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  1. My intake was the same as when I wasn't pregnant....only slightly more. I was more careful about taking my vitamins and had to take extra iron suppliment. I also drank more water. But I ate what I always ate.
  2. I read the book you are referring to in your quote above. Due to various sports injuries I've been using ginger as a safe anti-inflammatory for over 10 years. It saved me from having to use ibuprofen except on exceptionally bad days. If it wasn't for ginger I would have used OTC anti-inflammatories a lot more and probably would have damaged my system. BW - I started taking a ginger suppliment several months ago for similar reasons as you. I have found that after taking teh capsule, I get terrible acid reflux/heart burn. So much so, that I stopped taking the capsule. Have you been taking teh ginger in supplement form or by diet? Have you had any problems with acid reflux or heart burn? If so, what do you do to stop it? I too want to avoid having taking anti-inflammatories, and at this point, my injuries don't bother me enough to have to take anything. I do have a history of acid reflux, and it has been bothering me a lot lately - spicy foods, wine, or too much fat will trigger the burn. The thing that I find funny is that ginger is suppose to help with digestion issues!
  3. Yup, NH - Londonderry (soon to be Manchester). Originally from Gloucester, but after years of living in NH, I have lost the really hard accent. Now it just comes out occassionally. The place I was thinking of is called Fasika, and I just checked online. It's in Somerville. You should try it out sometime. I am on vacation for a week starting in 6 minutes so I may check it out sometime next week. And "coshtoom"...? Was it Clark Gable or some other oldtime actor that 'sh'ed his 's'? That's the voice I will hear when I read your posts now..........
  4. Hi liftandcode! I'm not too far away from you. I think that the yummy Ethiopian Restaurant that I went to a couple months ago was in Somerville. Are you originally from the area - just wondering so that when I read your posts I can get the accent right!
  5. I could answer love it or hate it equally, so I didn't answer the poll! I love my body because it is healthy. My blood chemistry is excellent (cholesterol, etc), and it allows me to do teh things I want to do (play soccer, hike mountains, pole dance, wt train). And, I like my muscles. I hate it because it has too much fat. I long ago accepted that I will never be a small girl or skinny like a model (not that I want to be). But I definitely want the outside package to match the insides by looking healthy. It doesn't yet, and I am starting to think it never will, but I keep trying
  6. My understanding is that all blood types, especially rare types, are needed. Are you notified if there is a need for your blood type? The whole 'gay people can't donate' thing sucks. It should be based on what you have done, sexual or non-sexual, that may have caused your blood to be infected. Like Sydneyvegan said, promiscuous straight people are allowed to give blood but are just as risky. I knew people in college who donated just to find out if they were clean! Made me sick.... I'm your man - What about the perfectly healthy, fit VEGANS of the world who are involved in accidents and need blood to stay alive? Should they, and their families, just accept death and not take a blood transfusion?
  7. I have been donating since I was 17, about 4 times per year. In college, I donated much more regularly since the Red Cross came to campus pretty frequently and I had more time. About 5 or 6 times I have been refused since my iron was too low. This happened as an omni as well as while vegan. It happened the last time I tried - iron too low, go eat some liver The time before that, though, my iron was high enough to do a double red donation. If you can do that, I recommend it. I felt great after a double red donation. It takes bit longer and you will feel cold when they put the saline (not sure exactly what they give you back for fluids actually) back. Normally after donating, I am worn out for a couple of days. I don't typically alter my exercise routine ( I workout in the morning and donate in the evening) though and I don't notice anything different aside from tiredness. As far as during the donation, 90% of the time I am fine. Occassionally, I will get a little light headed. If you let the tech know they will put your feet up and head down. No biggie, as long as you let them know. (I have seen a few guys pass out over the years while or just after donating.) I get light-headed when I don't eat something before donating or I am not hydrated enough. You should drink lots of fluids and eat something before donating. They tell you not to lift anything heavy for about 5 hours after donating so plan your workouts around that (workout before hand or do lower body only after). I would also recommend donating with your non-dominant arm since you use it less - that works for me. Good luck!
  8. Beer Pasta loaded with margerine and tomato paste (or canned stewed tomatoes or v8 juice) Toast loaded with margerine Peanut butter, chocolate chips and coconut - zapped in the microwave, mixed up and eaten with a spoon My sisters Indian cooking Guacamole with chips
  9. Yeah, we don't have any grunt sentries at my PF. I read some of the other reviews and the PF I go to appears to be different in many other ways as well. We have 4-5 bench presses plus 2 incline bench presses, mirrored walls, 2 squat racks, 3 smith machines, 2 plate load leg presses. I have seen guys put as many 45s on the leg press as it could take too, and there are still plenty left for other people. Lots of room to work out. Of course, there is quite a bit of cardio equipment too. This particular PF wasn't a gym before it's conversion - it was a place called Antics, one of those arcade, laser tag facilities. So the layout was very open. You can see every part of the gym from the front door aside from the locker rooms. Ah well, $10/month is too cheap to let the fact that the lunk alarm may go off bother me. Besides that, I have found the people that work out at this gym to be more considerate. Other gyms in the area that I have gone to, I have noticed that people dominate pieces of equipment for long periods of time, use eq. as a table for their water/ belt/sweatshirt, don't wipe their sweat marks off the equipment, etc far more than at this particular PF. I guess I am lucky.
  10. I go to a Planet Fitness. It's dirt cheap - $10/month. That's the appeal, plus the fact that it is only 8 minutes from my house and central to shopping, etc so I can combine trips out. The whole grunting thing - not a big deal. It's the rules of the gym, and if you don't like the rules, don't go to this gym. Besides, people do grunt, and moan, and curse. It's how loud that matters - if they can't hear you at the front desk, it's not a problem. I have only heard the alarm go off a few times and that was when people dropped the weights. People just laugh. As far as the clientele, it's a huge mixed bag since cheap appeals to lots of people. When I go at 4:30 am, it's the blue collar types or the professionals with commutes into Boston for the most part. There are men and women lifting heavy weights, so the 80 pound dumbells are needed. There are no classes - that's one of the ways they keep the price low. They can have whatever rules they like. If they decide that loud grunting is intimidating to some clients, so be it. There are plenty of gyms out there that you can go to that don't have this rule.
  11. Although I didn't get a pm or email indicating so, I believe the thread was closed because of my comment. After a lot of thought, I realize that my comment was uncalled for and I apologize. I do not wish harm on anyone (physical or mental). I let my emotions post that response without letting reason preview it. As far as locking threads, the mods have to do what they feel is best. If there is a particular person or post that caused the thread to be locked, that person should be notified.
  12. Yeah, I guess I am a bad person too, 'cause I am fat. I think it is safe to say that obesity typically goes hand in hand with ill health. Not always though, as pointed out by WL. I guess I am in the same situation as WLs parents. I rarely go to the doctor - over the last few years my only visits have been due to injuries from playing soccer. Go figure. In any case, I work a full time professional job plus a part time job - I pay for my healthcare through work benefits, not you. I encourage you (potter and josh) to keep telling women "their" fat. I also encourage any women out there being told they're fat by these two to give them a beat down. Please post pictures afterward.....
  13. plc3 wrote: Have you told her your concerns are with her health, not the fact that her overweight or unfit body doesn't go with your fit, hot one? The latter part was meant to be what she may be thinking, not an accusation of your intentions. Like I wrote before , we don't know a whole lot about the the situation. But, from your posts, you have become quite fit over the last year. I am assuming that you two were together before you started your current exercise/diet program? Maybe she could be thinking "I was good enough before when Troy wasn't so fit - why am I not good enough now?" Anyway, that came directly from my past experience and what I thought at the time. Okay, I think I'm with you there partially. I think most people like when other people that they love and trust let them know if there are ways they can improve. That's a bit different than pointing out faults But once you point out a fault/suggest an improvement, lay off! ( ) Let her come to it You didn't really answer this question: Does she say that she wants to lose weight and get healthy? Or is she just reading your books and eating your meals because you want her to? I think it is obvious that they like the style or find it more comfortable or they wouldn't wear the clothing. I don't think that Troy's point was that he shouldn't have to look at fat people in small clothing - it was that they don't realize they are fat. I disagree with this - I think they do realize they are fat, but they either don't care or they value comfort/style more than they care about their bodies being exposed.
  14. Have you told her your concerns are with her health, not the fact that her overweight or unfit body doesn't go with your fit, hot one? It's not a male/female thing, nobody likes their faults pointed out, whether they are physical or personality traits, whether they are absolute truths or personal opinion. Without knowing her history with weight issues (if there are any) it's hard to give advice. She may be content where she is. She may have issues with her weight but something may be holding her back from doing anything about it (besides laziness or lack of motivation). Or she could be lazy. From what you have written, it looks like you have done everything you can to be helpful and supportive. Maybe now you need to step back and let her come to it on her own.
  15. #3 Yeah, a women who is over-weight most likely knows it, and she will probably resent you pointing it out to her. I guess it depends on what your relationship with this women is. A girlfriend? Maybe you can suggest physical activities that you can do together that are fun - not just working out. And cook for her - make a yummy meal so she will see how healthy food can be delicious too. But do it without saying 'I am doing this because you are fat and need to lose weight'! That would definitely hurt her feelings (it would mine). Another approach that is a bit more direct: sit her down and tell her everything that you love about her. Then tell her that her un-fitness/extra weight concern you, that you worry about her health, that you want her to be the best that she can be. If I needed that kind of wake-up call, this would probably work for me. It would hurt my feelings too, but if I felt you were sincere, I would take it to heart. I don't know how you would approach a women that you aren't as physically and/or emotionally close to as a girlfriend/wife, mom, or sister. I wouldn't react well to a coworker or someone I am not so close to making any remark about my weight, especially a guy. It would make me very uncomfortable and piss me off. #2 As far as the "smoking vs eating badly around you" issue goes, it is perfectly okay to ask someone to not smoke around you since that can affect your health. Someone eating a burger next to you doesn't affect your health - it affects theirs. If you need to speak up, do so because of the ethical reasons, not health reasons.
  16. can you please tell me what impression I am speading (in your words) because I feel like what I wrote is really being twisted by both you and WL. I expressed an opinion about the irony of our reaction to the lead toy issue. That's dangerous....? I expressed an opinion that I am concerned about the use of a mercury containing vaccine preservative knowing that mercury compounds can be as toxic as lead (elemental mercury is more toxic than elemental lead). That's dangerous.....? I expressed an opinion that I agree with the gist of the article. I guess that was dangerous since it left it up to you all to decide what I thought "the gist" was. My bad....the gist = look at our exposure to potentially harmful substances on all fronts: the toys we play with, the food we eat, the liquids we drink, etc..... Is that dangerous?
  17. A right back at you WL...... Of course parents should protect their children from known dangers, including diseases that require vaccination. The panic over one danger while ignoring other potential dangers is what I find ironic. I didn't refer specifically to medicine vs lead. And I didn't say lead was less dangerous than anything on that list, although I wonder about the vaccine preservative. But since I don't have children yet, I didn't think too deeply about the things mentoned in the article. I won't have to deal with it personally anytime soon so all I can do is try to get my friends and family with children to think a little bit more about what they allow their children to consume. One thing that did bother me about the article was that it mentions that methyl mercury is the preservative used in vaccines, when it fact it is thimerisol. Both are organic mercury compounds but they are different compounds. A more reputable source would have gotten that right.
  18. What I got out of the original article was that it is ironic that we panic about the possibility of lead in our children's toys (which may get into their bodies) but we eagerly feed them other 'poisons'. I totally agree with the gist of this article. I see what you are saying too. It's a matter of degree of toxicity and dose. What dose of nitrates does it take to cause brain damage....? You also have to take into account the synergistic effects of multiple 'poisons' and, on the flip side, what effect a great diet/life style has with the occasional 'lips & a$$hole' dog. Oh, and not every child who gets lead poisoned has brain damage. I had lead poisoning as a child, and I am not brain damaged (sometimes I wonder though ) Lead paint is a tasty treat - I used our window sills as a teething tool!
  19. I might as well take a stab. Basic answer is ...You can't since the sum of parts can't equal more than the whole!! But here are my thoughts on the discrepancy: My first thought was that you had crunched the numbers incorrectly. But then I went to the True Protein website and saw that you got the numbers directly from the gemma page. Assuming the grams AA per 100 gm sample are not typos, I would say two things could be happening. One - the analysis performed on this protein was reported in a percent range, and the upper limit was used in calculating the individual AAs. Or, two, the analysis was reported as a percentage (not a range) but there may have been interference between the individual AAs during analysis causing some to be counted more than once. I had a similar occurence with some analytical work I had done for metals in a sample that added up to 116%. The lab performing the analysis explained it as interference. I think the only way to know for sure is to contact the company and asked how they arrived at their AA data.
  20. Here it is... http://www.gazettetimes.com/articles/2008/02/26/news/opinion/6edi02_letters0226.txt
  21. Maybe your scenario would work out. I doubt it. But I think that it gives vegans who have class and give a shit about their fellow humans, despite their very bad diet choice, a bad name. If crapping and pissing all over public bathrooms became associated with some sort of vegan activism, I wouldn't want to admit that I was a vegan.
  22. I'm sorry that you had such a terrible night. It sounds as though your co-workers were letting off a little steam by attacking your diet choices. Misplaced anger... Do you think they would have been so hard on you if they weren't so angry about the pay raise your co-worker received? I wondered this too. Before I read that you worked at a University, I was thinking to myself that you worked in some sort of industry, not acadamia. You see, I work at a University as well, and although I get lots of questions about diet, I have never been attacked. I have always been amused by this. In three weeks, I start a new job in a very different work setting (industry, small company, union shop). I am a little worried about how my diet will be received - I think it will be a tougher crowd.
  23. I agree that it is less vile than what is done to the animals, and if I thought it would actually have an impact, I wouldn't be so opposed to the practice. But, I don't think that it would stop people from eating at these fast food restaurants, or decrease their business at all. I think that it would mean that some minimum wage employee would have to clean up your shit and piss more frequently than they already do and access to restrooms would be limited.
  24. Sorry Potter, but that just reeks of low class!!!! Being drunk and doing something like this is bad enough (not excusable though!) but to be sober and piss or shit all over the place is vile. Please tell me you won't do this!! The fact that your friends only do this when nobody else is around shows that they know it is wrong!!
  25. Years ago I was diagnosed with multinodular goiter. I scoured the internet trying to find out whatever I could on goiters and what causes them. I learned about goitrogens at that time. Soy is considered to be a goitrogens - a food that suppresses thyroid function, therefore could cause your thyroid to grow or grow nodules. Some of the other foods VB mentioned are also considered goitrogens. On a personal level, I have my thyroid checked every year. There is a chance that I may become hypo or hyper thyroid (why it is checked so frequently), but so far my blood chemistry is right where it should be. I did have some of the symptoms of an underactive thyroid when my goiter was fist discovered, but for the most part, those symptoms have all gone away. I don't limit my intake of foods thought to be goitrogens - at least I didn't before I became raw. When I was a cooked food vegan, I ate at least one full bag of broccolli (16 oz, I think) every day, as well as brussel sprouts, cauliflower, turnips and lots of tofu. My thyroid has not gotten any bigger than it was when it was first discovered
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