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  1. Ok I will sasquatch! Starting with yours... This is purely for aesthetics. I feel like getting to and maintaining (at least for a few months) 10% or lower is do-able as plenty of our meat/dairy eating counterparts do it. 80/10/10 seems really counter intuitive to me but I'd be willing to give it a shot, especially because that type of diet does appeal to me in terms of personal food preferences. @Precisionfemale, reading your post I think it sort of makes sense, with the amount of cardio you were doing per day i'm sure you were burning up the extra calories about 2000. I'm just going based on my BMR and subtracting a couple hundred, however there are days where I do extra cardio, and I also cycle. I did a 140km ride thursday and ate my face off as soon as I got home. @Iron Clad Ben, Just curious about your body type, where were you at before starting 80/10/10, and before you got into fitness in general? I just find whenever I am eating over 2000 calories, say 2500 I will begin to put fat on. Even during my last bulk I was eating about 3000-3500 calories a day and put on 30lbs in 4 months. For the time being I've decided on the intermittent fasting thing, I'm going to give it a shot for a month and see how I feel/look at the end of it. That's ok with me, if you want to be lean with not much muscle then the advice here will serve you well
  2. A post I left on here a while ago: I have the second edition, I'm planning on reverting back to the programable assistance template for a couple of cycles. Had been using boring but big. Assistance wise, I think bbb is a good place to start. As I said I did add in a couple of things (extra work) for areas I needed improvement. Once I touch 100kg on bench my stability can be off, so more upper back work. Cable rows one day & dumbbell rows on the second (last set performed as a Kroc row). I don't think doing some light tricep push downs will hurt to much, long as your smart about it. I never track isolation, if I do any at all. Your body has no clue what it is you're lifing when you isolate. Let the big lift stress the mind/muscles & joints. Just do whatever on the day if you do any extra work/it shouldn't detract from the core of the program. That's why I use cable rows one day (easier) then dumbbells the second, same as tricep work, I add it in with bench as if I did with OHP my bench may suffer... When you do any assistance it needs a reason & plan it right. My boring but big work last couple of cycles has gone: Mon: OHP 5/3/1 Assistance: OHP bbb: 70% x1 60% x2 50% x2 Pull ups: 5x10 (between OHP sets) Cable narrow rows (extra back work) Tues: Deadlift (light work did to back issue no 5/3/1) Assistance: Front squats: programmed from 2nd edition Standing hamstring curls: 4x12 Thurs: Bench press: 5/3/1 Assistance: Bench press bbb: percentages as OHP bbb Chin ups : 5x10 (between bench sets) Tricep push downs: 4x15 (extra work) Dumbbell rows: 3x10 & another set (light) as a Kroc row. Fri: Squat 5/3/1 Assistance: Squats bbb: percentages as OHP/bench Standing hamstring curls: 4x12 Hypers: 3x10 Pretty basic work but it's to the point with minimal fuss... So yes even I "tweaked" it to suit what I needed. My point is where people completely pull the core work apart. What goes over people's heads is that you're meant to be conditioning pretty damn hard on 5/3/1...most people/blogs I see don't do this.
  3. Maybe when you devise a program/write a book what's held in such high esteem within the powerlifting/strength world I'll take more notice of what you have to say...
  4. So here's two stronglift workouts from Wednesday & Saturday. Should of been Friday but I've needed to be in close proximity to a toilet, no idea why I was & still am having a bad stomach I have the stronglifts excel & it's given me even lower numbers to start with than what I went with on Monday, so all's good & I'll stick with it. The stronglifts iPhone app is also great! The works easy enough so I'm really focusing on form. Bench had become something that was starting to slip, like not fully touching my chest. Wed-8th-August Stronglifts workout B squats: 67.5kg 5x5 Overhead press: 27.5kg 5x5 Deadlift: 70kg 1x5 Sat-11th-August stronglifts workout A Squats: 70kg 5x5 Bench press: 50kg 5x5 Barbell rows: 37.5kg Every lift I had 3-5 warm up sets....barbell rows were taken from the floor & returned to a full stop. So there we have it, nice & easy...form being key while the weights ramp back up. Though I'm off for a break now, week off! My goals to eat loads of lemon cheese cake & burgers:)
  5. Gomad is a good one to do, I may do the Gallon Of Milk A Day after my break
  6. I think saying powerlifter's are overweight is rather ott, I'll agree some use it as an excuse to eat badly more often than not. I actually train with one of the worlds strongest men & also guys whom compete in various strongman weight comp, None of these are fat (Loz is obviously a heavy weight).....Wendler also admit's he was powerful but out of shape. 5/3/1 is geared towards being fit & strong, that's why he says to condition with prowlers ect As for powerlifer's being fat, I think Matt Kroc may have something to say about this Touching on Matt Kroc I used his assistance template recently along with 5/3/1's core planning http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/marine-corps-tough-battlefield-lessons-you-can-take-to-the-gym.html I'm not blinded by these types (wendler ect) I know I have to add in work within area that needs help eg my midback for bench stability. Lastly I have never seen Wendler's food/meal advice & thought it was ill advised, besides the meat obviously
  7. His program works so I see no point in messing with it, when Some can match a 550kg you tend to listen to them. As for assistance, if I do any I give them a reason. I don't just do them to fill an hour
  8. Hi Asparagus, Thanks for that question! My main reason is simply, I could of built a better base. I have made some terrific gains across my lifts & packed on some serious bulk & size in my time back in the gym. I didn't really have a plan for the first couple of months, then followed a few bullshit routines before educating myself. Likes of Rippetoe, Wendler,Tate being my favourite reads. Also T Nation & starting strength becoming my goto for info, along with dinosaur training. I followed a strength program on builtfit which was based around basic plate loading before moving onto 5/3/1. 5/3/1 really is awesome & I made all my best gains while on this. Saying that recently I re programmed my lifts, though I'm only back into cycle 2 I'm already not feeling the work I'm putting out. Stripping the weight (& I mean really stripping it off) I'm hoping to build a better platform. So i'll go through stronglifts 5x5, go through the intermediate & advance, then madcow & finally back onto 5/3/1.
  9. Monday 6th August, ground zero! Veggiesasquatch is rebuilding, from the ground up (base up) Stronglifts: workout A Squats: warm up sets followed by 5x5 at 70kg Pull ups (betwen squats) 5x10 Bench press: warm up sets followed by 5x5 60kg Barbell Rows: 5x5 at 40kg
  10. Ye he's pretty stoked he's getting to go. Once in a life time opportunity. One of the archery team lives in the are. Have to check your log for news
  11. Sounds awesome! Fair play! In all honesty I've not watched a second of the Olympics, that's pretty bad! My dad is getting to goto the paralympics! He's staying in the village & will get a couple of nights there & he'll see the basket ball. Going as the supermarket he works for sponsors the para's.
  12. I'll try logging next wk but I'm having a wk away wk after. So will def keep it going again after, hope your ok mini
  13. I don't think there's any cheese strong enough to get me? (pun intended) Just can't be arsed to log my session if I'm being honest
  14. Perfect set up! Racks & more racks! Not a isolation mc in sight lol
  15. Saw this & thought of you! As you enjoy upper back work:) http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/building_a_bigger_yoke
  16. I hope that made you feel important? FYI they came from a smoothie recipe book, derp.
  17. I'd rather avoid all soy in my system...after all I like testosterone.
  18. Can I ask why you feel that need for 10% or less body fat? My advice would be to stop listening/reading or talking to people putting this into your head
  19. Thurs-19th-July Cycle 1 week 2 (5/3/1) Main lift Bench press: (warm up sets all 5 reps 37.5kg 45kg 55kg) 70kg x5 77.5kg x3 87.5kg x1+6 Assistance Close grip bench programmed: 47.5kg x10 55kg x10 62.5kg x5 Incline bench programmed: 47.5kg x10 55kg x10 62.5kg x10 push downs: 45 plate x15 55 plate x15 65 plate x10 seated side loadable chest press: 40kg x15 40kg x10 60kg x10 cable flyes: 3x15 Single arm push downs: 3x20
  20. http://s12.postimage.org/orsjih8y5/484132_421353771243552_638568045_n.jpg BOOM
  21. Cycle 1 week 3 (5/3/1) Main lift OHP: (warm up sets all 5 reps 20kg 25kg 30kg) 37.5kg x5 42.5kg x3 47.5kg x1+6 Assistance Shoulder complex: 8kg dumbbells, 10 reps front raise 10 reps side raise 10 reps rear raise...x3 Barbell curls: x2 light sets then 3x10 with 30kg barbell seated shoulder press: 40kg 2x12 60kg x8 shoulders pretty beat after the complex seated hammer strength preacher curls: 20kg x15 25kg 1x12 1x10 Abs: Hanging knee raises 35 reps
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