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  1. Thanks again! You don't got a whole list to print for me didn't you? And what do you think about gluten in wheat?? I don't have any issues just asking
  2. Hey thanks a much! So this is the list of food to avoid, but when I read it and I want to be a vegan, what's left to eat for me?? Almost all beans are out, no spelt, hm. @crashnburn could you help me out too?
  3. Hm, how it comes if I search for my Vata Type, that many sites recommend different food?? Some sites say I can eat milk products, the other site tells me I can't and so on?! I'm your man could you please give me an accurate list because you are into it? Would be nice.
  4. Fully agree, in India the cow is holy. As I was on the 100% vegan trip there was something missing, I always was hungry, though I couldn't eat the quantities of beans I have made for myself and stuffed full until my throat I still felt a hunger feeling. With a little fish/eggs/cheese it left. Hey crashnburn, I see in your profiel that you migrated to India, what was the reason and how many years you are living there? What are you doin' sounds very interesting to me!
  5. Yes, because we are not animals in their sense. We evolved from Africa and other continents. In upper regions there was a cold region, where no green vegetation grew, downwards there was more green and so on. People mixed up together. New gen pools and so on.. Yes, you can see metabolic typing like the Ayuverdic diet, it's quite similar. For example, I don't think that people ate tons of nuts like today, because it was difficult to find them and to crack them, maybe occasionally but not in large quantities, the same for grains, they don't waited until it grew up and was ready to eat, they would be dead, they had to eat some animals flesh or products like eggs. It depended where the people lived too.
  6. @mjzraz I don't think so. Look at Mingers post on the china study. Of course the site you posted vegsource will always show article that are against animal products. Same for Mingers critique on there. And Mercola is not the inventor of metabolic typing, Dr. Kelley does this years before (in the 70s) then came walcott, mercola and so on. And Campell didn't do the work he just collected results of studies and left much results in the background. Read Minger. She is the neutral one, read her story, she too tried all "diets". And by the way, why it have to be based on real science if it works?? You wrote that like you would believe in the words what your doctor would say. I don't believe in mainstream science especially what I do is believing in what I feel on certain foods and the experience I make with myself and of the experience of others. For one is a meat diet the right thing and for others the green "meat" diet (and for others a mixed one). Saw so many prooves!
  7. Hey nice one, you're gonna make it! I'm pretty sure. In what a timeframe you've lost the weight?
  8. Hi and put some photos on before/after that we could figure out how you doing
  9. Ah okay, so no grains except rice? 3000-4000 calories?? Damn that's pretty much I assume the most of your calories are fruits and rice am I right? Ah and what's your height?
  10. So you are not eating any wheat?? And what's zour calorie intake before and after you went vegan? Are zou eating some nuts,seeds or oils? Nice pics.
  11. Nice dude, what time is between the before and after pics?
  12. I don't eat fish, dairy eggs 'cause of the complete protein dilemma, I just eat it when I feel that I have to eat it, when I feel my body needs it. It's not much, but it's there, this would make me maybe a 88% per cent vegan if you want. I could say you too are labeling yourself with vegan The labeling is just a help.
  13. Hey 2097! I agree most of your comment and want to thank you for taking time! Yes I was a f**kin' diet hopper but how I said I am on the right track now with high carbs and low pro/fat, like you said my diet should be. Another point is, I strongly believe that people are very different, and my or your diet doesn't work for everyone, see Berkhan and Co. (or his tons of clients! That should be prove enough.). I believe in the theory of metabolic typing. Of protein types, carb types and mixed types. I did a test of the old school Dr. Kelly, and the result is phenomenal! I am a type 4, meaning not a strict vegetarian type (few eggs, dairy and fish per week) and since I started this I have energy I've never experienced before. My mood what is usually bad are happy and elevated most of the time. I am more satisfied with my meals and do not tend to overeat anymore like I did so many times... okay enough talk, I found what I searched for See ya and recommending you do it too. Didn't you asked yourself why a few (or much) vegans/vegetarians feeling like crap on their diet? Because they are protein or mixed types. The same for meat eaters that should be veg eaters
  14. @Richard The 3% would only be for family gatherings, if someone make a salad with little yogurt or mayonnaise (self made with eggs) or chili concarne (let's say with little cream for consistency or little meat) I am not going to be saying "I can't eat that because there are animal products" this would be just ridiculous you know what I mean? Things like that would be the 3 per cent. I realize too that there are no difference in the energy and feeling superb and so on if I add the 3% or drop it either.
  15. Hey welcome! One question since you've started how much protein do you try to consume on a daily basis?
  16. Yes i agree to Jason X, run intervals and ditch the cardio. By the way the cardio will slow down your progress in muscle building so - intervals for the world!
  17. Guten Tag and welcome here So, you want oviously reduce your weight but first tell us what do you eat on a standard day, with grams and calories if you know.
  18. Yo, I guess I am famous now Yeah, I have been vegan since 2000, so getting on for 11 years now, and vegetarian before that since I was an irritating little kid. What is your youtube channel? Wow, 11 years... damn long! Nice My channel is GrimGuitarReaper Greetz and keep on rocking S.
  19. Ah okay but no, I meant 250g beans + 1kg veggies or 250g lentils + veggies and so on, not 2 times of the veggies damn... that would kill me Thanks for the meal tip! Yeah, I thought going vegan my username have to be related to it By the way in poland and other easter countries in europe there is a spice called vegeta http://goodiesfirst.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/10/10/vegeta.jpg
  20. @ Zack That's almost 2lbs not 4.5. I don't know if you read my first post and the others ones? I eat beans/lentils and rice + the veggies. I am eating only 1800kcal because the beans and lentils stuff me to dead! Damn,...half an hour ago I shit an anaconda snake... I definitely cut back on beans and lentils and eat today whole spelt pasta!
  21. Okay thanks you both, I will cut down my bean/lentil intake and eat a few nuts and seeds and add 1 or 2 Protein shakes. I don't eat any junkfood, just that few things I mentioned Maybe your are right more simple carbs would be an option. I am wondering how Avi (what I read he consumes about 3000kcal/day) is eating all this stuff (masses!) without being bloated hm... That's really nice Ducati! Why you don't post some update pics? Okay we will see the next days/weeks.
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