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  1. That's one instance of interaction between the season flu vaccine and the H1N1 virus. It doesn't tell us anything about any other vaccines, and it doesn't indicate 90% of people will be put in danger. It should give people pause regarding the seasonal, though. Also, just for the record, I don't get flu vaccines, so I'm not advocating that people should. I just want people to get their facts straight. (Not directed at you, just at the thread.)
  2. I could be wrong, but I don't think they give the vaccine to people with the flu already. That is not what I am saying. After you are vaccinated. Your body is infected before and during your bodies attempt to rid it of the virus. A virus isn't going to say hay he's been vaccinated we better not try. There will be a time when you are first infected that you will be contagious until the anibodies have won the war. I'll say it again. The virus is either dead or inactive. There is no chance of catching the disease against which you're being vaccinated due to the vaccine itself.
  3. Well, the quotation is older than google, so obviously somebody understood it. It's the title of a fairly famous poem and is the motto of a few old Roman families. I'm going to have to go with consistent usage across centuries on this one.
  4. Ugh. Allergic reactions will be the same as for any other flu vaccine. Guillain-barre risk as well (1 additional case per million vaccinated, barely distinguishable from background level). Your co-workers did not become sick from the vaccine. The virus in the vaccine is dead and does not cause illness. Unless you are under 10-years-old, you shouldn't require a multi-stage vaccination, so it's strange they're telling you it's 3-stage. The H1N1 vaccine is single-stage for adults and 2-stage for children. If you want to talk scare tactics, it's the anti-vaxxers you need to watch out for. NY can do this because they can call it a bona-fide requirement for the job of a state health care worker. They can claim that allowing unvaccinated people continue to work presents a preventable risk that could cause the death of patients. A single infected person working in an ICU or cardiac ward can cause multiple deaths. NY has seen it happen before. If they can sell this as something like a BFOQ, they can pretty much do whatever they want, regardless of ethics. That's not to say I agree with it, but it might be within their rights.
  5. Read your history books and you will see the settlers engaged in some of the first forms of biological warfare. And simply because some of those Native people's were murdered before the country was formed makes no different. And even after the country was formed, a very horrific campaign was waged against Native Americans in an attempt to eliminate them all. Oh god, don't read your history books. They lie. Read Guns, Germs, and Steel. Read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Biological warfare requires intent, and as I said, there's debate as to whether intent was present. In the earliest days, particularly with the islands, it did seem to be a systematic removal. Later on, not so much. The vast majority of the democide occurred well before the US was formed and was committed by early European settlers and colonists. Of course, that's not to say that later generations weren't horrible as well. In fact, if the Native Americans hadn't already been nearly wiped out, those later generations may have done it themselves, but that's purely speculation. Anyway, by the time the nation of the United States had formed, our campaign was generally intended to herd, sequester, and subjugate. There were terrible incidents, massacres even, for the next century and more, but nothing approaching the devastation that occurred by the end of the 17th century. Say what you mean. If you mean pre-United States American colonists or 15th, 16th, and 17th century European explorers and conquerors, say so. But don't say United States. Otherwise your distinction is arbitrary.
  6. Both, thanks to high school. Of course, I never speak or use it nowadays because I'm neither Catholic nor temporally displaced.
  7. Your translation was too literal. There are structural differences. "Even if all, not I." And the verb is deliberately missing. Seriously, google it. It's a meaningful phrase.
  8. Perhaps it's not important to the current track of the conversation, but I must point out: No, that's not correct. Estimates go as high at 40 Million Native Americans murdered in North America, and as many as 100 Million in all the Americas. So are you saying that time-traveling United States citizens went back to the 15th century and took control of the Spaniards and other European settlers, arming them with smallpox and other virulent diseases? Because that seems slightly far-fetched. Also, those estimates go as low as 8 million. Pretty big range. And finally, genocide is generally recognized as a crime with intent. Whether the Europeans intended to decimate the native population is up for debate. (I believe some of them did, but many did not.)
  9. They don't get the vaccine, or they get it under close supervision. Depends on the severity of the allergy, the doctor, and the risk the person is willing to assume.
  10. How about some Atomic Robo? "I just used my violence on them." "Oh applesauce."
  11. I don't think I've ever read a comic without immediately acting out the events, so you might have a point. Or you might just be an idiot. I was giving CollegeB some of his own medicine that he spouted on another thread. I was trying to show his hypocrisy. Well don't let that junk spill over here. Wait until he does something stupid in THIS thread, then get on his case.
  12. I don't think I've ever read a comic without immediately acting out the events, so you might have a point. Or you might just be an idiot.
  13. Tons of great stuff guys, thanks! Looks like I'll be moving away from the strict military presses for a while and dialing back the weight to work on form.
  14. Since I started really lifting a couple of years ago, I've made good progress in most of the major lifts, especially squat and DL, but my military press has been stuck. I was at 75 or so, then up to 95 pretty quickly, now I've been at 115 for several months. To be clear, I'm defining military press as barbell, standing up, feet shoulder width, grip just outside shoulder width, bringing the bar down to upper chest, then back up. I feel like my triceps, arms, and lower back give out before my shoulders do, and rarely do they feel sore the next day like my other muscles do. I don't think I've ever gotten a good pump. So tips? Common mistakes I might be making? Grip, stance, form, anything?
  15. We can probably agree to disagree here. I'm just saying the physiological effect isn't going to be the same as an energy drink. But the psychosomatic effects might overwhelm that for you.
  16. As long as you're not in there wearing painted-on boyshorts and a sports bra, I agree. But if you barely have any clothes on, you're going to get some looks. Also, some looks aren't sexual. When I do a double-take on the young lady shoulder pressing 50s, it's not because she's hot. It's because I'm impressed.
  17. That's an incorrect basis on which to build an argument. Antipsychotics are not the same as analgesics are not the same as anxialytics are not the same as depressants are not the same as hallucinogens etc. There's going to be some overlap, sure, but even within the same category they have different biological effects. Prozac and wellbutrin might both be prescribed for depression, but they don't have the same biological activity. On the other hand, different benzodiazepines can have very similar activation, but differ slightly enough that they won't all work for the same ailments. It's absurd to say that people take them all for the same purpose, even the recreational ones. Nobody I know expects alcohol to act the same way as caffeine, so they don't take them for like purposes. That would be idiotic. Nobody takes cocaine expecting it to calm them down or ketamine expecting it to rev them up.
  18. That is not how that works, sir. That's like saying, "I take just enough codeine to stimulate me like modafinil." They are utterly different drugs. In case a Venn diagram will help: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/5e/Drug_circle.gif
  19. "Unconventional" is quite an understatement. Haha, you do have a point. He shatters almost every superhero convention. If you're really looking for superhero deconstruction within a superhero universe, try to track down Marvelman/Miracleman (out-of-print, but Marvel thinks they purchased the rights. As soon as they get all the copyright claims cleared up, they'll immediately reprint). You hear a lot about DKR and Watchmen, but MM is what really broke things open. (Also, Animal Man is a hell of a read. Meta-everything.) For modern stuff being published as we speak, Ellis is finishing up his "superhero" trilogy (Black Summer, No Hero) with Supergod in a few months. And Waid is having fun being off the leash with Irredeemable. Kick Ass has been a fun deconstructsploitation, to completely make up a word.
  20. "Unconventional" is quite an understatement.
  21. What's the name of the pill that prevents broken legs, the flu, obesity, and pregnancies? You know, there are ways to prevent (or mitigate) two of those, Joe.
  22. Ugh, you're right. And I shouldn't even get involved in the first place. Now I feel dirty.
  23. From the constant condescension in most of your posts, and the fact that you fail to provide any useful information like in your last posts, just always commenting and judging others, I can tell you're just an asshole and that you believe you're the ass hole of the world.I think you're reading too much into my condescension. All I'm trying to get across is the most obvious interpretation: I don't think you're very bright. Of course I did, and you didn't.Failing to understand the following doesn't speak well for your critical thinking skills: a) removing water from meat will proportionally increase the shares of the other constituent substances with respect to total weight, b) amino acid scores are based on proportions, not total amino amounts, and c) just because you don't like PDCAAS scores doesn't mean they're inaccurate. ahah.Not actually sure what you're getting at here.
  24. I can't tell whether you're willfully ignorant or just accidentally, but You Fail Biology Forever.
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