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  1. are you so sure that this whole chuck norris internet thing wasn't started by one of his PR people? this guy is a super conservative jerk in real life. he even sued someone who happened to look like chuck norris(walker texas ranger) for doing maritial arts in a local television commercial. apparently he doesn't quite make enough money. i did like "sidekicks" though.
  2. 2-22-06, max effort bench 4-board press (5): 45x5, 135x5, 185x3, 225x1, 255xF (f*ck you), 255x1 (more like it), 265xF lying tate press (4): 20x12, 30x10, 35x6x2 parallel pulldown (4): 120x12, 140x10, 160x6, 170x6 tri pushdown (3): 85x10, 100x8, 110x8 face pulls (2): 80x15, 85x15 hammer strength overhead (3): 90x10, 140x6, 180x2-A strong session. missed first attempt at 255 because i let the bar come too far forward (towards my face) after it hit the board. 2nd attempt was solid for a 10 lb PR. 265 didn't move much. tate press took a lot out of my tirceps and the pushdowns weren't very solid. finished with some overhead work that got real heavy real fast. overall i have scaled back the calories and just been maintaining my weight (187-189). strength has suffered a little, but i have another bulking cycle planned for later next month. in one sense i feel a little relaxed but at the same time like i've lost my edge discipline wise. i think my body prefers it when i give it orders rather than just let it do its own thing
  3. There is a documentary tonight on HBO called "Dealing Dogs" and it is an expose on the dealing of dogs to medical research labs. will probably be difficult to watch, but maybe it wil help open some people's minds. http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/dealingdogs/index.html?ntrack_para1=feat_sec1_title
  4. jay, my story was a little like yours. i got totally fucked over by conservatives that i worked with. the "liberal" person (possibly the biggest dickhead i've ever met), who was also a vegetarian that worked out a lot, fucked me over even harder. no warning, just took me in the office and told me everone thought i was not "getting it" and "wasn't right for the job". little to no evidence to back it up, but it didn't matter. wasn't really about my job performance, but they spun it to make it seem like it was. i'm over it already. not much of an opportunity to advacne there. plus not being on the road lets me train with my team 4 days a week. interview went okay. should find out something this week. sorry about the language, but it was necessary to accurately describe the circumstance.
  5. 2-20-06, max effort squat straight bar good mornings (4): 45x5, 135x3, 225x1, 245x1 glute/ham raises (4): body x 8, +`10x8x3 band pulldowns (3): to failure reverse hypers (2): 255x8, 265x8 okay session. good mornings were tough. wish i could have worked my way up more, but kind of had to follow everyone's lead. depth on 225 & 245 wasn't very impressive. didn't bend my knees as much though. started adding weight again on the glute/ham raises. pretty slow. my back was pretty destroyed after my 2nd set of reverse hypers so best to call it quits there. did some curls at the end, but i'll leave those out so i can still talk trash when i see others doing them
  6. holy smokes jonathan, you're a bloody monster look like you got stung by a bee all across your upper body. keep up the running documentary. you might pull-off the best transformation ever. and for your next photo, don't go hiding your now hidden abs. let the whole world know what you think about belly eye candy
  7. animal, yeah, mike's an extremely fast drummer. good guy as well. mike's old band "creation is crucifixion" is definitely worth checking out as well. way ahead of their time. you would enjoy their lyrical content as well since it is primarily about techno-theory.
  8. Peanut ButterCliff Builder Bars are top shelf. i've probably ate over 100 during the Fall and never got sick of them.
  9. 2-19-06, dynamic bench speed bench (#1 bands)(10): 45x5x3, 95x2x8 rolling hammer tri (4): 20x10, 25x10, 30x8, 30x6 machine row (4): 90x10, 180x6x2, 180x8 45 deg tri pushdown (4): 85x10, 95x10, 100x10x2 dumbbell bench (3): 50x10, 60x6, 70x5 very tiring session. not sure what it was, but i was just exhausted after the speed benching. triceps were real sore and regressed a little on the rolling hammer tri extensions (nned to find a better term for that lift). the machine we used for rows was uncomfortable. didn't find my groove until the last set. pushdowns were solid. first time i've gone that heavy on dumbbell bench in years. we're going to do these every sunday so it would be nice if i could get to 100's by the end of the year.
  10. hey animal, you really know your stuff pretty well. my old roomate is the current cattle decapitation drummer. my current roomate runs willowtip records. have you ever listened to circle of dead children? i was the original bass player on the first 2 albums. had to quit so i could focus more on lifting
  11. thanks guys. i could have written that a lot better (and i don't just mean the grammar ) i guess i have a lot to say on the subject since i used to consider myself a bodybuilder, then strength athlete, and now powerlifter. didn't mean for it to come across as one-sided/anti bodybuilder. i just think there is more misinformation in bodybuilding that keeps the novice lifter running in circles. Senseless should chime in here. he is the only person i know of that can do powerlifting, olympic lifting, and strongman all while being built like a bodybuilder.
  12. shouldn't be a problem. might be best to ask Mike Mahler about this. i think your main point should be that since you consider yourself one of the finest personal trainers in the world, you are inclined to advocate the healthiest diet in the world. best to work with them, but that doesn't mean you have to endorse what they already decided they want to consume.
  13. there are many reasons for the different development of bodybuilders and powerlifters. probably the 2 major ones would be anti-aestetics of powerlifting and the attention to functional strength. powerlifters are not too concerned with looks (at least they claim they're not) and this allows them to figure out real quickly the correlation between diet and strength. powerlifters will see greater stength gains because they train for them and also they don't try to cut a pound for every two they gain. eating big often gives their muscles the maximum level of nutrient absorbtion and recovery. bodybuilders on the other hand generally keep a much stricter diet and their cardio will have at least some negative effect on their muscle growth. second point iis about functional strenth. i am using this term a little out of context as to define the particular muscle (groups) a powerlifter trains. tricep strength is essential for a powerlifter and they get trained extensively. given that they make up 2/3 of the upper arm, its no surprise a powerlifter has huge arms despite little or no bicep curls. bodybuilders on the other hand often train their biceps as much if not more than their triceps to attain a certain balance there. leg development is another critical aspect to ivestigate. bodybuilders often train their legs every which way except for a properly executed parallel squat. their quads become overdeveloped while their hamstrings become underdeveloped. the increased hormone/test production resulting from squatting is also noteworthy. one more test subject that also emphasizes the contrast in styles is trap development. bodybuilders often try and shrugh thier way to a thick upper back. a powerlifter will relly on deadlifting, powercleans, and barbell rows to develop their traps. they are used for deadlifting, squatting, and even bench technique (for archers) so it is pretty important to develop this area. shrugging is probably the 5th or 6th best trap exercise. big arms, big legs, and huge traps are very noticable and give the powerlifter his massive look. i'm still waiting to get mine
  14. 2-17-06, dynamic squat speed box squat (#3 bands)(10): 105x5, 145x3, 180x2x8 dec glute/ham raise (4): body x 8, x8, x5, x5 band pulldowns (3): to failure reverse hypers (3): 230x8, 255x8x2 good session. speed was much better on the box squats. funny how i get more speed with more weight. first 2 sets of dec ghr's were strong, then nothing left. reverse hypers were great. lots of pop. i'll be up to 3 plates pretty soon. goal was to get 4 by the end of the year, but that might have to be subject to change.
  15. awwwe, a compassionless post from compassionate girl i believe the authorities have already said they do not plan to prosecute him or his wife. sounds to me like they have already spilled their guts to them. this case has at least some social significance in that it is a case in which the public refuses (for the most part) to believe that a "beautiful woman" could be a compulsive gambler. now there are many other factors to this case (the assistant coach to gretzky being the ringleader), but there is no actual proof that gretzky made the bets. of course in the public's mind, and probably rightly so, it was gretzky who made his wife place the bets for him.
  16. does anyone know if it is comfirmed whether he is vegan or not? not sure what to believe. i thought it was great when he left the NFL to do his own thing. funny how the media handled that story and called him everything from a drug attict to a traitor/coward. of course when pat tillman left his team to go kill people he never met they called him a hero. ricky played well in his comeback last year. voluntarily plays for the league minimum now. god forbid someonw try and find some humanity in their life. i wish he played for the steelers.
  17. our team has actually done these a couple times. at the end of our workout we chose one "stupid exercise" to do. it has to at least be semi funcitonal. since i squat and deadlift extremely wide, i put a lot of pressure on my hips to get me out of the hole. this exercise actually hits those rather well. i don't take the exercise that seriously, or even post it in my log, but its one of the few exercises that can target that group of muslces/tendons effectively.
  18. uber-attractive power couple. are you two modeling for a ferris wheel company? great pic
  19. 2-15-06, max effort bench 3-board bench (6): 45x5, 135x3, 185x3, 225x1, 245xF, 235xF tate press (5): 20x10, 25x10, 30x10, 35x5x2 barbell rows (2): 135x8, 185x6, hurt bicep tricep pushdown (3): 85x10, 100x8, 110x8 seated barbell overhead (4): 45x5, 135x3x2, 135x2-F still feeling a little sick. got 225, my old 3-board max very solid. 245 was bad form and out of control. by the time i tried 235 i was spent. should have gone 185, 215, 235. pulled my bicep a little on the second set of barbell rows. best to end there. tate press was real strong as were the pushdowns. got a couple extra sets on overhead. pretty mediocre at best session.
  20. this is a great idea! my library has about 20 branches or so, but i've looking to make a meaningful donation. that would be quite sad if your library would deny stocking this video. librarians are usually some of the strongest opposition to censorship
  21. 2-13-06, max effort squat convential deadlift (add 3" ROM): 145x5, 235x3, 325x1, 375xF glute/ham raise (3): body x 12 x 3, mission accomplished reverse hypers (3): 185x8, 230x8, 255x6 12 lb medicine ball throws at abs: too many, ouch good session. went very close stance convential on deadlifts off of a 100 lb plate. happy to get 325 pretty easily. 375 didn't even budge. finally got 3 sets of 12 on the glute/ham raises. now time to add weight there. 230 was flying on the reverse hypers. 255 was good for the first few reps, but i ran out of gas real fast. last we threw a 12 lb medicine ball at each others waists. got to tense up or throw up.
  22. i have an interview for a new job tomorrow. not too stressed about it because they were the ones who contacted me and i always tend to shine in an interview. its not my dream job by any means, but its a good job and spending my afternoons watching boy meets world isn't ecactly how i pictured my mid 20's to be
  23. 2-12-06, dynamic bench speed bench (#1 bands)(12): 45x5x2 (no bands), 45x3x2, 85x2x8 rolling hammer tri (4): 20x10, 25x10, 30x10, 30x9 lat pulldown (4): 120x10, 140x10, 160x10x2 2 hand tri pushdown (4): 80x12, 90x10, 100x10, 110x6 face pulls (3): 85x12, 100x12, 110x10 inc dumbbell press (1): 40x15 flat dumbbell press (1): 40x15 still feeling sick, but i train anyway arch is regressing a little on the bench. i need to stop getting lazy about stretching on the pipe. speed was mediocre at best. surprised myself with my tricep work today. smoked the 30's on the rolling hammer ext and then blasted through the pushdowns as well. ran out of gas on the dumbbell pressing, but this was expected as it takes stamina that i just didn't have today.
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