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  1. Awesome difference! Can't wait to see what hitting the gym every day will yield!
  2. Impressive difference! You look much stronger and healthier now too.
  3. I'm a newbie too. Welcome! I do weights/ resistance 3 days a week: Sun, Tues, Thurs and vinyasa yoga Mon and Wed. I do cardio on Thurs for an hour, and at least 2 30 min cardio sessions each week, after weights or yoga. I would think that ashtanga is too intense. I take yoga for the stretching and am often sore doing the various poses. I bumped up the calorie/ protein about 2 weeks ago, and have gained flab in my stomach area also-- and, only in that area. Lots of luck!
  4. Rock on, Derek!! Great pictures of your show! No doubt you can hit 200!!
  5. Try adding tempeh, tofu or seitan to your veg/ rice mixes. They're all full of protein, and low in both calories and fat. And, seitan is crazy easy and cheap to make. Also, add at least one scoop of veg powder-- that's 13g protein.
  6. I've been taking the liquid orally for 2 years now. I see more and more dubious health and weight loss concoctions claiming L-Carnitine, and I have yet to see it listed as a supplement used by anyone on VBB. So, I'm now wondering if it does anything positive. I was wondering if anyone else was taking it, had taken, recommends not taking it... Thanks! ps-- Carnitine is used by cells to process fats and produce energy-- some studies showing that it increases muscle mass and reduces fat mass. It's mostly found in dairy and meat, though tempeh is quite high.
  7. This project has the potential to be very powerful! How'd you get involved, Robert? The National Home Potluck Tweetup on Nov 5 is a great excuse for a potluck/ house party! Yay!
  8. Still uncertain if I'll be dressing up-- always made my and puppy's costumes. I'm the momma to three puppies, but only one has the misfortune of dressing up each Halloween. The whoopie cushion costume is cute!
  9. Interesting luck for me! Received an email from Amazon yesterday that my payment didn't go through... Confounding, but excellent! I'll make my payment to you through paypal right now! ps-- just purchased and am excited! Thanks, Robert!
  10. Since she is so sure eggs and dairy will make you healthy, have her watch "Forks Over Knives" and/ or read "The China Study." These show the negative health effects of a non-plant-based diet, esp one including dairy. It's a powerful doc. She will understand your health reasons for not consuming animal products. You can take flax seed oil and DHA capsules. You guys can research vegan supplements together. Also, get substitutes for eggs, butter, milk. Vegweb.com has thousands of vegan recipes and about every substitution imaginable. Cook with her some nights-- show her how easy it is to veganize many dishes-- esp apple pie! Find lots of great vegan recipes, fix them with her for Vegan Night for the family. Wash your own dishes. Your veganism can help you two bond-- then your mother will view your food choices in a positive light. Now, she is seeing them as separating you from the family and making you unhealthy. Change the way she views them and change her attitude about them.
  11. I have stretch marks too from when I grew to 5'10" in fifth grade. I've tried every cream and treatment, even laser removal. The lasers will take the red out. If they are white (like mine were) they will fade slightly and the indention will plump up. The lasers will leave bright purple, raised patches on your skin for months also. Really. Super scrubbing with a loofah, then lots of moisturizer each day will help.
  12. Booo! I just ordered your book from Amazon, and ordered more VEGA online too! My timing is about 3 days off!
  13. Never heard that one, and I've been veg a while! Me oh my. Welcome, Hope! I too lost almost all of my awesome muscle and curves, and I intend to reclaim them! I got very ill when I was 19 and lost a ton of weight. Finally putting the weight back on, I didn't work out or make great eating choices, so I'm currently rocking the "typical vegan" look. I wish you the best. there's a lot of great info/ meal plans/ workout schedules on the main page and in the profiles. That's where I'm getting my info while I wait on Robert's book in the mail.
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