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  1. Badass mini....thats very impressive indeed!!! My pal who trains for the under 105kg chomps pulled 190kg for 25 reps once, all full dead stops. This was after doing multiple singles, doubles of various weights. He did 180kg for 5x10 the other week for his version of cardio hahaha that was squats after heavier work Just mapped out a 2 mile run shall update after I'm back.
  2. I take this diet plan is a joke? Just to add even so...this is barely enough food for a bulk, where's the carbs for one?
  3. Funnily enough I'm cureently on a diary free rampage...
  4. The body weight stuff's great for feeling fit. If I do BW dips I do no less than 100 reps. Regarding the pull ups, I found doing sets of five between warm up/working sets worked well. Until I got the 50 . Before 5/3/1 I would do mainly hammer grips, once I could get 4x10 I started adding weight. What I found was once I got onto 5/3/1 & tried Wendlers protocol of pull/chins between OHP/bench sets I could easily doing the 5x10 twice a week with my body weight. Just this last week I added in weight again but my pull up volume is double what it was 6 months ago (body weight) Borit but big is fantastic, give it ago:)
  5. If you want to learn...get over to http://www.t-nation.com Prob the best site for articles, info ect Also there's nothing wrong doing pull/push ups together I train this way..If I push I also pull eg On over head press/bench press day I do pull ups with various grips between each set. People will usually plan workout days around the body area eg back, this mean hitting all pulling movements. Reverse with bench, all pushing. So i balance my workouts...if I push I should also pull.
  6. Have you looked over at leangains for I.F? Bigger eating window, you would break the fast 13:00 till 21:00
  7. So here we go, lifts re-programmed & starting from scratch! I have taken the decision to use 85% of my one rep max, not 90% as to allow more room for progression, Though my one rep max on all lifts being heavier at 85% than the full 90% six months ago Pre workout meal: 1 cup oats with rice milk (I like it hope the supermarket keeps it at £1) 4 boiled eggs Glass strawberry & banana smoothie 5 grams bcaa before training Today's workout I listened to Mon-2nd-July Cycle 1 Week 1 (3x5) Main lift Over head press: (all 5 reps) 20kg 25kg 30kg 32,5kg 37.5kg 42.5kg Assistance Close grip bench (programmed 3x10): 35kg 42.5kg 50kg Pull/chin ups: 1x10 bodyweight wide grip...2x6 wide grip +5kg plate 1x6 chin up +5kg plate 1x6 hammer grip +5kg plate Dumbbell rows (3x10) 36kg 34kg 32kg...26kg as a Kroc row 15 reps per arm (goal 25) Cable rows: 3x10 various weights Abs: side bends with 20kg plate x35 reps per side, hammer strength crunch frame with 15kg loaded 35 reps, hanging knee raises 30 reps Post workout meal: x2 scoop protein/5grams of bcaa-glutamine-creatine Grabbed a subway on way home Summary: The work was, as expected pretty easy on the OHP & close grip. Pull ups, weighted felt great. Managed to dead hang every set besides the second wide grips where I use Veganessentials advice, 1 rep-return to dead hang-take a second or two then go again. Hope my appetite kicks back in, always drops off on the deload week so I was pretty tired after this. Going to really tighted up my diet from today...plenty of good food in large amounts. Taking some inspiration from the plans on the front page.
  8. Love it when a new journal pops up & it's awesome Keep after it!
  9. Thanks for that! Glad my reasoning made sense to someone, that's one of the reasons i blogged this. I'm not usually one to have "body area to hit day", obviously I follow how Wendler lays out the work ( I added in a couple of things that I needed to work on) but for this cycle targeting; say upper back/shoulders then leaving that area alone for a week will help my arm/lat to settle. Cheers
  10. Thanks for dropping by my log...always great to speak to a fellow 5/3/1'er! I'll have to keep track of your log:) Can't say enough good things about the program, so stay the course! What version of the three day split are you following?
  11. That kinda heat would kill me...I bake due to my tattoo coverage:/ fair play for training in that, 86 at night >
  12. Luckily my gym is pretty awesome, a corner with two power racks, two hammer strength falt benches/incline/decline. Two smith machines (yuk) & then dumbbell ranging from 8kg-50kg with about 6 benches. Then hammer strength machines & now these ones called technogym. The owners currently expanding & putting in a strength/conditioning part. So log presses, atlas stones, tyre filling but also cross-fucking-fit gggrrrr. We also have the usual cardio machines & cable stuff.
  13. Anything knee relate is horrible. I can't kneel down & lean forward on my left knee, it's like a fire under the patella...but it never hurts, I squat ect. Right now I'm getting my lower back looked at, possible bulging disc (not lifting related). Hope you mange to fix your knee
  14. I've been slack lately using mine, switching up my lifting days on my new cycle...should allow for more mobility work.
  15. So this last deload means now I'm going to go with a full reprogram on bench,ohp & squats. Deadlift's I cannot program using 5/3/1 due to the current problems I'am having. I have lately been feeling general achy all the time, also a few to many minor niggles so time to be prudent. My promotion means I'am incredibly busy & on my feet for 12 hours, not taking into account the 5 mile round walk there & back. I have been feeling very tired of late & on days off/day shifts I'm pretty much dead come 21:30...my other half recently had a night away & I thought "great all night xbox-sesh" come 22:00 I was tucked up in bed. I have been mulling over going to a Mon/Wed/Fri split...mainly due to how my program lines up with work. My rota is over four weeks, like 5/3/1's cycle so it matches well in that respect (I use deload on my shit week at work which is Mon/Tue/Wed night shifts & Sat/Sun days) but in others its a mare, eg: When I work a day shift this is 7:00-19:00, if it's a lifting day I wake up at 5:00 eat,pack food & gear then walk. Work my shift then head to the gym, get home 20:15-20:40, prep food & eat a post meal. Sleep by 23:30 usually then repeat. If its night shifts & I lift it can be more difficult, like having to get up so I can train, shower at the gym then goto work. As I cannot program deads my "idea" right now is as follows: Monday: OHP 5/3/1 Pull ups Dumbbell rows (last set as a Kroc row) Cable narrow row or face pulls Shrugs My thinking here is to hit shoulders/upper back & leave it alone for a week. I'm going to reduce my pull ups during the first cycle to allow my lat to settle down. So just the 5x10 once a week instead of 5x10 twice. Wed: Deadlift (light so is used as a pre squat warm up) Squats 5/3/1 (straight into working sets) Front squats programmed Standing hamstring curls Here is my only lower day of the week. Going in just to deadlift light just seemed rather...well I don't want to say pointless but more that I could be 1)more prudent & 2)allowing more recovery for my lower back. So this is my thinking Fri: Bench 5/3/1 Incline bench programmed Push ups Dips (only BW) Tricep push downs Again here just target the chest/triceps & then leave alone for a week. So that's my plan for lifting; taking out the boring but big work will hopefully allow me to let a few niggles settle over the new cycle, as the works going to be pretty easy. This should allow & I say should allow me to do some running again. As I pointed out my work shifts, lifting four days a week squeezing in conditioning wasn't going to happen so....I'm planning on manning the fuck up & dragging my ass out to run two miles/two days a week. I use to run six mile three times a week just for the hell of it! Sorry I have waffled on, needed to get this out my head so I could read my thoughts. So anyone who usually checks my log, apologies (I'm looking at you mini) for this! Also if anyone can see something I can't please say so:)
  16. I also train alone, but online and in person I chat with many people who are as passionate about fitness as I am, and it helps. I agree with this...I have a few serious friends, also I get to train with one of the worlds strongest men. Though time is limiting when I do get to go it's always a blast. Chatting to people in the gym just get's in the way. I have taken to not even making eye contact with people now if I can help it.
  17. SO I had a few drinks last night & the sweet was pissing out of me.... Cycle 6 week 4 (deload) Squats/standing hamstring curls Bench press/Incline bench press (test for new cycle) dumbbell rows/dips Summary: So a easy session, this marks a reprogram & new plan for next week
  18. Can we see an example of a day in the gym? it maybe you're in there to long? If I get close to an hour for me it's dragging out
  19. I find training with people has the reverse effect I prefer to train alone...this for me helps me stay in the zone. I will mirror what has been said & plan what it is you're there to do. I don't ever push to failure,I think it has a negative effect on the brain. As an example let's say my excel sheet has me to squat 125kg for 3 on my last set of the day, if i hit that number I have achieved something. Though before hand if I'am feeling it as I'm walking to the gym I'll have a set number I want to hit....if I get the 3 awesome,but When I get 10 I have dominated that last set. People who go in, scratch their asses & then trying thinking of what to do drives me mad. A proper program will keep you looking at the numbers/set/reps. Also I found that when I hit my deload (every 4th week of a cycle) I only train two days as the work is stripped back. This is so the body can recover but I find it keep me chomping at the bit to start a new cycle the following week. Just get your shit in order, train to be as awesome as possible & get out of the gym.
  20. Yeah that's rubbish. I think for some people, defining themselves as a 'powerlifter' gives them the sense that it's okay to be overweight and not in shape. My look tends to unfortunately be in the minority just from the meets I've attended, but it's always good to come across other strong guys/women that take pride in the way they look As for your last sentence, well strength is our goal for a powerlifter and muscle tends to be the side effect; for BB'ing it's the complete reverse. It doesn't? Shit may as well throw away the box of pizzas I have in the freezer....
  21. Can't agree more VE, when I was flat out training Keysi 3 times a week I'd usually partner up with two guys who'd been studying the art for years...to achieve the black you have to train in front of the founding members so high standards. I found doing this I couldn't actually train with people even a couple of years in front of me, I quickly progressed through the ranks but lifting last year became more enjoyable. Also it was be a middle distance runner/more of a fighter/become bigger & stronger so I opted for lifting:) I do still throw down in my pals "fight club" basement now & then...how the tables have turned lol As for lifting solo, I find I can get into my zone & stay there...if someone's trying to chat to me about the footie ect I just tend to drop off. Also my view has & will always be that I hate everyone & everything, my mind has to be turned otherwise lol I find you feel less obligated this way. I'm thirty one now & fairly happy with who I'am, being thirty+ means you get to complain a lot I've found....I like it
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