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  1. Ok not quite sure what happended today! I moved a few weeks ago & dead lifted the day after. I hurt my lower back through the moving & putting furniture together. All week my back was stiff but come following Monday I felt good. But half way through my working sets My back went again. I haven't hit dead lifts now for a few week, Instead using hyperextensions to hit my back. Today I dead lifted & my left hand grip was shot after my two warm up sets. On my first working set I was hanging on by my nails almost, After two reps my hands was just opening & I couldn't do a thing to stop it. Even my wraps did nothing, So I went light & just hit reps. Feel deflated as I really filled my face & got early nights ready for hitting dead's. Todays workout below Back & Biceps dead lifts: 2x warm up sets then not quite sure what I did after Bent over rows 1xwarm up 3xworking sets failing by 12 reps Wide grip chins 3xfailure Cable pull downs 3xfailure Superset] Seated rows & underhand lat pull downs. Both 3xfailure Biceps 3 sets of 21's curls Machine spider curls 2xfailing by 6 reps (heavy) then a final set with a triple drop set Laying down cable curls 3xfailure
  2. Flat as a pancake today.Only got a couple hours sleep yday after finishing a night shift stink. Got round seven hours sleep last night but I didn't want to get up today. Struggled on hack squat. I can usually max out the load with 250kg & hit 20ish reps. The 100 rep drop set killed me. Two days off now so will hit back hard Monday: Leg Extensions: 2 warmup sets of 8-10 reps 1 drop set of 100 total reps Leg Press: 2 warm-up sets of 8-10 reps 3 rest-pause sets to failure in 30 reps Standing Hamstring Curls: 1 warm-up set of 8-10 reps 3 sets to failure in 20 reps Hack Squats: 2 warm-up sets of 8-10 reps 3 rest-pause sets to failure in 30 reps This finishes week three of the twelve week plan I'm following at present.
  3. @Ruiz, Not sure what to tell really haha do you know the Malvern area? I lived there for a couple of yrs below the hills & I use to do 20+miles a week over them running. I have been self teaching myself spanish for a few years & that's how I came across keysi, Do you know of it? As it originates from Spain. @Belle, KFM is about the most functional art I have studied. I've trained martial arts for a long time & In everyday life Keysi is perfect. But it's not a martial art as such really. Have tried Krav Maga & did't think much of it tbh.
  4. To days workout below, The superset right at the end had myself & my workout buddy laughing hard. Trying to do the close pushups were hilarious. Decline barbell Press: 2 warm-up sets of 8-10 reps 3 sets to failure in 6-8 reps Straight Arm Pullovers: 2 sets to failure 10-12 reps Incline Flyes: 3 sets to failure 10-12 reps 1 drop set to failure Seated chest press 3 set to failure Overhead Tricep Extensions: 1 sets to failure 25reps 2 drop sets to failure Dips: 3 sets to failure 12-15 reps Superset: Lying Dumbbell Extensions: 3 sets to failure 10-12 reps Narrow Pushups: 3 sets to failure Bench Dips: 3 sets to failure 12-15 reps
  5. My usual split is day 1) back/bi 2)shoulders,abs,calves 3)chest/tris 4)legs,calves If you are dead lifting & free weight squating you shouldn't do them back to back. That's why my three compound movements are spaced out. All the best
  6. My personal advice would be, if you are after gaining muscle is to have a period of "bulking" with only very moderate cardio (if you can keep a conversation going thats perfect) to get the muscle on. If you don't like the added size you can jus lean up or just lean up a little to cut the added size. You should start with an extra 500 calories a day with cleans foods.
  7. Also what tiny vegan food I can buy is so expensive. Though I earn good money my better half is studying full time so I'am on a budget.
  8. I have done vegan diets, I kinda float in/out of eating eggs & I dont usually buy cows milk. In all honesty it's just so hard to get any decent vegan food where I live. I don't want to live on beans ect for a protein hit. I also found my strength to fade very quickly & this was along with following proper bulking vegan diets. I just don't think it suits me as a full time diet. Even upping the calories & portion sizes I was loosing power & weight. For the most part out of a week I would say 65% of my diet is already vegan, I just have quorn/meat free products once or twice a day.
  9. Here's today's food for me. Im not vegan before you continue meal one: Bagel with peanut butter Protein shake with 3 tbls oats & milk Meal two: x2 boiled eggs Mixed nuts with dried fruit Banana meal three: 4 pieces of soya & linseed bread (6.5grams protein per slice) with cottage cheese & salad cereal bar meal four: fried rice with onion, mushroom, broccoli, peas & quorn chicken Soya desert meal 5: Rest of the cottage cheese before bed Apple I'll be training today so will have a all in one shake 1 hr before workout & a whey shake right after.
  10. I don't like to use a bench to do one arm rows. I like to find something slightly higher than my wait or level with it & steady myself with my free hand. I then go with a wide stance as I find this stretches the back more. A good burn out for shoulders & traps would be doing up right rows with a wide, medium & narrow grip. Fail one grip, rest set for the next grip & keep going to you hit all 3 grips, That's one set.
  11. Hey there, I live in the Worcester area & I'm of the male flavour. You based in the uk?
  12. Ok so I'm just kicking off my third week of a 12 week plan. I switched from being a long distance runner, toning with high reps to soley lifting. Purely to gain size. I work on a 4 day split. I work continental shifts so training fits in with this. 16th oct: Back & biceps. I focus more on lats this week for back. Hyperextensions 4xfailure in 25 reps, weighted Reverse grip pulled down. 1 warmup set then 3xfailure in 12 reps increasing weight Wide grip pull down. 3xfailure in 12-15reps increasing weight Hammer & reverse grip chins 4xfailure (alternating grips) Bentover barbell rows 4X10 reps (various grips) Biceps: Alternating curls. 1xwarmup then 3Xfailure in 13 reps To finishes biceps I did mc preacher curls 3xfailure in 10 reps then super setted with spider curls till failure, also 3x... Monday 17th: Shoulders,Abs & Calves. Shoulders: Front & side raises superset 1xwarm up then into 3xfailure in 12 reps per movement Seated press 1xwarm up 2xfailure in 8 reps 1xfailure in 20 reps Upright rows with a wide,medium & narrow grip. 7,7,7x3 Bent over raises 15x4 superset with calf raises, weighted & body wight so failing between 15-30 reps To finishes with abs superset crunches, v'ups & leg raises. All 3 is one set so 3x failure. I apologise if any words have been changed as am using my iPhone to post. It's also fiddley to do a nice lay out of info so shall try using laptop next time.
  13. I too have more inked skin than not lol Does Hide what you've been Woking on. My advise...buy some tight t's
  14. Prat means basically a dick head, someone being foolish or a general jerk lol. It can also be used as (though not very nice) slang for the female reproductive area. Well here in England anyway
  15. Hi all, Quick intro. I've been vegetarian now coming up two years & found the transition easy. I used to be over weight at 93kg & 5 ft 10". I dropped a lot of weight in 5-6 months (65kg at my slightest) through running, high reps & keysi fighting method. I've now dropped all cardio besides walking to from work which is over an hr each day & soley working on bulking. Have put on almost 2 & a half stones with good clean foods (mostly). Looking to meet/speak to others.
  16. Firstly hello all, First post! Ok I have switched from being a middle distance/long distance runner about four months ago & have made some good gains. I've put on roughy 2 & a half stone in weight, managed to bench 100kg for 6x3 working sets the first time recently (this was my first little benchmark I use to struggle on 60kg) & would like to continue "bulking" I just needed a little advice on supplements. The more I read the more things I find to take! This is my supp intake at present: Multi vit, gluecosamine, Glutamine, iron supp & I've just placed an order for some aminos & also have been lookin into flaxseed oil. My protein in take comes from an all in one before training & after I take mutant whey with creatine. Have just finished the loading phase of Creatine. How does this compare or sound? Am I ok or could I be making any changes? Any advice would be amazing. Thanks
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