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  1. Thurs-14th-June cycle 6 week 2 (3x3) Had a lay in thank fuck...so tired Main lift: Bench press: (warm up sets 40kg x5 50kg x5 60kg x5) 72.5kg x3 82.5kg x3 92.5kg x3+4 Assistance: Bench press: boring but big 72.5kg x10 62.5kg 2x10 52.5kg 2x10 Dumbbell rows: (per arm) 34kg x10 32kg x10 30kg x10 24kg x20 (performed as a Krock row) Chin ups: 20 rep chins 10 reps hammers 20 reps narrow over hand grip lat pull down...switched to these as my right lat is sore Tricep push downs: (extra tricep work) 4x15 Summary: I'm feeling generally beat up atm. My right lat/armpit,shoulder area is a little sore. Bench felt heavy today & it was a struggle at the top set, I think it's time for a re-plot of my lifts...have gone 6 cycles so that's good going. Did the tricep work because OHP is becoming a struggle so want to strength for when I re-program.
  2. Completely agree I rarely do direct arm work besides OHP. If I do hit direct arm work like I have this cycle it's because it's to assist a lift. Eg I have been done some direct tricep work to help my OHP lockout. When you do an assistance actually have a reason to do it. Really a beginner should be working on strength gains, so barbell work. I personally think if it's not loaded onto a barbell it's assistance. You should be doing stronglifts or starting strength. Also training back/chest twice a week isn't the best of ideas
  3. Lifting is about training smart. It's why you won't catch me pissing about doing 5-7 isolation movements.
  4. German volume is for advanced lifters.... Why no barbell work?
  5. You should really be looking at starting strength or strong lifts ..both for beginners. Once the work becomes to much you can move onto the intermediate levels or goto 5/3/1...5/3/1 is where your longer term gains will come, from a personal point. 5/3/1 does have a beginners template but as your lifts are at a beginners level the other two will rapidly help (beginners gains) But basic programming would go (start lighter than what you currently lift is possible) Eg OHP x3 warm up sets then 3x5...next OHP session you add 2.5kg/5lb....& so on. You fail 3x5 you repeat the weight next time. Once your squatting roughly body weight look for the next level...
  6. Improve bench press my doing dumbbell rows (strengthen the upper back) OHP to increase shoulder/upper body strength. Program wise basic plate loading....3x5 working sets...you hit the 3x5 reps & then add 5lb/2.5kg to the bar till you nolonger can hit 3x5 (hopefully a few months down the line. Don't neglect pushups either
  7. I'm planning on seeing the GP asap VE so hopefully it'll mean a referral & a scan. I will mention the machine to see if any are in the area the GP may know of. I'm hoping some proper physio ect will correct it but if it is disc related, which I'm now 99% certain of I doubt it'll help. Osteopath has done nothing for me
  8. Next time I train with Loz I'll put it to him he doesn't need to lift heavy to top his WSM deadlift of 440kg but do loads of light weight reps....I already know his answer mind you
  9. Was Not aiming that at you, just the fact that it states its taken to failure. But as you now say you believe in it..... I actually think the opposite, I see people constantly over training. Absolutely destroyed Ztheir chest & triceps/biceps & shoulders. But seriously lifting to failure does not mean you're gaining any thing faster or better. For me it shows a complete lack of know how & the general masses think they are training like a pro. I also stand by the fact that lifting constantly to failure is mentally draining & can put people into a negative state. Noone is questioning weather or not you should be working hard but leaving something in the tank after a session means your body has something to work with. Constant failure lifting will put a huge amount of stresses on the cns. On saying that certain people will respond to more volume over weight.
  10. Fallen Horse....You do not need to lift to failure to gain, thats about the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read & is why the majority of people over train & make no progress.
  11. Tues-12th-June Missioned up to walk to work again. 40 ish min walk mostly up hill so it's a cheeky bit of conditioning with my back pack on with my foods & gym gear inside. Main lift: Deadlift: (warm up sets 60kg x5 70kg x5 80kg x5) 100kg 2x5 Assistance: Front squats programmed: 60kg x8 70kg x8 80kg x6 Leg press: 4x15 at 100kg Standing hamstring curls: 4x12 (between front squat sets) Hanging knees raises: 3x10....felt loads better than full hanging leg raises, easier on my back for sure. Summary: So that is basically all I'm doing deadlift wise until I know for sure what's going on with my back....feeling rather dejected I can't deadlift properly but I need to get fixed :/ the work easy easy enough, which of course is the point of it. No more programming deadlifts:( Everything else was nice, front squats were great. Leg extension was out of order so I just threw an easy weight on the leg press for a final little burn out, super set along with standing hamstring curls.
  12. Thanks VE...going to register this week at a new GP & hopefully get referred to the hospital for scan. Need to get this sorted. Squatting, thank god is fine. Deads just kill me & even pulling up dumbbells last week from between my legs to my knees was also terrible :/
  13. Oh ye abs: hammer strength crunch machine with 15kg loaded 30 reps/side bends with 20kg plate 30 reps aside & 30 crunches...
  14. Mon-11th-June cycle 6 week 2 (3x3) Up at 5:00, food packed/bagel coffee & 4 scrambled eggs eaten with a coffee. I slipped on my water proof jacket & stomped to work. Just over two miles with my back pack full. Pretty busy day but in the gym for 19:20... Main lift: OHP: (warm up sets 22.5kg x5 30kg x5 35kg x5) 40kg x3 45kg x3 52.5x3 +5 Assistance: OHP boring but big: 40kg x10 35kg 2x10 30kg 2x10 Pull ups: 40 reps wide 10 reps hammer...all between OHP sets Narrow cable rows: 3x10 (extra back work) Cable bicep curls: 3 plate drop set of 10 reps...so x2 this. Summary: Smashed this today, loved getting back to bbb...I kidded about never doing curls to a pal & he said its because I'm crap at them. Kinda funny when I curled almost the whole stack for a 30 rep drop set twice hahaha
  15. I hate summer! Winter is more beautiful! How are you enjoying the bb routines?
  16. No 5/3/1 today....no deadlift & this was I guess a "back" day. Next week I'm going back to boring but big. No deadlifting this week as my lower backs awful again. So this means I'm done with trying to progress on deads for the foreseeable. All I'm going to do is lift 100kg 2x5 (with warm up sets) on deadlift day until I see the doctor about my back. Most defiantly a disc problem My shoulders are still sore so today was more me pottering about the gym doing bits & pieces. Be glad to be back on bbb with proper programming. Pull ups: 20 reps wide 10 hammer & left it at that, shoulders complaining. MTS Hammer strength row...4x12 Dumbbell rows: per arm 34kg x10 32kg x10 28kg x10 22kg x10 Cable narrow row: 3x10 Abs: hammer strength crunch +15kg 30 reps/side bends 30 reps a side with 20kg plate & 30 crunches. Can't be fucked to list what plates, bbb next wk & can wait.
  17. I personally keep shoulder work well away from bench press...OHP Monday/Bench press Thursday. Shoulders in general take a beating, separate shoulders & chest days (your bench press will thank you) Bicep work twice a week? I don't think I do it once a month, biceps are very small & do not need hammering. Aim to have an awesome workout on the main lifts & a good workout on the assistance...
  18. Thurs-7th-June cycle 6 Week 1 (3x5) Wendler's bodybuilding template Main lift: Bench press: (warm up sets 40kg x5 50kg x5 60kg x5) 67.5kg x5 77.5kg x5 87.5kg x5 Assistance: Dips: body weight (90kg) x12 20k plate x12 15kg plate x12 10kg plate x12 Dumbbell press: 24kg's 2x10 flat 2x10 incline Push downs 21.6 plate 4x20 17 plate x20 Hammer strength machine chest press: 2x10 20 plates Hammer strength incline chest press: 2x10 Summary: So this session ended up being a mess, mainly because pulling the dumbbells up onto my knees from the floor was enough to set my back off. I'm highly annoyed I did dumbbell pressing over push ups which I'd planned to do. Also I have discovered my shoulders dislike any type of chest fly movement. I think if I do train this way again I'll have to look things which avoid me picking things up from the floor. I actually can't see me doing this kinda thing ever again. No ab work as my back is killing me, not sure where this leaves me deadlifting tomorrow. Think I'll do it Saturday now & again I'm questioning deadlifts in general.
  19. Tues-5th-June Cycle 6 Week 1 (3x5) Worked this morning so up early, does suck a little not eating getting up so early but keeping busy helps. Main lift: Squats: (warm up sets 55kg x5 70kg x5 82.5kg x3) 90kgx5 105kgx5 117.5kgx5 Assistance: Leg press: 3x15 at 150kg 2x15 at 100kg Standing hamstring curls (superset with leg press): 4x12 Leg extensions: 56 plate 2x22 49 plate 2x12 Reverse hypers (superset with leg extensions): 4x12 Tried to do some hanging leg raises for abs but my back wasn't having any of it. Summary: Session was good, after squats I moved to leg press & again had no clue what to lift. Though it's not to be over thought its still good to have some numbers in mind. 150kg for 3x15 isn't bad going, it's just a little weird hitting more sets/reps...I keep wanting to go heavy but these assistance sets are meant to be for more reps ect. Broke my fast with a pretty protein, carb heavy meal & I'm fighting to stay awake...
  20. Ye totally agree, people really do get the head up their asses tracking macros, usually people who in reality just need to eat some food in the first place. I wouldn't mind dropping some weight to start if it means the bulk I'mgoing to do means a little leaner mass. Though the thought of eating bulking food in the food window scares me
  21. Only my third day mini but I'm not minding it thus far...today will be a test, working till 13:00 training right after so can't really break the fast till 14:30. So a long time without food but I'll make up for it, may have an double espresso just before though to see me through. Haven't tracked macros or anything for it, just seeing how I do using the method for now
  22. Mon-4th-June Cycle 6 week 1 (3x5) Wendler's bodybuilding template So today marks two new additions....1) bodybuilding(ish) template & 2) first session fasted. Main lift: OHP: (warm up sets 22.5kg x5 30kg x5 35kg x3) 37.5kg x5 45kg x5 50kg x5 Assistance: Dumbbell press: 26kg's x12 24kg's x12 20kg's x12 16kg's x12 Side raise/rear raise super set,10kg dumbbells for the side raise & 5kg plates for the rear's: 2x12 Chin ups (between OHP) 4x10 Preacher curls on hammer strength machine: 1x10 20kg plate 3x10 25kg plate Ab circuit: side bends/hammer strength machine with 15kg loaded/crunches. Summary: Good session, felt weird going back to 4 sets with 10+ reps. Was really going blind here as it's been an age since I've done this kinda work, so was feeling things out. Main thing that came out being heavy dumbbell pressing after OHP isn't going to happen, I was struggling on the first set with the 26kg's to hit 12 reps. Everything else was fine no issues. I do love reverse pyramiding the sets after the main lift. Writing this is the end of the second day using leangains protocol. The workout felt fine, energy level were there. Meal wise, in all honesty haven't been all that bad. One o'clock soon comes round & I look forward to eating, where as it was such a chore. Today I had pizza at a restaurant, saw a movie & was hungry again for my last meal at 20:30.
  23. Though I love nuts, they're relatively pretty crap for protein, I use them as a fat source like most. A rule I followed was 2g of protein per body lb & 100g of carbs per meal, roughly. Drink a lot of your fav milk (if it's soya then switch).....also have a slice of pizza or two with your last "main" meal of the day. You simply have to eat, I can't put it in any other context. If you're struggling then eat a lot of rich/high calorie foods. This can help a lot. Though it's obvious you want gains to be as lean as possible, in an ideal world where your nutrition is bang on, training awesome & getting loads of sleep you can hope to gain 0.25lb of muscle a month at a maximum. I personally sent down the line of getting weight on my frame, worked well for me. Stop thinking & just eat a lot of good food. You will get use to it, it just takes time. Gradually increase portions/frequency. From what you say, regular small meals may work, for me that method was useless.....
  24. My beard is pretty angry looking atm, defiantly organic/free range! I'll be posting up the first bb with 5/3/1 tomorrow so check in!!! My bulk was fast, I just wanted weight on my frame but I will slow this one right down:)
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