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  1. You can easily simplify it & build up to something like this. If your looking to build then a routine based around squats, deadlifts & benching should be the core of your workout Keep it simple is the key
  2. If you scroll down to the 14th nov then thats what I'm doing for the next few weeks Basically compounds, free weights & body weight (weighted) Movements viewtopic.php?f=24&t=26582&start=15
  3. viewtopic.php?f=48&t=26623 My Progress after dropping cardio. DO need an update of pics though
  4. Fantastic progress on the lifts & your gains. Quads look awesome & Love the expression on your face
  5. Thank you Robert. It's good to get the numbers down but also how the actual workout it's self felt. Second powerlifting session of the week & I had been itching at work all night to get to the gym. Really does suck working a 12hr shift at night but I head right to the gym after & I usually lift/train really well. Food in take has been great for a good while now & I am gaining all the time so I need to start looking at the numbers more. Deads: 1x10 60k 1x10 80k 4x5 105k 1x5 107.5k Struggled with chins today. Wide grip chins: 1x6 1x7 Hammer grips: 2x8 Dumbbell shoulder press: 1x15 44k 1x12 48k 1x9 52k 1x5 60k (struggled) Side raises: 3x12 20k (very strict & slow) Shrugs superset with above: 3x10 64k dumbbells
  6. My advice would be to hit no cardio to little & then only moderate at 20mins a session. I switched from running & light weights to just big lifts with no cardio at all & the gains have been amazing. I would advise not to hit any cardio, if your looking to gain as much weight as possible then you shouldn't want to burn any. Yes it's good to keep the fitness topped up but as its winter you can worry over cardio in a few months
  7. Hey dude I have the problem with moving boxes all day at work. Really does remind you how much the lower back takes a pounding. Makes me really aware of my day to day handling of things & how I even sit on the sofa (while playing battlefield or skyrim) Solid on the deads, awesome stuff:)
  8. Would love to do some training like this in the not to distant future! Maybe next summer! How heavy is the tyre? I hear you on the getting stronger as you went on. Weird how that works. Do you ever train First thing? Like get up & go to the gym. Loved my powerlifting session today btw!og has been updated!
  9. So today was first session on powerlifting routines. Dropped a day off my usual 4 day split & now focusing on more the big moves. Everything felt great & I hit every weight I wanted to lift. More pleasing were my dips. These use to kill my sternum so I just persevered & found the right width to hit my triceps. Trial & error. Squats were great again & I feel confident I'll be progressing well with these. Cheers to chewybaws for some great advise. Bench press: 1x20 free bar 1x12 50K 1x10 70K 5x5 92.5k Dips: 1x16 Bodyweight 1x10 +5k 1x18 +5 1x12 +10k Upright Rows: 1x20 free bar 1x20 60K 1x15 80K 1x10 80K 1x5 100K Squats: 1x20 free bar 1x15 60k 1x10 80K 5x5 110k superset squats with tricep pull downs 1x15 x3 Whole stack 32.9k
  10. 100g of pasta is also enough but as your bulking I'd up it a bit. Your looking at a complete meal with this, Carb off the pasta & the beans count towards your veggies. Also the fake cheese if you don't eat the real thing for fats. This will roughly have 45-50g of protein.
  11. Dude so glad this popped up near the top again! Great seeing your pregress!!! Can't wait to start the mon-tue-wed powerlifting Prog this week!!!
  12. 11/11/11 Just shoulders had to be done today. My pressing is steadily improving. Need to be careful as the joint on the left should feels terrible even when I steady the bar to squat. Solid workout blasted through it. Presses 1x20 24 k 1x15 36k 1x12 48k 1x10 52k 1x7 56k Cable side raises: 1x10 15 plate 2x8 15 plate Rear raises 1x15 20k 2x12 24k 1x15 24k Shrugs in small frame: 15x50k 2x10 70k 21's up right rows: Wide, med & narrow grips 7-7-7x2 35k
  13. Sounds rough but a tin of baked beans, 150g pasta & a good serving of your fav substitute cheese will also be very filling & also excellent fuel. I swear by that meal & is very cheap Good protein content too
  14. 9/11/2011 Squats felt good. Defiantly more in my tank after finishing the 5x5 but as this was only the second workout going fully deep I don't want to run before I can walk. Will push 110k next week I think. The stiff leg dead lifts didn't feel quite right. Think I need to get the technique down still so I just stripped the weight to make sure my hamstring were engaged as I was feeling more my lower back. Squats Free bar x20 10x50k 8x70k 5x90k 5x5 105kg Stiff legged deads: 1x8 50k 1x5 60k 1x5 80k 1x5 50k Leg press: 1x15 150k 1x12 200k 1x8 240k 3xfailure on calve pushes after each set Leg curls: 3x77 10 Calves raises: 3x 10 134 plate Laying ham curls 1x10 45 1x8 50 Food has been good las few days. Plenty of wholefoods & greens:)
  15. 8th nov. Decline bench: 20xfree bar 1x15 50k 1x12 70k 5x5 90k Dips: 10-15-15-10 S mc incline: Warm chest back up 1x15 50k Seated chest press: 1x15 40k 1x10 50k 1x7 60k French press into close grip bench, 10 reps French into 10 close grip = one set: 3x10 35 k Cable chest, 21's. 7 high 7 medium 7 low: X2 6th yellow plate Tricep pull down: whole stack: 1x7 32.9 1x8 32.9 1x8 32.9
  16. For fats I was adding 1 table spoon of olive oil into my shakes. Also pb, avocados, fake meats like soya burgers, quorn products. Of course pizza. Try having a bagel with pb & honey & a breakfast shake. 300ml milk, 2-3 table spoons oats, 1 banana & scoop of protein & whizz it up, If you can two bagels lol. My gains have been pretty great in all honesty but maybe when i get to the point i need to cut, i will start crunching the numbers a bit more. If you want any advice ect feel free to pm man.
  17. Awake 24 hrs by the time I got into the gym. Pretty solid workout. 5x5 on the deads at 100kg to get a bench mark in the new rep/set ranges. Grip is loads better now & prob push the weight to 110kg next week. Always had a weak lower back so may take a little time to make any major leaps Dead lift 1x15 45k 1x10 60k 1x8 80k 5x5 100 1x1 120k (just to sample the weight) Hammer chins 12-8 Wide grip 8-8 Barbell rows-underhand grip 1x15 60k 1x10 80k 1x15 80k 1x8 90k Bicep dumbbell curls 1x20 20k Triple drop set, 1x8 32k 1x8 28k 1x8 20 k. X2 Horizontal bicep cable curls. 1x15 45 plate 1x8 50 plate 1x10 50 plate drop into 1x10 35 plate Cable narrow row: 1x15 42 plate 1x10 56plate 1x7 70 plate
  18. I didn't reply to your question about my macro intake sorry. In all honesty no. I hit roughly 200g protein a day, I have a carb with every meal & eat 2-3 portions of fruit a day & have same amount of greens. Everything I measure in cups. Always 1 cup green, 1 cup rice, 100g dried pasta & so On. This was my food intake today, I also had to work a night shift & will be going lifting right after. Woke up 8 in the morning & ate big because of work & training. Breakfast: Small serving baked beans, 3 veggie sasuages, 2 eggs, 3 potatoe rostis, grilled tomatoe, mushrooms & 2 toast. Then a big gap due to spacing meals out for a loooooong day. Earlyish dinner; 100g pasta, 1 & a half cup fake chicken, 1 cup green & a garlic & chilli oil dressing I made. 1 scoop shake with water + vits Wholemeal bun with a spicy bean burger & vegan cheese, half a avacado & cup salad. 1 scoop shake + water 1 & half cups rice, 1 cup greens & x2 soya meat patties. Alpro soya desert. Apple 1 banana, 2 tbls peanut butter. 1 scoop shake. Admit my eating wasn't great today. Always tricky with working shifts :/
  19. I personally have a shake an hr before working out if I'm going in at the crack of dawn. I found I recovered better between sets. Again depends on what your doing, time of day, is it a late workout/early ect. If I've had a meal or two/ it's a late workout then I won't have one until Im done. My advice is too read/post/google & base something you think will work for you. You can then begin to tweak things. All the best
  20. I got a couple of progress pics up in the pic section if you wanted to see the change
  21. I swear by pizza as a food source for protein/carbs & energy. I make sure I eat at least one a week & a bloody big one at that. For me, I need a highish carb in take as I work both days & nights. Out of my 4 week pattern I work at least two nights out of the 3 weeks. I'd literally collapse if I didn't eat a good amount of carbs. Weirdly I eat more carbs now then when I was running 20+ miles a week. This goes along with hitting the big ones! Deads, squat, benching, chins ect! Not gonna lie, I have put on some timber rd my stomach but the trade off worth it. I also used peanut butter & jam sandwiches. Basically if it was flesh free I ate it, edible or not:) Pizza is a must;)
  22. I also put a tbls of oilve oil in my shakes whenever I had one
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