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  1. Whenver the deadline is to submit pics, wait till then. In the mean time, grow out the beard as long as you can. Take pics in bodybuilding poses, but in normal athletic shorts (like NIKE basketball shorts). The banana hammick is a bit too hXc/badass. The average person cant handle the awesomeness.
  2. HOLY SHIT I didnt know both Rampage and Crocop were fighting on the next ppv. I will also be ordering this.
  3. The problem with traditional martial arts is that they are grounded in tradition and not in competiion or combat effectiveness. Kickboxing is an evolving sport. MMA is an evolving sport. Wrestling (all of them) is an evolving sport. Karate does not. Tae Kwon Do does not. Kung Fu does not. They are grounded in tradition with competition put on the side lines.... except for point fighting..... Sure, some traditional striking MAs include some grappling.... but we generally know how horrible that is. Theres a reason you need to be a black belt in traditional martial arts in order to royally whip some ass. And theres a reason that mere amateur boxers/kickboxers are dangerous people. Its not because techniques are more advanced/complicated in those traditional MAs, its because of training methods.
  4. The UFC 66 card was badass. Every fight was great.
  5. I know GSP's background. This is bullshit: Akido Demo Point Fighting Self-Defense scenarios are bullshit Kata's and forms are worthless. Complete waste of time. Effective: Live grappling Live sparring Drilling
  6. Ong Bak, while really cool, is just tricks. Might be about a thai fighter, but you will not learn that shit for sport muay thai. That was mostly XMA. BUT ANYWAY, you most def want to do Muay Thai. All that bullshit about discipline and chi and all that crap that they talk about in ninjitsu, karate and tae kwon do.... it crap. They are a waste of money (and time). Real discipline is pushing your body during live sparring or live grappling. Muay thai, Bjj and wrestling (folkstyle, greco or freestyle) are where you want to dedicate yourself.
  7. "SOY IS BAD!!!! SOY ESTROGEN WILL SHRINK YOUR PENIS AND MAKE YOU GAY!! GOD HATES FAGS! . . . . Milk from a cow though...... no comment. I wont even mention how much dairy America consumes. BUT SOY is bad!!" Same thing every time. Soy bashing because of estrogen-like compounds, but he doesnt address dairy foods like milk and cheese. SOMEHOW milk from a cow doesnt have estrogen-like compunds in it (and other horemones) but soybeans do....... assbags.
  8. Mirko is in a class far above any curent UFC heavyweight. Sylvia would do his boxing; hands high, working the jab, moving around like the tallest, most akward fighter EVER. Then mirko would just light him up with his hands and leg kicks. Sylvia doesnt stand a chance seeing he is pretty much just a boxer (it works for him) and Mriko is such an AWESOME kickboxer with much slicker hands. ***Im calling it now*** Crocop via TKO 1st round. Jab and leg-kick combination followed up with a finish from ground and pound from side control. You guys can quote me on that
  9. Mirko "Cro Cop" Chooses UFC Finally!! Cant wait till he sweeps the floor with Sylvia.
  10. I say "I started reading about animals rights and it all makes sense." Its usually followed by "Ooooooooooo. Ok" Then thats it. Not akward or anything. People usually dont ask much more after that.
  11. No, Anti-nutrients are substances (natural or synthetic) that block the absorption of certain nutrients. For example, drugs mess with the body is ability to absorb certain nutrients. Contrary to popular belief soy is not very healthy for you because it contains many anti-nutrients. http://www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/soy.htm Anti-nutrients..... right Get your info from a credible sourse.
  12. Its not that natural to be eating whey protein powder and powdered egg albumen.... dont worry about it.
  13. BJJVegan you beat me here! I was just about to post this same video! Sean Sherk is the man. Super strong and talented too. Really manhandles people. Its crazy really. His losses are from GSP and Matt Hughes ONLY. Both of whom are/were champions.... one weight class up.
  14. Take a break from any kind of pressing with a barbell. Im dealing with some torn cartilage in my shoulder. I only do shoulder and chest work with dumbbells. Its not perfect, but strict pressing tends to aggravate my shoulder more.
  15. Jeff Monson IS an accomplished grappler. Already.
  16. Im soooooooooooo happy Hughes is no longer the champ. I was really hoping to see Diego Sanchez and Hughes fight first though. Diego is really cocky and has great conditioning. Hes got good GnP and is a great wrestler too. And then Matt is just good all-around. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see them fight. Only 2 outcomes possible: A badass war till the end or someone getting KTFO... big time.
  17. GSP vs Hughes No sound though.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETrAIe7zHes
  18. Humans have generalized dentition, which is somewhat unique (We do not have teeth like a carnivore). We CAN eat ANYTHING. All thats left it to make the ethical choice.
  19. Chuck wrestled division 1 in college, though he doesnt show his wrestling skills. Aside from takedown defense, anyways.
  20. I think if Tito can close the distance and atleast work the clinch, let alone get the takedown, he will win. Chuck is good, but... its weird. Hes not a slick boxer, so I dont know how he can throw with the best of em. And hes not an amazing kickboxer either... But I think Tito will gas him. Edit:\\ If tito cant close the distance then I forsee him taking some bombs from Chuck, but not going down because hes in such great shape. Instead, he will keep taking the punishment from Chuck and go down in flames.
  21. Hes good, Ill give him that. But he trains (trained) specifically for San Shou competion, and would often fight Thai Boxers, kick boxers.... you get it. Under San Shou rules, normal kickboxers and their variants just couldnt work with throws and take downs. Speaking of which, San Shou is pretty flashy to watch. BUT, theres no grappling. They allow, and encourage, takedowns and throws but dont allow grappling. Kind of strange.
  22. You aint hijacking my thread, its in the same subject. BTW, how is that extreme at all? Was it more of a joke or was she serious? If anything, I'd say her ideas are extreme because she is basically just sucking a cows nipple (no disrespect to your mom). Also how they have to suffer the rest of their life in cages where they can't move, get no sunlight, and are raped and have their offspring stolen from them to be put into the same situation they are. Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures, such as direct action(human liberation and animal liberation). I dont think that abstaining from menstrual products and breast milk, as a grown man, is extreme.
  23. -No sarcasm- Cognitive ability is not the basis for moral and/or inherent value. If it was, IQ, memory and standardized testing would be a basis for your moral worth (analogies can seem a little rough around the edges, I know). Rather, a different basis for rights must be established; thats another discussion, but the abilility to feel pain seems to be a big candidate. While the behavior of insects is indeed largely inate and determined by genetics, I find it hard to belive that bees, specifically, do not feel pain. Do they lack a central nervous system? Ive heard of similar discussion about jellyfish, which do lack a central nervous system, leaving only a peripheral nervous system. While the peripheral nerves do detect stimuli, there is [debatably] no actual pain, similar to a plant's respnse to stimlui. Back to bees, and similar to the jellyfish, the stance of "siding with compassion" is often taken. While in doubt, side with compassion, which dictates leave the bees alone.
  24. I know Fedor is the man, and Mark is washed up, but DAMN!!!! That fight looked like they just threw a college wrestler into MMA who had no MMA taining. Mark looked like a bitch in that fight and didnt show any experience that he SHOULD have. Most think of him as a one-dimensional fighter with just wrestling and G&P, but he didnt even wrestle well; just wasted alot of energy staying in tight with Fedor.
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