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  1. I'm really sorry to hear this. I had to put down my dog a couple of years ago after months of hesitating and trying to force feed her and treat her. Looking back now I should have just let her rest and sleep. I wish I could help more.
  2. DK: In "Diet, Nutrition and Cancer" it says that low and normal cooking temperatures do result in the production of mutagens. But it didn't go so far as to say the mutagens cause cancer or that cooked meat causes cancer. Have you participated in or seen studies on raw versus cooked protein foods? To be continued... because I'm having problems posting.
  3. Good day everyone! Well, I'm proud of myself today and thank goodness it's also a sunny beautiful fall day. What have I done so far: 1) 20 minutes on the rowing machine. 2) 1 hour power walk outside in the glorious sun. 3) 20 assisted chin-ups 4) 15 minutes with the stretch tubes-mostly my legs. Now I'm off to my courses of baladi. Ciao
  4. Interview continued because it was too long for one post: Here are the pertinent quotes: "DK(David Klein is the interviewer): In regard to cooking, were you involved in any of the studies of the mutagenic heat effects and were there any studies that quantified the mutagenic effects of various temperatures on different foods? TCC(Thomas Colin Campbell): There have been some studies of heavily cooked meat and lightly cooked meat. Early on, certain mutagenic chemicals which appear upon heating were discovered, mostly polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Those compounds, resulting from open flame heating as well as at low temperature cooking, were know to be mutagenic carcinogens. Among our panel this raised a red flag about cooked foods. Studies comparing different foods and different temperatures were not done because it is a very difficult and costly area of research.
  5. I just received some back issues of Living Nutrition and in volume 17 there is a very good interview with Dr. Colin Campbell. Dr. Campbell is one of my heroes because his book "The China Study" is what convinced me and my family to become vegan. It convinced even my husband who is a scientist but also a very skeptical person. I am very grateful for this change because our health has improved remarkably. My husband is even off his high blood pressure meds. However, most people even after reading the book only remember the vegan aspect. Dr. Campbell is adamant about promoting a "Whole foods plant based diet" as the healthiest possible. Some people have interpreted this to mean that cooked fruits and vegetables are included in Dr. Campbell's definition of whole foods. The interview in Living Nutrition is pretty clear that this is not the case.
  6. Jason, I've been incorporating more strength training and it really helps. Muscle consumes more calories than fat so it should probably help with the weight loss. Keep going, I'm looking forward to the pics. Ciao
  7. Yes, they're great, but those little hairs! I always manage to get one or two in my skin when I'm pealing them.
  8. Don't think you'll need one in Greece-lucky so and so with all the sun you get. Nonetheless, if you ever go a few weeks of overcast weather one of these lamps would help. Ciao
  9. Thanks for link to Joe DeMarco, he is great. Ciao
  10. Again, cut out the drinking too Just call me grandma-I'm so straightedge.... Just wondering SS, do you ever train "to failure" or do you stick to a certain number of sets/reps even if they're easy?
  11. Fantastic Pamela, I'll look into a subscription if possible from here. Ciao..
  12. Ditto on the book-had me laughing out loud. About the coffee, both of you should give it up Good luck on the marathon, keep us posted...
  13. If you're so close, then why aren't you coming out to the vegan potlucks we have here? No I was joking, I'm in Québec city. I wish I could join you. We do have some hookups here with francophones, but not as often as I would like. If you're ever in this area I would love for you to look me up. Ciao
  14. Thanks, I'll look that one up too. Ciao.
  15. Pamela, living here in Québec I know what you mean about SAD. My doctor prescribed a sunlamp for me (About $300, but you can claim in on your insurance). Half an hour under this every day to read really helps. As for Hammertime, that sound fabulous. I wonder if there's something similar around here. I know there's an outdoor gym nearby which sounds really cool. It's crucial that you get outdoors for at least half an hour everyday for your vitamin D so working out in the fresh air is great. For the coach, I've yet felt the need to have one, but maybe one day someone will inspire me. Ciao
  16. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here. Ciao
  17. Today's fitness menu: One hour hike in the mountains near me-beautiful fall colours! Will go to the gym with my family to do some wall climbing and probably weights. I might do some stretch tubes too. Ciao
  18. I'm really happy you lost all that weight-that is pinktastic! Now get busy developing more muscle
  19. Prickly pear cactus fruit...delicious on its own or with bananas. Yummy and they were on sale this week
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