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  1. The people whom you friend is referring probably have soy allergies. It does exist, but otherwise, Id say dont worry about it.
  2. Mauricio Rua vs Randleman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0D5TpfjsS0&mode=related&search=
  3. Fedor vs Mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PmBXE2TRLw
  4. Its a combat sport. I remember my wrestling coach telling us to "never worry about winning". "Just perform and work hard, and winning will take care of itself." Of course there is a strategy or gameplan in every match you have, but you get the idea. In combat sports like wrestling, boxing, mma.... you get rewarded for your hard work. The more time you put in and the harder you push yourself the more success you will have. The more you push your cardio, the more time you put in learning, the better the fighter you will be. Unitl you have trained and competed in a combat sport, I dont think anyone can really appreciate it.
  5. YAYYYYYYYYYY. Lightweights in the UFC. Sean Sherk vs Kenny Florian http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4737093120841347260&q=sherk+florian&hl=en
  6. Im a full time college student right now. Im waiting to hear from UPS if I'm hired or not. They have SWEEEEEET hours!!! I'm guessing its vegan. It would just be moving boxes on and off the trucks.
  7. I cant see getting proper training w/o a team to practice with.
  8. RICE is good for pain/swelling. It has merit if you are a competitive athlete. If you are injured during practice/training, you stilll need to step on the field in 2 days. RICE is to control swelling, pain, and ultimately will allow you to perform on the field. The goal is not recovery, but to get pain under control.
  9. Does Jet Li compete? As far as I know, hes just a tricker. If he was just a tricker, then chuck Liddell would royally whoop his ass; on the ground or standing.
  10. Should be 3 options. Strong, ripped and BIG. The freshmen XC runners are ripped. I want to be BIG.
  11. You could try doing "all the wrong things" in terms of weight management. Eating before bed and eating a few huge meals instead of many small ones, for example. Increasing calories in general.
  12. If that was to me, I hurt my shoulder at wrestling practice, not lifting. Form is not an issue. I had to wait about a month to start lifting again, for the inflammation and soreness to go down enough, so Ive lost a lot of strength.
  13. I injured my shoulder not too long ago and now only do dubbell bench press. The barbell seems to pull my shoulder into an aggrovating position, while the dumbbells does not hurt my shoulder.
  14. Full front squats Squats Power cleans Dumbbell bench press Incline dumbbell bench press One arm rows Shoulder presses All kinds of shoulder raises and rotations Skull crushers Seated dumbbell curls on an incline bench When doing Standing dumbbell curls, theres a tendancy to flare your elbows and drop your shoulder. On an incline bench, you can really isolate your biceps. admit it, everyone wants the big guns
  15. "May contain traces of" means that the product you are buying was processed on machinery that also processes dairy. This does not mean that some worker was carrying around a bucket of milk, tripped, and got it in the batch of cliff bars. Its simply an insurance policy incase someone who is HIGHLY allergic to dairy (or peanuts, or soy...) eats the product and has an allergic reaction. The product is still vegan. It would be like cooking your vegan food on your non-vegan friend's cleaned pots and pans.
  16. Hopefully people will recognize all the other articles BBC has published about diet and how the average american diet (meat & potatoes) has made an obese nation. Hopefully
  17. Veganism isnt about not killing, its about causing as little harm as possible (ethically anyways). Plants feel no harm, hence I have no remorse for plants. Yeast feels no pain, I eat yeast. Insect and fish feel pain, I dont kill them.
  18. Hello Everybody. I spend most of time at veganfitness.net but have ventured here. A little about me: I wrestle, I'm currently addicted to Elder Scrolls 4, dealing with a rotator cuff injury right now so my weight training is a bit light, and I like watching MMA.
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