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  1. Thanks Daywalker for your leading post. Great detailed info! I'm ready for a change so I'm going to give your 2 Day total body workouts a try!
  2. Great info here... thanks! Here is a new line of GMO-free, Vegan oil. Available in the States so not sure they are setup for International delivery. http://www.thebodylabonline.com/#!nutritional-oil/ks6aj
  3. I love the Isagenix vegan (labeled as dairy-free berry) shake. It's clean, gluten free and the combination of pea, Chia and hemp protein is a great profile. It has 24 grams of protein and is a complete meal replacement.
  4. I've just started using a beet root juice NO supplement prior to workouts and for someone like me who hates cardio, I'm finding I have greater endurance and faster. 20 minutes of HIIT feels like 5 minutes!!
  5. Pamela and Rob: Okay, so it wasn't just me being paranoid and thinking I scared the bejeebus out of Brendan (although I admit to still being a VEGA-maniac!). I just imagined Brendan would have more of an outgoing presence with his high-profile persona with Vega. Anyway, he certainly is a sweet guy and a leader in the vegan-athlete industry. Well, co-leader with Robert!! Lucky you, Pamela, you get to see Brendan again in Ottawa. Okay, so next year, YES! let's be sure to plan this in advance and arrange a VBB rendezvous at the Vegetarian Fair. Tasha: I agree, Offence is one fierce vegan body builder Best to luck with the tour, Robert. I wish I lived closer to one of your scheduled events. Maybe in 2008 you'll make it to Toronto??? TGIF!!! Hit the iron jungle hard this weekend!!
  6. Hi Everyone! Wow! Looked what I missed! I'm glad, Steej and Pamela, that you were able to meet up at the veggie event. I was at the veg fest earlier in the day then spent most of my time at CHFA show. I had a chance to meet Brendan at the Vega booth there. I'll post the photo of him with the Vega teams later. I told him how much I loved the Vega products and he gave me some samples of Smoothie mix and Hemp oil. Rob: I told him that you say 'Hi!". Is it just me or does Brendan seem a little shy? Maybe my over-enthusiastic personality made him a bit leery of me. lol! (the Vega Stalker!!) Anyway, it was a day filled with SO many health-related products. I t would have be nice to spend an extra day there. Oh well, next year!
  7. Ange??? From Marilu and SAF??? How are you, girl???
  8. Hi and Welcome! You have a wonderful physique and super flexibility! I am just getting back into yoga practice and striving for more release in the joints and muscles again. Your yoga video will be quite inspiring!
  9. HI Steve, I am going Saturday (have to work on Sunday) but will be attending the CHFA East show in the morning (at convention centre). I plan to be at the Veggie fest by 2 p.m so I don't miss Brendan's talk at 4 p.m. then hang out and mingle, eat, learn ... all good! If you also planning to go on the Saturday, I can give you my cell # and maybe we could meet up. Ciao, She
  10. I had fresh organic kale in my smoothie this morning! I combined peaches, blueberries, watermelon with it. Very fine! I will add it to my salad for dinner tonight. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  11. Oh, those photos are dreamy! I had a fruit-fest at the market. The fresh figs, melons, peaches, apples, plums, blueberries, tomatoes ... I was in heaven! I am just so content now! Veganitaliana: Thanks for pointing out the passion fruit in the photos. I will look for some this week. I love papaya, too, but trying to fill up on as much local produce as I can. Gorilla: That interview about 'Raw Power' is exciting. I have yet to read that book but it will be a must-read for me as I start building a raw food body for competition. Thanks again!
  12. Education by Gorilla. You're making my head spin, man! It's all good. Hey, what is that luscious looking round fruit in the photo above the bananas? I'm off to the market in one hours ... fresh figs, peaches, blueberries, organic kale .... yumm. I will make me one lovely fruit bowl for lunch. Happy day
  13. You guys are so hardcore - I love it! I'll start a training journal probably in October. Hey - LOVE THE NEW VEGA POSTER!!!!!!!!! That is strong & sexy!
  14. Hey SeaSiren, You are quite an inspiration! Your photos are amazing! Wow - what legs! They really are Barbie legs. How tall are you? I admire your determination to be healthy and active and support your kids. I have 2 children that I am raising on my own but they do see their dad every other weekend. He feeds them junk food and puts them in front of the TV (isn't there a law against that?) Anyway, I do what I can to educate them on health and fitness and they are following suit (sorry, got a little side tracked there!). Anyway, my utmost respect to you, Girl. You are awesome! The very best to you that positive opportunities come your way.
  15. Kale .. hmm. tried it steamed once and found it really bitter. I will get some fresh and local (there's an organic vendor at the market) and try it . I love green smoothies so that should be easy!
  16. HOLY YUMM! That looks so full of flavour, juice and LIFE! It's almost spiritual! Thanks for sharing. Just a few more days on my cleanse and I am off to the market to partake in local peaches, melons, tomatoes, greens, berries. Be better than well!
  17. I use Manitoba Harvest and I agree, it's good. They also make yummy hemp seeds to sprinkle on salads or eat on their own. I also use Vega meal replacement which has hemp and pea protein. Super tasty! The great thing about vegetable protein is that is digests so easily! I was on whey protein in my competitions days and it made me bloated. Best to you.
  18. Hi Gorilla, Yes, the multi-vitamin question. Hmmm.. Right now I am doing a cleanse to detox the body but afterwards I will go raw fruits and veggie while the harvest is in. Come the winter months I might start taking a multi-vitamin. There is a really good quality on by Platinum Nutrition that I prefer. Oh, I agree on the long term plan! I, too, want to move myself and my kids out to a farm and grow, grow, grow! I don't like the stress and confines of a corporate job. It pays the bills but it's not working for me in terms of my values. I am in the process of transitioning into more health-based industry. The Farm plan with a horse, dogs is 4 years away. Be well.
  19. Hey Gorilla, Great info! You are the 'web link' guy. I have been feeling amazingly well on raw food now. I've been 90% raw now for about 2 weeks and not having any cravings except for more raw! Also, I have incredible energy in the gym. I took a break from my weight training for the past 2 months and focused more on biking, hiking but I am back up to weights I was lifting in my competition training days after training solidly for only 1 week now. I sleep better, feel better and my skin looks clearer now being vegan and mostly raw. I did a couple of full body circuit workouts and now doing a split program with supersets alternating upper and lower body workouts. I like supersets because I can do an effective workout in a short span of time. Good for muscle and cardio, too. Yoga: getting back into a studio again the September. I need some group motivation and feed off their energy! Best to you.
  20. Hey Rob, I noticed on the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival that Brendan is going to be speaking there! Wahoo! I hope I get a chance to meet him. I am also attending the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) that day, about 2 blocks away from the Veggie Event. I have friends from Wholesome Sweeteners who are an exhibitor at that show. Lots to do that weekend. Can't wait! Be well on your travels.
  21. This is a great thread! Thanks for the tip about soaking and dehydrating almonds first.
  22. Welcome Patricia! It's super to have you posting here. I am just getting into preparing vegan and raw foods and love the process! Everything is so much fun to put together, so easy and you can nibble as you prepare instead of waiting for food to cook. The very best to you and your vegan business!
  23. Hey Dave, That's too bad. I'll be sure to post photos with Brendan and the Vega team. take care,
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