guitar solos. the one guitarist does vocals (both the screams and the clean singing). I'm so happy that I am teachng myself "pull harder on the strings" I have the intro speed riff, the lead, and the verse down so far. I think the hardest part for me is to learn the lil bendrelease tricks they do, and the wicked solo. but I can keep up with their speed so far.
  9. Orlando Bloom WAS vegan, when he was cast in LOTR. he then went back to being just vegetarian
  10. I checked today and the thicker new breadding ones are 100% vegan. the new ingredients are in bold.
  11. damn I wish I could help. I have family in Dallas I could stay with, but I am not certified PT yet, nor have enough knowledge, so I wouldnt be useful as I am far from an attorney or lawyer.
  12. maybe you have some of the in between packages?? I have two kinds by me: 1. has eggs and is not vegan 2. the thicker breadding ones state that they are completly vegan. and I triple checked and they are. (I only ate them for a week) I will try to check it out asap. maybe they went back to making em non vegan?
  13. I got this quote in my email today from the snowboard rookie academy in new zealand. I thought I would share it with all of you as it really is true. 'A dream is just a dream.a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline'
  14. quick somebody grab some water, Im on fire! tsssttt JK
  15. I'm coming to visit Portland again (rob, you and others) as soon as I graduate PT school in April. and then I am working half a year in Hoboken, and then permanently relocating to Portland. I wont have it any other way. my bday is novemeber 9th, and in 2006 I will be 23. I told myself at age 16 I want to move out west by the age of 23 and be a pro in something, and ride huge snowboard mountains. so expect an extra cyclist to come your way.
  16. hhaah the funny thing is, if anyone hangs out with me, and Im not jet lagged, I am smiling all the time. I normally dont let stress or any negatvitiy bother me til I sit down at the computer and think for a lil bit.
  17. yeh I dont have the shaved head for looks, but its not that bad. yep 1 year I been planning, I made a promise to a friend that I would do it in a year, and I did. and in due time, I am gonna grow it back to donate it again. yeh man youre an inspiration to me. of course I keep ya on the wall. orientation went extremely well. I have another thread posted about it. I know Im not as "pretty" without my hair, but it was for a good cause, so I have no regrets. others come before me.
  18. my sister is doing well. she has some sort of intestinal problem the doctors are trying to figure out. I figure cause she doesnt get enough fiber. and after all different medicines, the last thing doctors concluded was that she needed more fiber. they should have looked in to nutrition in the first place....::shakes head::: so many doctors rely on drugs, instead of nutrition. ::sigh::: but yeh anyway, my sister and I went on a walk the other day in my yard, and we hung out on our front porch. it was fun. she is now in a phase of grabbing our hands (she's tactile defensive) and escorting us around everywhere she wants to go. its soo cute.
  19. I went to orientation yesterday. during introductions, I announced I was vegan and I want to be a personal trainer to help improve the lifes of both animals and humans a like. I not only want to train people and show them what exercises to do, I want to educate them and give them the knowledge they'll neeed to suceed when Im not there. I turned heads and got lots of kind smiles. I was very enthusiastic about learning, and I said all the right things. I am extremely excited about attending. and my loan went through. so I have money to pay for tuition! yay!! 6 months = me being a vegan personal trainer. its all thanks to all of you helping me out and listening. thank you, each and everyone of you.
  20. I had Rosacea before. orange pineapple juice, salwater baths (ocean) and sun got rid of it for me...
  21. Damn, I was hoping they would make those vegan!!!!! You just made my day! Am I missing something? I have checked out the Boca Chick'n Patties at several different stores. They have new packaging, but they still have eggs. they still make some with eggs, but the new THICKER CRISPIER BREADDING ones have no eggs. and the new ingredients are even bolded on the back.
  22. take an image, crop it, and in adobe photoshop, resize it by reducing the image % then host it on photobucket.com and on veganbb profile "link to off site avatar" and type in the URL of where your picture is hosted online.
  23. nobody will ever understand the pirate face. lol
  24. I host it on photobucket.com and I "link to off site" avatar
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