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  1. That is very useful information! Thank you Baby Herc! ...but sooo difficult! Years and years I have just relied on willpower to curb my cravings...of course it didn't work! either I gave in and I felt crap afterwards or I didn't and I was feeling miserable and being a bitch to everybody else around... It's really interesting what you ay about suffering and sacrifice... I think maybe because of having had an eating disorder that's why my brain (still) works like that: "I'm not good enough if I don't control my cravings" " I need to withstand pain"... Now I see how unhealthy it is, but after so many years thinking like that...can my brain be rewired? Maybe I even have cravings as a way to sabotage myself, cos I don't "want/deserve" to feel good... crazy, but I've seen it in a lot of people with eating disorders...the need to feel "bad"... I'm really fed up with that and this time I really really want to change it so I'll give your advice a try... still... willpower seems to me like...necessary.... well, sorry for sharing that much, that was kind of a journal entry, LOL...but your posting lead me here and thought it could be maybe useful for other people too.... I'll try that too... Still not decided about variety number one or two...I guess the first one is safer (but I see myself in both definitions...I can be allowing myself a piece of chocolate everyday and then bingeing anyway some days after, even if I have had some the days before, so, yeah, plan #1 would be the one for me I guess... ) Like you, BlueRose, my only downfall is chocolate...oh, and ice-cream... :S as for coockies and cake they used to be but somehow they don't appeal to me that much anymore. Sure I like a piece of cake once in a while but I can have it or leave it, it's not like it used to be that not having it would turn into an obsession... I remember craving donuts one Halloween and giving in in Christmas...all that time I only had donuts in my head... and my head can be filled with more usefull things that donuts, lol! I ordered some vega online but still waiting for it... I hope in a while all my unhealthy cravings disappear...it would be great if I see chocolate or ice-cream and think "I can have it or leave it", like for example with pizza or fries... I like them but I never feel the "need" to have them....
  2. I'm trying to diet according to macros, 40% p, 30% c and 30%f... HARD! I normally fall a bit too short in protein and a bit too high in carbs and way too high in fat! ... According my plan it should be 90g carbs 40 g fat and 120 protein... Yesterday for example I had: Totals : 1,249 calories 107 carbs 91 fat 9o protein Wednesday: Totals 1,471 calories 137 carbs 75 fat 93 protein I haven't weighed myself today but yestarday I did and had dropped 700gr... I have to plan a bit better and more realistically, cos when I work out I get really hungry and 1250 calories a day might be a bit little...I don't know...well, as far as I'm losing weight (and fat) I'm happy
  3. Thank you! I have already looked with the search function here in the forum and found very useful information... Dieting with macros is something I've never done...I hope it works for me. I'm happy to be part of the forum!
  4. Thanks Dylan! That's really nice. I went to the gym and did 1 hour bodycombat + 20 minutes abs exercises + 1 hour bodypump.... It was a blast, I really enjoyed the bodycombat! I had so much energy! and bodypump is always great, all the more since today a friend came to the class too... As for eating: Breakfast: banana + protein shake lunch: hemp sausage + protein shake pre work-out: 200 gr, carrots and 2 bananas, (...and 1 piece of sweet weilliam chocolate) dinner: salad with tofu + 2 soy yogurts + protein powder + small banana Total calories: 1160 carbs 137 protein 88 fat 34 ...I feel bloated... I hate it, I hope tomorrow the gas is gone...
  5. I registered for cronometer too... but they don't suggest a plan. For keeping track I normally use myfitnesspal.com
  6. I weighed myself this morning... awful! 48.8, that means I have put on 1.1 over the weekend... I'm sad, discouraged, angry at myself and feeling like giving up. I don't want to go to the gym so that people ( and specially the trainer) don't see me fat...I don't want a healthy diet, as for right now, I would gladly starve myself in order to lose weight...I'm desperate... why the F**** can't I eat less? I feel like a pig . IHMAIWTD.
  7. Maybe because of feeling relieved from the stress of the competition, uncounsciously you tend to those foods, they're meant to be "comfort foods" and I guess you have some kind of stress before a competition (in body and mind), then just after, your body reacts craving something that would soothe it... I read something in this context in one of the Thrive books.... As an advice...maybe you should incorporate in your post-competition diet some of the foods so that you can have them without feeling guilty...? ...and little by little ditching them from your diet again.... But it can also be due to the restriction, after feeling deprived for some time, you really crave those foods... I know quite a bit about restriction and binges and I would say that the best option is to give in "a little" ...like having just one little cheat everyday... if possible... (tho difficult, I know!). Maybe you could plan ahead your cheat day/meal or refeed day so that it doesn't get out of hand, tho still allowing you to have what you want/crave. Oh well, that's really not much more than "broscience" I guess? but I hope that could help a little.
  8. I pretty much eat the same everyday of the week and weekends I add a bit of variety... but now, since I'm trying to count EVERYTHING (carbs, calories, protein and fat) for the day either I stick to the same stuff everyday or I spend hours and hours counting...:S
  9. I'm trying 50% c/ 30%p and 20% f to lose weight / fat , I'm NOT a bodybuilder ...I still don't know if it works since I haven't really started, but I aim to lose some weight (not much) and fat... I hope it works! I count calories and macros... which makes it difficult, the difficulty being in getting the protein required with the calorie restriction.... As for beans...they're unfortunately a no-no for me...I get really really bloated from them (sorry for mentioning this).
  10. I thought if I keep a journal, it will be easier for me to keep track...starting tomorrow, since now it's already 22 pm I really hope I can go to the gym and that this stupid cold gets out of me! Damn it!
  11. Hello everybody! I've been reading here a bit for the last week and thought it could be useful and nice to be a member of the forum I'll tell you a bit about me: I'm a female, 31 y/o , vegan since about a year and vegetarian since about 10 years... I have started exercising pretty recently, started going to the gym about 2 months ago. I used to be an exercise-hater til I got to know "les mills", and now everyday in which I cannot exercise (like the last three days since I'm sick) I go crazy, I really miss it! I'm really short 5"2 and weigh about 106 lbs... I' desperate to lose some weight and fat! I know I'm not overweight, but I would feel better weighing less, my goal is not too extreme, just 97 lbs (so 4 kg to go!, I normally count in kgs since I'm in Germany).. I have battled all my life against eating disorders... last year , this time of the year I was weighing about 90 lbs...without any sport...but due to starving myself...I was able to have 600 to 700 calories a day and nowadays I tend to have double of that! Since I'm in the gym, I haven't lost any weight...actually I have put on some!!! It's awful! I normally go to the gym 5 times a week (but now I'm aiming for 7) and participate in 50 minutes bodycombat, 50 minutes bodypump and some days 20 min cxworks.... I love it and even if that's the case of the weight gain....which really shouldn't be...i wouldn't like to give it up, but finding some other strategies to lose the weight and fat.... I haven't meassured my fat percentage, bought a caliper online but I haven't received it yet...but...I have a belly, that much I can tell without any caliper, LOL I was calculating my macros and I have tried to follow them for the last days... 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat... I never meassured them before but I think they were about at least 80% carbs... and not the good kind! I'm a sucker for chocolate and (vegan!) cookies! Does this macros thing work? So...I'm motivated about dieting with macros (something new!) but I think I really have to rely on fake meats or protein bars since my calorie allowance is 1250.... that doesn't sound like "eating clean" to me.... but well ...as long as it works.... 1250 calories while working out seems not to be much but...calories scare me, it6's already an effort thinking that I'm allowed to have as many...and maybe my head is fucking me up, saying " Ally, you won't lose any with so many calories no matter from what"... I'm really confused about what diet to follow... and a bit dispaired sice I am putting on weight since I'm going to the gym... I guess I have increased my calories uncounsciously...I just want to lose weight , lose fat, be healthy and feel good! Any advice would be really appreciated. Well, I just made a meal-plan: Breakfast: banana + sun warrior + soy milk At work: fake meat + sun warrior + soy milk Pre work-out: 2 bananas Dinner: Salad with leafy greens, green beans, tofu and hemp oil Strawberries and 2 soy yogurts Midnight snack: sun warrior + soy milk Total calories about 1200 Total Protein: 98 Total Carbs 105 I'm just afraid of my sweet tooth and that I could "cheat" with chocolate... I always love chocolate in the evening...well, I love it no matter the time, If so: Calories about 1300 carbs about 108 I haven't calculated the fats yet...
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