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  1. electronic bodyfat scales are worthliss. you need a bodyfat calliper test to get accurate results. you have the wrong idea about bulking. you souldn't be eating junk food as that will just make you fat. you need to be eating oatmeal, peanutbutter, protein shakes, tons of soymilk and whole grains. potato chips aren't going to put on muslce. also, you if you are bulking correctly, you are going to get a little fat. thats just how it is. get up to a size you want and then you can do some cutting and get you bodyfat down to where you want it. the least productive thing you could do is try and lose a pound after gaining two.
  2. 1/13/06, dynamic squat speed box squat (w /#3 bands)(10): 55x3, 1055x3, 145x2, 165x2x8 dec ghr (4): body x 6, x5, x5, x5 rev hypers (3): 135x8, 180x8x2 band pulldowns (3): to failure leg ext (3): 70x12, 110x10, 130x8 hub pinch (3): 40x10 sec, 45x5, 45x5 CoC #2: SHUT "as seen on vf.net" another great session. speed box squats went even faster than last session with more weight and better technique. got more reps on the decline glute ham raises and used 4 plates on the reverse hypers. leg extension continues our new tradition of adding 1 dumb exercise each session. finally got the CoC #2 closed. and i did so convincingly. i remember someone else said this, but i had to check to make sure it really was a #2 after i did it. it went real fast and i held it shur for a couple seconds. i wasn't even planning on doing it as i haven't touched it in over a month, but after shutting 210 on my devil's advocate i thought i give it a go. real glad to have this over and done with.
  3. I have seen there are some fans on here and i know Rob is down. I think pro-wrestling is like alcoholism: oncce you become one you are one for the rest of your life (even if you quit). i started liking WWF when i was 6 or 7, just before wrestlemania 2. Fan for years, then stopped watching it once it became a cable only show (didn't have cable). then got back into it in 97 or so when the Rock and Stone Cold were big and ECW was taking the world by storm. Lately i have started watching it again. It helps to have Tivo to ff past all the bullsh*t (there is plenty of it) and watch the wreslters i like such as Kurt Angle, Chris Masters, and to a lesser extent Carlito. I know its dorky, but its good entertainment and the story lines are usually better than what passes for a sitcom these days.
  4. I've been spending more time on this board lately so i guess i should start posting my log here as well. i'm basically just going to copy my workout from vf.net with perhaps a more post-modern interpretation of the session. here is some background: i started getting serious about powerlifting a couple months ago and a month ago joined a powerlfting team and started training westside style. i lift 4 days a week using the conjugate method which is like this: sun - dynamic bench: speed benching w/ bands at 50-60% 1RM. bench assistance exercises. mon- max effort squat: heavy triples working up to a 1RM in a squat or deadlift or squat/dead assistance exercise. we choose from a number of exercises and do one each week. then glute-ham raises & rev hypers & abs. wed- max effort bench: 1RM of a bench exercise from a number of exercises we rotate each week. bench assistance exercises. fri - dynamic squat: box squats w/ bands using 50-60 % of 1RM. ghr's and rev hypers and abs i am an equipped lifter (squat suit, bench shirt, wrist/knee wraps) so my lifts are geared towards that style of lifting . here is my session from yesterday with no interpretation because i have already said too much 1/11/06, max effort bench 3 board bench (5): 45x3, 135x3, 185x3, 225x1, 245xF tate press (5): 20x10, 25x8, 30x4, 30x6, 30x5 parallel grip pulldown (4): 120x8, 150x8, 160x6, 170x5 tri pushdown (3): 75x10, 85x8, 95x6 hammer overhead press (3): 90x8, 140x6, 160x3
  5. i wish that was true no, soy will only give you boobs if you're male. i think it shrinks breasts for women.
  6. why limit the debate to the aestetics. look at probably the greatest track athlete of all time (Carl Lewis) and the best modern and probably all-time ultra marathoner (Scott Jurek). both credit their world class performance to being vegan. we also have state and national champion powerlifters and as you have seen on this site, champion bodybuilders. also some bloody strong hybird lifters who are tearing up the strongman ciruits. i have gained over 40lbs (30-35 muscle) since going vegan. most others on here have similar results because we use more intelligent training and eating methods rather than what the muscle comics say to do.
  7. hey mate, not sure about those specific amino acids, but rice protein IS a complete protein. that is it contains ALL of the essential amino acids. i use it and have not noticed my strength decrease. In face, i have significantly increased my strength since i made it my only protein shake (although switching to westside training helped too).
  8. welcome mate. sorry the steelers are a little much too much for the bengals. aside from palmer (who's injury was most tragic and upsetting), the bengals really just aren't the same calliber team as the steelers. the sooner you can accept this, the easier it wll be when the steelers win the superbowl. as far as going vegan, it would be the best decision you have made. i mean, you can' t do anything about being born a bengals fan (certainly no one chooses to become one ), but your health is in your own hands.
  9. i know what you are taking about. this happened to me too even when i was in great cardio shape (not any more). first off stairs are way way harder than running on a flat surface. check out how many calories you are burning when you compare the two. actually you could just see how much more physical work you are doing on the stairs (force x distance). two steps at a time is the way to do it because you recruit more of your hamstrings, but you can also shorten your breath (and keep yourself from breating with your stomach) by kicking your legs up towards your abdomen. strairs are tough. you need to train specifically to be good at them. there isn't as much carryover as you would think from other cardio unless you do a lot of sprinting. ~david
  10. Thank-you wannalift. So how come it took you so long to tell me that? i didn't want to sound like a wimp in front of the other blokes
  11. i always thought you looked really pretty in your avatar pic.
  12. http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/BackGeneral/BBBentOverRow.html don't drop the bar to the ground after each rep. it should come down to your knees. dont' round your back. try to keep it arched or flat.
  13. while i agree with what you said, i can almost do all of the lifts in the current PA strongman format. the only one i dont' feel good about is the overheard log press. also, i want to do it for fun. i am not very serious about it so i am not going to alter my trainiing for it. also, you can't take one thing i said and run with it. i was making a point about the future of unequipped powerlifting and its relation to that of the equipped powerlifter. not everyone who powerlifts does strongman so why should they be limited by the rules of raw powerlifting when, as i repeat, there is no POWERLIFTING future for raw powerlifters (competing raw). the line about most powerlifters also train raw is simply not true. not at my club at least and we have a former world champion and a current teen national champion.
  14. first off how long have you been taking it? if you have been taking it for a month and don't notice any improvement (strength, recovery, enduranc) then you shouldn't waste your money. as for the testosterone thing i doubt it would make the kind of impact in females as opposed to males (different normal levels of testosterone). of course you will have to reasearch and decide for yourself. i'm surprise the nutritionist didn't know about the inc in t levels. now wait, i'm not surprised
  15. update: overall i would have to say that i am seeing a benfit to taking this. here they are along with the counters: -i am getting a lot stronger. this is mainly because i joined a powerlifting team and am training westside style now so that was to be expected. but even my assistance exercises like tricep work are going up consistently. not conclusive, but a t least a factor is saying zma is benficial. -most importantly, i am not nearly as sore as i was before. i used to train total body twice a week using 5x5. now i train 4 times a week and the workouts are way more hardcore. haven't been negatively affected by soreness that lingers on like i have in the past. especially my back lower back which gets hit real hard by squatting and pulling a lot. its only been a couple weeks, but if i can sustain this quick recovery perdiod then i will probably opt for another 1 month supply. after that i will go off of it for 8 weeks or so and then i'll really know whether this really is the missing link.
  16. this is an easy one. your lats look good, but you look like you neglect the upper and middle of your back. you need to do some bent over (45 degree or parallel) barbell rows. do that once or twice a week and you'll be fine. or you could do barbell rows one day a week and lat pulldonws / pull ups the other day. if it were me i would do barbell rows twice a week.
  17. competions i'm entering this year: -pittsburgh highland games (april) -first powerlifting competition (probably middle of year) -first strongman comp (november) -the highland games is real fun and i love throwing. came in 4th last year and hope to win it this year. the level of competiton is not that high though. -as for powerlifting, i am most serious about this and hope to one day be world champion. have a long way to go, but i have the team, the desire, and the dedication to one day make it happen. -strongman is also something i want to do just for fun and to say that i did it. they do weightclasses for the PA strongman comp, and i think i can complete all of the disciplines if can get my grip strength and overhead strength up a little. long way off so i have plenty of time to prepare.
  18. my goals are the following: squat: 450 lbs bench (shirted): 350 deadlift: 500 lbs (this will be hard) 18" deadlift: 600 lbs shut the CoC #2: still can't believe i went all year and didn't make it although my spring got rusty so i'm crushing under protest. gain some more weight then cut down to 181 for my first powerlifting competition.
  19. haha, thinking of going shirted on the bench? once you do you will never go back. if you want to get an idea of how much you could do with a shirt, do lockouts from 3-4" rom and hold the weight at the top for a 5 count without hurting yourself. basically if you're triceps and supporting shoulder muscles aren't strong enough, a bench shirt won't help you do much more than you already are. if you are terrible at the bottom like me, then they will help immensely. help you help yourself that is
  20. not sure of any side effects. i can't imagine there would be any, but i'm no doctor. i could actually feel the differnce waking up the next morning with these. i think its the result of the great night sleep you get it and the lack of zinc/mag that i get from my regular multi-vitamin. i've heard almost all positive feedback from people about zma and have been wanting to try a vegan version for years. i'll let you know how my strength progresses, but i just started training westside so it might be hard to narrow it down to a new supplement.
  21. there is finally a vegan zma supplement that i found. veganessentials is selling it on his site. i have benn waiting for years to try this as it has been tested to increase testosterone production by as much as 30%. no, its not a prohormone, but supports your body's ability to recover faster by giving the proper dose of zinc and magnesium aspartate and b-6. not trying to sound like a posting advertisement, but i've taken this twice now and have had the best sleep ever with very vivid dreams and woke up feeling very good. highly recommended. max growth p.m by irontek.
  22. no surprise he's lifting with an Inzer Rage-X. i only bench with a Titan F6 as they give the best guarantees against blowouts. also its an amazingly good shirt. although i guess there are no guarantees with any shirts, but thats what your team of spotters is for. choose wisely.
  23. yeah, i'm glad i'm not in pittsburgh at the moment. co-op is the place to go for groceries. you don't have to be a member, but you can save a little money if you become one. don't even bother going to whole foods unless you drive a mercedes and you like the smell of seafood on one side of the store and cheese on the other. there are some other good places to go like zenith cafe in the south side, maggies deli in oakland, and of course mellon arena for the finest hockey team in the world. you can pick up a city paper along the way and it should guide you to whats going on in the city. hope you have a good stay.
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