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  1. Skyrim shall both delight & frustrate you. Some funny bugs in the game & some you can use to your advantage. Good workout above. I have Indian food last night so glad its a rest weekend. HA
  2. skyrim. It's just huge. You can play 200 hrs & still not see everything. You could also play it though so many times & go diff routes. Look on ign.com at the video reviews:) I'm playing Skyrim & battlefield
  3. I second that after today's workout! Saturday will be this. Sleep & Xbox
  4. 25/11/11 Test week over so now I get to follow what the spread sheet throws at me. Good workout considering I came from a 12 hr night shift. Flat barbell press: 1x5 50k 1x5 70k 1x5 80k 1x5 90k 1x3 100k Squats: 1x5 50k 1x5 80k 1x5 100k 1x5 110k 1x5 120k Barbell underhand rows: 1x15 70k 1x12 80k 1x15 82.5 k 1x15 85k 1x15 90k Incline bicep curls: 1x12 24k 1x8 28k 1x9 28k Cable crunch with 3 second pause: 1x15 80plate 1x15 85plate 1x15 95 plate (whole stack Cable bicep curl (single handle): 1x6 25plate 1x10 20 plate Into laying bicep curl: 1x15 45 plate Leg curls: 1x10 77 plate 1x10 84 plate 1x10 91 plate Didn't need the cable curls but I was feeling good. My barbell rowing is becoming my strongest movement. 15 solid reps at 90kg was hugely pleasing. Maybe time to ramp the weight for some 5x5 action
  5. Yes I think it's 5 days loading then 11 weeks or something at two servings. Then a break & you load again. But when you workout out have it hr before & right after. When it's an off day have it with breakfast & mid evening. After your loading phase This is
  6. would advise on not taking creatine 3 times in a day past the loading phase
  7. As above, x3 workouts a week with squats, deadlifts, benching & a type of press. These should be the core of your workout. Squats twice a week. You then add assistance work to each workout eg bicep curls, Side raises ect
  8. Good workout today! I think dead lifts are going to be the one thing which is going to take time for me to make serious gains. I Ve had lower back issues in the past so this must be effecting me because everything else I'm strong on. My technique is solid enough So I'll need to be patient. Guess everyone has a weak area. Shrugs were awesome I could of gone heavier. deads: All in sets in 5 reps 60k 80k 100k 110k Chins with hammer grips. 8-10-8-10 Shoulder dumbbell press: 1x10 44k 1x10 52k 1x8 56k 1x4 60k 1x4 60k Side raises: 1x10 20k 2x10 24k Superset shrugs with side rises (dumbbells): 3x10 80k
  9. Cheers matey. I felt like I had more in my tank but looking at the spreadsheet this won't be the case in a few weeks. My biggest advice for people is don't kill yourself on the lighter weights on a pyramid. Keep a few stored for set 5
  10. Seriously it tasted fucking awful anyway!! Smelled like the dried fish food flakes. Rank....
  11. Guess what. I feel I have been doing to many sets & as this is meant to be power lifting the sets & rep ranges needed tweaking. Today was a proper pyramid system as by the later weeks in my plan it's all about that last set being a max & obviously how I was lifting in this phase before wouldn't of suit a power lifting plan. Today was really about testing where I currently sit so when I fill in the calculator I can see the progression. This is all pretty much 5x5 but in my last sets as this is a testing week I lifted till I failed. Next week it will all be more structured. Squats were amazing! I could of easily gone heavier but I know this will benefit me on the p'lifting plan as the weight really jumps up round week 6. Had a great workout & was inspired before I hit the gym. Great workout Warmup: 10 hammer chins 10 pushups Flat barbell press: 1x5 50k 1x5 70k 1x5 80k 1x5 85k 1x7 90k Dips: 1x15 body weight 1x13 +5k 1x8 +10k 1x12 +10 Squats: 1x5 50k 1x5 80k 1x5 100k 1x5 110k 1x10 120k (could of gone heavier) super set tricep pull downs with squats: 1x20 30.6k 1x10 32.9 (whole stack) 1x15 32.9 (whole stack) Barbell underhand rows: 1x25 50k 1x15 70k 1x15 75k 1x10 80k 1x10 85k
  12. The pasta sounds nice! Proper Asian chilli paste is great in this but it was a Mission to find one without fish oil.
  13. Here is my food for today. Before you read I'm not a full time vegan. I kinda drift in/out of it. The eggs I eat come from a women who rescued some battery hens. They live on a farm now & this women's hubby is vegan & runs his own human/animal chiropractor clinic. This coming week I have planned a vegan cycle for a wee while. 6:00 x2 scoop protein shake, x2 tbls peanut butter 8:30 1cup oats with soya milk, 2 whole eggs & 2 egg whites 11:30 100g pasta with 1 mixed cup of broccoli & peas x2 soya burgers 2:30. 1 cup cooked brown rice, spring onion & mushroom with fake chicken 5:30. 1 banana & 1 pear 7:30. Mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, onion chutney, pinenuts,balsamic dressing with tofu I ve mixed with various herbs. Home made garlic beard. X1 scoop protein 11:00. I'll eat a type of replacement cheese before bed with a toasted pitta bread Minus the eggs that would be a good vegan meal day. The fake chicken is egg free. Over the pasta I'll slowing cook in 2 tbls of olive oil some chilli & garlic.
  14. For a beginner that's not to bad going. Remember the abdominals are like any other muscle group & also need proper rest. I only do weighted cable crunches once a week. Not seeing any shoulder movements so would advise a type of shoulder press. Are you able to squat? There is no better movement to not only hit your entire legs but also your core. Even if you start at a relatively light weight to get the form right. This is much better than isolation machines. Don't neglect pushups on a chest day as a movement either. I'm only 5ft 10" & my height has never been an issue
  15. I wouldn't call the women in that show bodybuilders if that's what your body resembles. I use to run & do some weights. I would use that exact term, I run but do some weights. I guess this would be just a fitness program or something. Now I'm actually on a powerlifting/strength program so I guess I now fall into this category. A powelifter lifts wights but they clearly are not bodybuilders & vice versa. On a side note do you up your calories on a training day? As if you run & lift weights this is rather low. Protein in takes on the money if your maintaining.
  16. Couldn't of said it better myself. Less is defiantly more where biceps come in. They are relatively a small muscle group so don't need pounding. If your not hitting many compounds then some additional movements would be called for. I find undergrip rows really gives me a good pump there! Build a strong back & your biceps will also follow
  17. What are your actual goals? Also what's a break down on the full works outs you do eg for back is it Dead lifts, chins rows ect. Also set & rep ranges:)
  18. thanks! underweight is not sexy to me, in the slightest. I could barely even bike minimal distances and that doesnt equal strong, athletic, and sexy to me [especially here on VBB!] I do light cardio to heavier cardio on the weekends, weight lifting, belly dancing, brisk walking, and now Scooby's workouts for women [they kick my ass hehe!] seriously just staying active is key. I use to be over weight, then maybe underweight ect it's hard to gague it all something when you read this or that article. How much have you gained if you don't mind me asking? You look a lot healthier for the gains. Here's my progress viewtopic.php?f=48&t=26623
  19. Ye the one we have as the platform it's on a pivot not a runner. So you load the weight on either side then you have padded arms on your shoulder, you pull a lever to take Off the hinge then you squat. Must look like a huge jet pack haha. Good blog to read
  20. 250k Yeah, it felt easier than back squats for sure, but i don't think i will be doing 250kg anytime soon lol. as that is more than three times my bodyweight. This wasn't a brag or anything. I just find them really easy on the mc my gym has & wanted to ask how you find them. I max out the bars which hold the weight with the 250k, I ve had my work out buddy who's 13 stone stood on the back as well. My legs are not huge or anything.
  21. Great body shape & your shoulders look to be coming on well. Very lean so any gains providing your eating clean well be great. Awesome progress
  22. End of week one on strength/power lifts. Must say that I have really enjoy this week. The extra day off along with the new volume of compounds has been great. Also I'm amazed how much my core has responded to more compounds. I feel solid when I set to squat ect Can't wait for Monday, rest & skyrim now Bench: 1x20 free bar 1x10 50k 1x8 70k 4x5 90k 1x5 92.5k Squats: 1x10 free bar 1x10 50k 1x10 80k 5x4 105k 1x5110k Superset with squats (no belt) Curls: 1x15 17.5k X15 20k 1x15 25k Upright rows: 1x15 70k 1x15 80k 1x10 80k (belt on from this point for rows) 2x10 85k Cable crunches: 1x15 80plate 1x12 85plate 1x10 90plate Cable curls 1x10 35plate 1x10 45plate 1x10 50 plate 30mins vacuuming haha
  23. Good routine for legs. How do you find hack squats? I can lift 250k on these & it's like I'm not lifting anything.
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