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  1. sounds delicious, thanks. i love that you can turn sweet potatoes and squash into satisfying desserts so easily, if you just add a bit more sweet stuff.
  2. I have that issue with my belly too! It happens super, super fast to me, usually around the holidays when I eat more and am lazier. Or snacking too much .
  3. I'm new so I don't mind seeing this thread revived. I've heard about soy increasing estrogen in men, but this is a highly debated issue, as with most scientific theories. Thanks for posting those sources. I'm going to keep on eating my soy.
  4. These granola bars are yum and super easy. But the ones in the OP seem to be packed with more ingredients. http://minimalistbaker.com/healthy-5-ingredient-granola-bars/
  5. The link about made me laugh! I like the idea. I've found some really yummy recipes here: http://ohsheglows.com
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