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  1. I will respond properly to this, in the mean time just eat Your favourite foods in large amounts
  2. Is it a proper barbell? Eg an oly bar weighing 20kg/45lb? Also firstly you need to know your goal...then build routine around this! All the best
  3. I have the second edition, I'm planning on reverting back to the programable assistance template for a couple of cycles. Had been using boring but big. Assistance wise, I think bbb is a good place to start. As I said I did add in a couple of things (extra work) for areas I needed improvement. Once I touch 100kg on bench my stability can be off, so more upper back work. Cable rows one day & dumbbell rows on the second (last set performed as a Kroc row). I don't think doing some light tricep push downs will hurt to much, long as your smart about it. I never track isolation, if I do any at all. Your body has no clue what it is you're lifing when you isolate. Let the big lift stress the mind/muscles & joints. Just do whatever on the day if you do any extra work/it shouldn't detract from the core of the program. That's why I use cable rows one day (easier) then dumbbells the second, same as tricep work, I add it in with bench as if I did with OHP my bench may suffer... When you do any assistance it needs a reason & plan it right. My boring but big work last couple of cycles has gone: Mon: OHP 5/3/1 Assistance: OHP bbb: 70% x1 60% x2 50% x2 Pull ups: 5x10 (between OHP sets) Cable narrow rows (extra back work) Tues: Deadlift (light work did to back issue no 5/3/1) Assistance: Front squats: programmed from 2nd edition Standing hamstring curls: 4x12 Thurs: Bench press: 5/3/1 Assistance: Bench press bbb: percentages as OHP bbb Chin ups : 5x10 (between bench sets) Tricep push downs: 4x15 (extra work) Dumbbell rows: 3x10 & another set (light) as a Kroc row. Fri: Squat 5/3/1 Assistance: Squats bbb: percentages as OHP/bench Standing hamstring curls: 4x12 Hypers: 3x10 Pretty basic work but it's to the point with minimal fuss...
  4. I still find it amazing some people get to a pretty decent size & yet have awful form on things...
  5. Tues-19th-June cycle 6 week 3 (no 5/3/1) Managed to get about four hours sleep yesterday day & a full nights sleep so in all caught up a few hours. Def over tired as I had no appetite/will power for food yesterday. Again just light deadlifts due to my lower back issue. Mainlift: Deadlift: (warm up sets 60kg x5 70kg x5 80kg x5) 100kg 2x5 Assistance: Front sqauts: (programmed) 65kg x5 75kg x5 85kg x5 Standing hamstring curls: 4x12 Leg extension: 4x10 Abs: hanging knee raises 3x10 Summary: Front squat was strong, no problem. Not much else to say really...
  6. Ye mini I'm not stressing to much...I do loads of barbell work, even my assistance & I think it's just ever so slightly catching up with me. So as to be prudent I'll reprogram the lifts, no point struggling with heavier weight. I have noticed my bench has become narrower with each passing week, my grips moved in well over an inch so again it pointing to my lat/shoulder being tight! Your numbers are always well over your body weight! Great stuff Thanks for the encouragement! As Always hope you & the family are well
  7. Mon-18th-June cycle 6 week 3 (5/3/1) In all honesty in shattered, 12hr night shift then right to training. Started work at 19:00 & didn't get a break till 4:30... Main lift: OHP: (warm up sets 22.5kg x5 30kg x5 35kg x5) 42.5kg x5 50kg x3 55kg x1+4 Assistance: OHP: boring but up 40kg x10 35kg 2x10 30kg 2x10 Pull ups: 40 wide grips 10 hammer grips Cable rows: 4x10 Abs: side bends 30 reps aside with 20kg plate/hammer strength crunch machine with 15kg loaded 30 reps/ 30 crunches Summary: Had to drag my ass through this after the main lift & pull ups. Not on my game, as in strength lacking but working nights then lifting....Job done
  8. It's still adding more volume after heavy work, nothing new & the point I made about being in & around 80% of your maxes is in this article. 80%-90% of your maxes should mean your reaching 10+ reps. When it's pushing more weight it's agiven reps drop. My program, Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 has you working off 90% of your 1rm so early days it's obvious you hit some higher rep ranges. You don't HAVE to be throwing in singles/doubles to gain but the work still need to be heavy(ish). Right now I follow the boring but big template, whatever week I'm on followed by 5 sets of 10 reps on the main lift. These go 70%x10 60% 2x10 50% 2x10, I picked those percentages but you can work them how you see fit, again this follows heavy work then volume.It just cuts out BS isolation.
  9. Absolutely think 5/3/1 with those numbers amigo!!! Just follow the templates as he lays out then after a couple of months tweak/add in extra work if you have a weak area. Eg I've added in some extra rows to bring up midback strength & also some tricep work to help my ohp lockout.
  10. T-nation should be your first port of call for any articles/questions you have.. It you wish to increase strength theirs a few program's. You should be devouring anything by guys likes Mark Rippetoe, Dave Tate & Jim Wendler. What level of lifting are you at eg length of continuous lifting & current maxes on bench/ohp/squat/deadlift. My log here is purely strength training, though lately I'm falling off a little (a few niggles)
  11. Cheers Robert, 6 months off this current cycle so that's pretty good going. The coming weights are do-able but stuff like my right lat, groin & back are just taking a little to long to recover so I think it's time to strip a little weight off, work up in a couple of cycles to where I'am now & gain again:) I benched 90kg easily for 7 reps holding back & I could hardly get my 3rd rep out on 92.5kg this week...just things like that so time to be prudent
  12. Fri-16th-June cycle 6 week 2 (3x3) So I'm not 100% sure my eating (in take wise) has been as good lately. Will have to keep on top of this. So I'am feeling a little beat up. Have a few niggles so I think it's time to reprogram, will complete this last gaining week, deload & reprogram. The weights are fine in cycle 7 but trying to look at the future, not just a couple of cycles. Main lift: Squats: (warm up sets 55kg x5 70kg x5 82.5kg x5) 97.5ky x3 112kg x3 125kg x3 Assistance: Squats: boring but big 97.5kg x10 82.5kg 2x10 70kg 2x10 Standing hamstring curls: 4x12 Abs: hanging knees raises (feels so much better on my back) Summary: As above really, also had my back cracked Thursday so prob why I wasn't really feeling this today. Just dragged Myself through it, had no pre idea of anything past the 3 reps. As for next week (5/3/1 week) I may hit the core lift & just go do some machine work. Start a little recovery week prior to deload ready for reprogram.
  13. Most peoples injuries comes from not the weight they're lifting but how shit their Form is. People & even "personal" trainers spend no time getting form correct, they are in to much of a hurry to be a hero & want to lift big. Lowering your percentages on main lifts will help to a degree but you still need to be in & around 80% of your max on squats/OHP/deadlifts & bench to gain proper mass.
  14. your needs being? I just don't like how it tries to over complicate lifting...it's a load of rubbish
  15. You train this program just two days a week or have you not seperated it?
  16. Great video chewy!!! What a great bunch of guys to train with I have a strengthshop belt & can't say enough good things about it!!! Have my eyes on the new shoes, any chance of a discount lol Nice work, what a great atmosphere to train in ))) your lockout wasn't far off man!
  17. Had some acupuncture today at the Osteopath. Also mentioned my neck problem from A car accident & he gave that a crack to:/ After my next session if nothing's any better he said its time for a referral...
  18. Man so jealous of some of the vegan products around the world:(
  19. Anything you do should be a minimum of 6 weeks I think so you can see progression. I use 5/3/1 as my core programming then I add in various assistance but I have stalwarts like pull ups/dumbbell rowing ect
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