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  1. Western medicine says moderate masturbation will benefit one's health, and semen is a little protein plus a good deal water, it counts for little to the body. This evil theory is really harmful. It misleads young guys lose the vigilance to masturbation, it entices them to try, and get into the habit finally, the childish guys could not restrain masturbation, and step onto the dead way of losing Jing, Qi and Shen. Masturbation will harm one's body and spirit badly, what masturbation consumed is not only some protein and water, but also the essential matter of life - Jing. When Jing lost in excess, your marrow will be barren, and you will become old in an earlier time and die young. As for the body being extreme weak, it is merely the second expression. Body nourished by blood and Qi, blood and acquired Qi come from food and drink mainly. The spare blood and Qi will be transformed into Jing in deep sleep, and stored in kidney area and inside bones, to prepare for untimely needs. If ones stores Jing more than that is consumed, it is the guarantee of his/her health and longevity. If one consumes Jing more than that is stored, it is the reason of decrepitude and ephemerality. Masturbation and sexual act both will consume Jing; however, good sexual act can harmonize Yin and Yang, that can benefit the lovers some, but masturbation has consumption only, it is worse than sexual act. The cumulation of this supernormal consumption of Jing will result in one's life quality reduced and the death will be shifted to an earlier time. Masturbation will not only harm one's life force of body, but also harm one'semotion. It will cause one being listless, getting frailty, being in two minds, being infirm of purpose, being irascible and verjuiced, and being distrustful and fearful. When anything crops, some will attack rashly, some will shrink back, the wankers are short of patience and perseverance, and lack the confidence and courage of being sure of victory. These are all the bad results of being weak of Jing, and accordingly, it could not produce enough Qi. Masturbation will touch one's intelligence too. Perennial masturbations will damage one's faculty of memory and thought obviously, if you are a student, you will find that your ability of study falling short of your wishes, and your study achievement will go down quickly. This is a result of lacking Jing, and it could not produce enough Qi, so that your Shen (mind and spirit) could not get enough nourishment. Masturbation activities have high possibility of addiction. Once get an addiction, it will be very hard to bridle it. That's why wankers feel obviously uncomfortable after masturbation activity, but they are still unremitting. Masturbation activities draw one's energy reserve by an easy way, it makes one cannot start a lash-up response when he meets a sudden accident. It will also cause many chronic diseases, and could not be cured for a long time, but get worse and worse. Masturbation overdraws one's multiplying Qi in advance, it will cause one's procreation ability goes down hugely, even if one can procreate later, the baby will be unhealthy. Masturbation is not cureless, so long as you can realize the harms of masturbation, make up your mind to give up it, and get the right way to do, you will be the victor finally. Wuji Standing is a good way to support yourself; it can help you away from masturbation. This simple practice can not only help you away from masturbation, but also cure the bad results caused by masturbation activities, and improve you life quality. Furthermore, they will also lead you approach the right way of Great Tao. (taken from http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/showthread.php?t=203874) http://www.shen-nong.com/eng/principles/essencekidneys.html
  2. I agree, the 'like' button has permeated our internet. I was wishing for it on here just a couple weeks ago.
  3. You've probably seen this before, but it comes to mind. http://thecoolvegetarian.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Screen-shot-2011-09-25-at-12.09.10-AM.png
  4. Yep, the noticable changes happen fast.. if you choose to use freeweights, be sure and get some guidance from a person who works at your gym for doing the form right. It can permanently damage your spine to squat or deadlift wrong!
  5. "Aching" is probably a bad thing to be feeling after a workout - it sounds like pulling something. Failure is clear indication that you've worked a muscle to the point that it will definitely regrow stronger. You will at first experience DOMS the day after (delayed onset muscle soreness), and probably a lot of burning during the movement but the same day you worked a muscle it probably won't have much idle feeling in it. As for results, you should expect to see big gains the first couple months. The biggest/fastest change as far as gains go is in the beginning.
  6. I use stronglifts.com for a lot of my muscle building info Ignore their diet info though.. It may sound funny at first, but squatting/deadlifting (get a personal trainer to learn these safely) releases hormones that cause muscle symmetry and faster gains.. so be doing that compound lifts are the best mass builders, so for upper body you will want to do pullups, dips, bent rows, and bench presses to get where you're trying to go.. the amount of reps you do is vital to what your gains are going to become. the following is 'progressive resistance training' information: you want to start at a weight that you can do many reps of. I was personally taught to do 3 sets of 8 (24 reps total). a set exists because of the energy that your body uses for movement. it transitions between cardiovascular/aerobic (fat+oxygen) and anaerobic (ATP(adenosine triphosphate)). read about ATP on wiki if you want to know more about it. it fuels the muscles and is a 3 step process. glucose is the best way of feeding your glycogen stores (which it transforms into in the liver). glycogen then turns into ATP. ATP is important for the amount of reps you choose because after a certain amount of them your body will stop having any in the muscle you're moving and start to switch over to aerobic energy and this is not good for 'explosive' movement and your muscles will fail sooner than later which means less exercise in them. 5 reps is the general 'strength only, ATP only' amount before you wait 90 seconds for ATP to regenerate to do another set. therefore you will be choosing how much you're training endurance and how much you're training strength by how many reps you do. more sets are usually found in workouts where you are going for endurance at a lighter weight my understanding is that 5 is more strength, 8 is more strength (but also a little endurance), 12 is more endurance (a little strength), and 15 is mostly endurance. I recommend picking a weight that you can do almost all of 3 sets of 8. wait 3 days and then you're ready to do more. once you have accomplished all 3 sets of 8 at a specific weight, add 5 pounds (cumulative, if barbell 2.5lb on either side; only add 2.5lb if dumbbells when possible) the next time. overtraining happens if you try to hit that muscle group again before 72 hours (and without adequate protein/rest to recover). if your muscles stop, it means you've reached muscle failure. this is a good thing, and later on you'll wish it was easier to get to. (or be mad that it happened early). you might be able to do more a few minutes later, but it is unsafe to do so. just move on to the next workout. glucose is easily obtainable in the form of medjool dates. thrive diet says 4 dates is enough to weight lift for an hour. after an hour your energy will drop and you need another dose of it. 'workout gels' sometimes contain date paste as their main ingredient. after your workout, drink a protein shake. your blood is in the muscles and will leave them to digest solids. liquid protein is vital immediately after the exercise, but it's bad to drink protein beforehand because it 'burns dirty' a lot of this information is from thrive diet by Brendan brazier. if anyone notes any corrections I welcome it. last tip for now: form is extremely important and perfecting it means being safe and getting the most out of your workout. don't be afraid to ask trainers at your gym to look at what you're doing, don't hesitate to post videos of yourself doing stuff for form critique.
  7. To me it is more a religious belief where you are karmically less deserving of owning your own home from eating honey and therefore restricting a bee's access to its own habitat
  8. When you start lifting weights, you're going to want to only do compound lifts. (Deadlift/Squat, Dips/Bent Rows/Pullups/Overhead Press, Chest Press, I think that's all of them?) Lifting will cause your frame to increase in size, and isolating muscles with movements like preacher curls will diminish in tonal alteration (and thus be a waste of energy) as your compound lifts continue to increase your form size. It is wise to reach a specific size with compound lifts and then stay at that weight with those lifts (to stay the same size) when incorporating isolation moves for bodybuilding. If you're happy with how big you are and just want to go right ahead and tone up (for that ripped look) remember that compound movements will cause those gains to suddenly appear insignificant. also, a good resource for weightlifting instructions: stronglifts.com
  9. ^^ Peanut butter is good for slowing digestion before sleep so that protein doesn't get through in only 5 hours (without it is leaving a 3 hour gap where no protein is digesting, leading to catabolicism(muscles being eaten for protein)) Avocado and coconut are around 90% fat also
  10. IDK if being a competing bodybuilder qualifies but probably: try kickstarter.com
  11. I was just in a really awful mood than I wrote that. you're not giving any negative impression
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