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  1. You're really only supposed to jump just enough so the rope has room to get under you, and then you land "softly" supposedly (I always feel like a hippo landing, no matter how "soft" I land, LOL). So I think the low jumping is more about technique and form than it is about endurance or physical strength. If you find that you're having trouble, make sure your rope is the correct length for you.
  2. In case anyone is interseted, startd jumping at work only a couple times per week for about 20 minutes total. More like jumping 100 times (about 50 seconds) and then walking it off for a minute, and then repeating until my time is up. WOW! I was walking funny the day after the first time, and two days after the first time I could REALLy feel it. Amazing. And, I know there was some discussion about impact, but I've also heard the argument that running is even higher impact given that your feet are supposed to remain as close to the ground as possible in jumping. Interesting. Anyway, thought I'd share!
  3. Stupid stupid stupid. I took a before picture with me totally loose, not flexing anywhere. Then I did the same with a one-month progress pic and you can't see much progress. BUT, there is quite a bit of progress if I flex. I should be flexing for pics, shouldn't I? I mean, until I get more of the fat off my frame, nobody's going to see the muscle changes. So, my questions are: 1. Should I be flexing? 2. Where would you recommend I get some info on how to flex? Doesn't need to be perfect. Many thanks!
  4. OH MY GOSH YES! A friend got me this for my birthday and I swear I've never prepared so many consecutive meals from the same cookbook in my life. LOVE IT! And I tell her this all the time... How It All Vegan is a nice one, pretty simple, didn't feel like there were many entrees in it. Loved a few of the recipes in The Volumptuous Vegan, but because they're lumped together as meals it's hard to search around for just side dishes or just entrees, and they are detailed, more labor-intensive recipes. I had to buy the book because I'd take it out from the library and not want to use it everyday and would only get around to a few recipes before I had to return it.
  5. Okay, that makes sense. So then the only real way to change the routine as suggested would be to find new exercises. Hm, squats and deadlifts are a couple of my faves and I hate to take them out. I suppose I could keep THEM and change up the lesser ones, eh?
  6. Didn't know about it, but will definitely be in on it.
  7. You've sold me! I was just looking at the ntritional value of hommus and wanted to cry at the fat/carb/protein breakdown. You've also sold me on getting a food processer. LOL. Thanks!
  8. Sorry for long title, i try to put it out there so people don't spend time opening my threads if they wouldn't have wanted to. So, I know that I should mix up my weight-training routine every 4 to 6 weeks or so. I'm wondering if doing same exercises in different order would also count. I would think it would be at least a LITTLE beneficial since the muscles that are always worked at the end of the workout might now be worked out at the beginning and not be so tired, for example. I WILL also be putting in some more exercises, but there are some that are faves of mine.
  9. I've got the Lodge boots from Earth and I don't want them to get destroyed in one season. They're vegan/microfiber. Any recs on something to weatherproof them a wee bit? Something healthy/not-too-toxic would be great, but I guess anything in moderation if necessary. At least it'll keep them out of the landfill a bit longer.
  10. Ditto what hsorlando said. Another thing to remember is to not feel compelled to start too fast. It's really discouraging to try running aorund the block only to find you're wiped out at the end of your street. So, for some people it might help to get some slow miles under their belt. Then, when you feel cool about that, you can focus on that same distance but inceasing speed. Something like the Couch 2 5K training might even be beneficial depending on the person's fitness level. Anyway, I was actually doing a search for shoes when I came upon this. Good luck to the runner!
  11. I don't want to end up with really mis-proportioned body parts. I did several upper body exercises today (taken from the list on the Training for Muscles sticky) and those done with a bar were all done with the same weight. The only change was that I did pullovers with a lighter dumbbell. My question is this: Should I be using lighter weights for certain muscles (like for the shoulders/military press) versus heavier weights for other muscles (like the barbell row) or should I just do what I can now and increase in the places where I feel like the weight is too easy? Thanks so much.
  12. I would love that, although I'll admit that I would go home and do more research afterwards since SOOOO many people think they are pros and have horrible form. But, hell yea, any advice would be sweeeeet.
  13. Okay, I guess I was in between that above. Not a full converation, but more: -Sorry to bother you, I'm doing X exercise. Do you know if my elbows should be out or close to my body? And this is when the person is not lifting. I definitely would NOT interrupt someone in the midst of lifting or even focusing on cardio. So, like I said, I'm asking really how people feel about getting asked one question, two tops. Of course, if the person answers and seems chatty, depending on my time limit I might engage. The guys last night were nice, but we didn't sit there and talk about our days either. LOL.
  14. How do you feel about strangers asking you a question at the gym? I'm not talking about someone interrupting you for a full conversation. Just a question or two. I've gotten some help at the gym recently and for some reason have ben feeling ELATED that people were nice. I think it's because the first night i was there (very late, not many people) some guy completely gave me a blank stare when I made one comment to him (not a question). I was so embarrassed. Anyway, so what are your feelings about that?
  15. Aw, man, halves are the best!! Just wanted to pop in to say have fun and good luck with your training. I don't know what your farthest distance has ever been recently, but in my experience once you reach a certain distance it's so much easier to tack on another 2-3 miles (maybe not at the pace you did the first several, but...). I "trained" for a full marathon and swapped out my shoes like a moron, got ridiculous blisters and had to stop running for a good deal of time. I was only able to make it to the training week where 17 miles was my long run. Race day came and I managed to pump out the other 9 miles. Don't ask me how...
  16. 5' 3/4"...yea, stupid Dr. wouldn't even up me to 5'1". LOL. That's what? 154.30cm?
  17. I've also read that for most people the benefits of running outweigh the possible damage to the knees. Something like folks who run on appropriate surfaces (NOT concrete all the time) have strong enough legs and the exercise provides lubrication...I believe it actually helps with arthritis pain. Hm, I should go look that up for evidence. Nothing worse than spewing info with nothing to back me up, eh? Here's an article, and it's probably the one I read the first time since I used to get this mag: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-241-285--9247-0,00.html
  18. Zinzen, OMG, that's funny. *giggle* I have some floor padding that I've used in the past for pilates and such. I'm going to put it together (it's pieced together) to see how much coverage it provides, because I would like to jump on it if possible. The back room is pretty hard. That said, I would also think that, as with running and other impact activities, if I kept my movements minimal I could minimize the damage (meaning not jumping quite so high, making sure to land on soft knees, etc). And making sure the muscles around the knee are strong is a little added insurance, yes? FWIW, this would only be once or twice per week AT MOST for about 15-20 minutes. I only have a 30 minute dinner and would need time to get in and out of work clothes and de-funktify myself.
  19. Indeed. I am able to eat my dinner at my desk, so I'll be using my entire dinner break for the workout and clean up, and I can do dinner afterwards. It's a decent set-up. The floors back there are really hard...I have a mat that might work well. I'll do some experimenting. Now to figure out what rope to buy. My guess is that the only REAL factor would be length, but I'm sure I'll b surprised.
  20. Thanks so much. I love deadlifts and never knew what they were called. I'll add those back into my routine. And tomorrow I'll check into some of the others (read up on proper form and such). Thanks again. I truly appreciate it.
  21. What types of lower body exercised can be done with free weights. For example, instead of using the machine for hamstring curls, what would I do (if anything)? Sorry, I get a little wordy.
  22. I THINK I can figure out some of the free-weight versions of the upper-body exercises I've done in the past. I'm a little less sure about those for the lower body. I've read that squats are great, and I'm trying to get those figured out (but at the moment have nobody to really spot me and coach me on them ). I remember back in the day I would get on all 4's, put a dumbell behind my knee and lift, which felt great for my rear. Do you have any advice? I'm trying free weights since they seem to require a little (sometimes a lot) more concentration, focus on form, core strength and stability. thanks. and I'm sorry that my first several posts have been mainly questions. I'm not quite so confident in my ability to offer suggestions to others except for in the area of running, so please don't be annoyed with my lack of contributions thus far.
  23. If I remember correctly this was supposed to be a great workout, incorporating many parts of the body. Does that still hold true? I'm looking for something I can do while at work on my dinner break (we have a back room and I work with--at most--one other person). I used to jog/run but it's less safe now with icy roads and sidewalks, plus I figured using a jumprope would work my other muscles more. I'm looking to lose some fat and get some lean muscle. What are your thoughts? And do you have any recommendations for a good one? I'm only 5'1" if that matters. Many thanks!!
  24. Loks like you've already got great advice here, but just wanted to back up the idea of cross-training. I did NOT cross train for my (slow) marathon and I can tell you that my arms were SO SORE from being held even partially up fr that long. Granted, like I said, I was SLOOOOOOw so it took me forever, but my point is that the al-over training will benefit. Have fun!!!
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