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  1. has anyone tried this? i wonder how accurate it is...
  2. looking solid! you should take some brighter pictures though
  3. you're complaining, but you men produce significant amount of testosterone so you can actually see a big difference once a guy starts lifting weights. women, on the other hand, have to work with ridiculous levels of testosterone and work 10 times as hard if we wanna see any sign of progress. The amount of muscle we gain with natural bodybuilding is ridiculous comparing to men. it's just not fair. TELL ME about feeling frustrated!
  4. she must have killer muscle-building genes. I use weights heavier than those and my muscles aren't half as developed as hers.
  5. wow! such an inspiration! congratulations on that, that's an awesome job in such a short time.
  6. i wonder if it's possible for a woman to lose fat to the point of getting a six pack and be healthy at the same time. i'd love to get more muscle definition, and i know i have to lose fat for that, but my fat percentage is already quite low (must be at around 13%). i don't want to risk my health with a cutting high protein diet, i already have a family history of kidney problems. and going on a low calorie intake diet doesn't sound good to me either, as it can have the opposite effect (store fat intead of losing it) as a natural reaction of the body to the low intake. losing fat itself goes against the body's survival instinct (which is to store fat), i guess that's why it's so hard to accomplish. specially when your fat is already low. it's specially harder for women, because of strongen i guess. so unfair. any suggestions or tricks?
  7. Hi! Could anyone help me with this? I'd like to drop my bf (I already do cardio almost every morning) and I know I won't get much result if I don't go on a cutting diet. Are cutting diets as unhealthy as they sound? Is there a way to achieve quite low body fat while not having to worry about health issues due to a high protein diet? any suggestions or advices are very welcome. thanks!
  8. yeah, me too. i wonder if there's anything natural that can increase T levels in women in a healthy way...
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