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  1. 40ish percent of your current max...I go 40 50 60 percent then working sets (I always begin with compounds)
  2. Chest/triceps Dumbbell bench: 2-3 warm up sets then 3 heavy ish sets of 8-10 reps Dumbbell incline:3x8-10 reps Flat or incline flyes:3x15 (light) Diamond push ups: 4xfailure Skull crushers: 3x10-12 reps Shoulders/biceps Dumbbell press: 2-3 warm up sets then 4x15 (always use these first) Shoulder complex: 20 reps front raise/20 reps side raise/20reps rear raise...x3 rest 2 mins per set Or Upright dumbbell rows: 3x15 Side/rear raise super set 8-10 reps side then 8-10 reps rear raise=1 set....x2 Then any two bicep movements you like. back: Buy a pull up bar Dumbbell deadlift: 2-3 warm up sets then 3x5 Pull ups various grips: what can you currently manage? Single arm Dumbbell rows:5x10 Shrugs:3x20 heavy as possible on last set. Legs: Prison squats: 100 reps DumbbellSquats: 5x10 Goblin squats: 5x10 Dumbbell stiff legged deads: 2x20 Walking lunges. 3 rounds of 40-50 steps. As with any program it's better to star light & progress slowly
  3. Ye underhand & straps...rowing is something I'm good/strong at
  4. Look at the bottom, has a two week assistance program & a section how to program the main lifts. I just used 5/3/1 instead of Kroc's version...
  5. Loved reading this, very much how I'm thinking myself! I want to maybe drop 5kg then add more weight. I'm 5ft 10" so not all that tall, though I have a goal of weighing 95kg-100kg at some point. Not going to overly track what I eat, on none training days I'm going to start skimming carbs & eating more nuts ect that's why I super setted last night, keep the heart rate up. What type of things did you use to/you do eat now? Interested if you care to share?
  6. Long & busy day at work. New role really is demanding at times, more so it being Monday with office/manager's in. We also have a huge audit this week, basically if we fail we cannot trade (well we get a month to sort the issues but we usually pass very well) so it's shit hitting the fan time. Speaking of which I myself was like shit in a field today, everywhere was I. Cycle 1 week 2 (3x3) Main lift: OHP: (warm up sets all 5 reps 20kg 25kg 30kg) 35kg x3 40kg x3 45kg x3+6 Assistance (based off Matt Kroc's program): Barbell curls super set with OHP: x2 warm up sets then 30kg 3x10 Barbell shrugs (no straps): 70kg x15 80kg x15 85kg x15 Front plate raise: 15kg plate 3x15 Hammer curls super set with front plate raise: 12kg dumbbells 3x12 Rear raises: 8kg dumbbells 3x15 Ab's: Side bends with 20kg plate 35 reps, Hammer strength crunch frame +15kg 35 reps, hanging knee raises 35 reps Summary: Really enjoyed this tonight, the supet setting kept the work intense & the workout well under an hour, perfect. Still feeling out where I'am in regards to the weight on my assistance lifts, I know I'm lifting lighter atm but I don't want to be a hero & rush a head. Didn't push the OHP as much as usual as I knew there was a lot of reps to come after. Post work out grub: x2 protein shake with 5grams of bcaa/glutamine/creatine then once I go home half a block of tofu stir fried with a whole pack of veggie, peanut oil & a cup of brown rice. Followed by half a tin of kidney beans & mixed salad, dark choc alpro soya desert Todays sound track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o5jLQcoAVM
  7. As it's my long week of work next week & I last trained Thurs I thought I may as well go in & get a day a head while I had time. Last trained back a week ago to so no real harm... Back workout Deads light & not programmed Mainlift: Deadlift: all 5 reps 60kg 70kg 80kg 100kg x2 Assistance Pull ups: various grips 5x10 Barbell rows: 60kg 3x8 (been a while since I did these so went light) Kroc row: 24kg dumbbell 25 reps per arm T-bar row: 40kg x8 50kg 2x8 (again not done these for an age so backed off a little) Summary Must be my body fighting off my current ailment because I had little energy after the barbell rows, literally soaked through by the time I came out the rack. I'm really not enjoying lifting right now, at all Going to drag it out till August, have a week off/away & hopefully go again.
  8. Sat having a break early hrs of Friday morning, the air#con kicked in & must of blew something into my eye. Was immediately irritated, sore & scratchy. Put up with it but got worse, Am ok been checked out. Thanks for asking
  9. Plan right now is to goto the eye hospital after work...bad times
  10. Roller derby is slowly catching on...I live near Birmingham (UK) & I'm sure they have a team or two! Whip it is a great movie
  11. Went for a 2 mile run Tuesday evening pretty good though I'm way off where I was...stamina wise this time last year, which is to be expected. This effected my lower day, pretty short sighted of me really, thought the 2 miles wouldn't hinder me much. Wrong. Cycle 1 week 1 (3x5) Main lift: Deadlift: These were used as a pre squat warm up as I'm not programming them, all 5 reps 60kg 70kg 80kg 100kg x2 Squats: 82.5kg 95kg 107.5kg Assistance: Front squats: 50kg x10 60kg x10 70kg x10 I should of done some hamstring curls/reverse hypers but couldn't be fucked. Summary: Awful session, packed up twice & had to tell myself to man up. The run the day before was badly timed, Even the 95kg on squats felt heavy which was fucking awful...Crap & was hating every second of it! So today I did something other than 5/3/1........WTF Basically lately I have slowly become less & less motivated to train. Maybe the aches have gotten the better of me. The new role at work leaving me very tired as well. Boredom? Can't put my finger on it right now so I thought I'd give this a shot today http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/marine-corps-tough-battlefield-lessons-you-can-take-to-the-gym.html 1) It's Matt 'Kroc' Kroczaleski 2) The man who invented Kroc rows 3) Jim Wendler is a fan/friend so that's good enough for me. I like the style of the progression on the main lifts but there is a lot of assistance which, I'm not a huge fan of. But it was still worth trying for one session. I left out the dumbbell pressing,Don't like them & the close grip (did these Monday) Main lift Bench press: couple of warm up sets then 65kg 5x10 (as shown in the progression chart working off 60% of 1rm) Assistance Incline bench: 50kg 2x8 40kg 1x8 Cable flyes (decline version): 3x10 Tricep push downs: 3x10 Tricep cable kick backs (dumbbell feel awkward for me): 3x20 Summary: Was nice to do something different, I will admit. The program as a whole has a lot of volume. Can see why it is meant to be for advanced lifters. Right now I'm unsure as what I should do. I may use this, I may use 5/3/1 & add in some of the ideas, like rotating assistance each week. What I do know is that I need to cut down on barbell work, for a while. Things to mull over for a few days before Monday hits.
  12. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/marine-corps-tough-battlefield-lessons-you-can-take-to-the-gym.html
  13. Upper body lifts 5lb/2.5kg lower body lifts 10lb/5kg
  14. No you just adjust it accordingly, there's nothing complicated about it at all. You just tell it to use lb/kg & what to round to
  15. week one is 3x5, week 2 3x3, week 3 is 5/3/1...what i do is hit required reps on 3x5 then 3x3 i'll set myself a number for the last set, same as the 5/3/1 week... I round the the nearest 2.5kg, my gym carries 1.25 plates so I can do it properly, thank god. I have the excel spreadsheet which maps it all for you, if you haven't already go it
  16. Obviously over the course of a cycle the percentages rise on your sets (your max isn't increased just the percentages on the actual sets) deload week you strip back the work
  17. Easy way to explain.... Let's say your 1 rep max on squats is a 100kg (easy number) 90% of that being 90kg, this now is your current max. Now you will work off of 90% (90kg) for your first cycle, so week one would be 65% 75% 85% of that 90%. So working sets for squats would be (I'm rounding here) 57.5kg(65%)-70kg(75%-77.5kg (85%). After the deload week you will add 5kg to that 90kg, now your max is 95kg & you work with the percentages over the weeks. Complete cycle 2, cycle 3 your max will now be 100kg. 2.5 (5lb) added to bench/over head press & 5kg (10lb) to deads & squats.
  18. As in...you take 90% of your 1rm? Then the percentages over the weeks
  19. Yes so it doesn't really matter, long as its working you. Though it's completely different when using, like borig but big as assistance http://www.jimwendler.com/2011/09/531-and-bodybuilding/
  20. As soon as I'm hitting things that has me doing 10+reps I don't really care what I'm lifting, as in; I'll do one set then see how I feel. It doesn't really matter what you lift on 3,4 or 5 sets of something you're repping 10+ times. As long as it's going to challenge you....Just build some muscle, get a pump on & dump the weight. Let the main lift stress the mind, muscle & joints, let the higher rep work stress the muscle. Your body as no clue what it is you're lifting when you isolate. If you're looking for strength with some bodybuilding, simple heavy work for a main lift as you have shown followed by 4 assistance movements, ranging with 4-5 reps & 10-15 reps.
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