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  1. yep, I know which is another reason therefore that milk isn't natural and healthy...
  2. If milk is healthy: Why then remove the lactose?
  3. Thx: Now I get it! Actually I've never done that exercise...
  4. Hey, thank you for your suggestions! My english isn't good thus I don't understand what you mean with "bent over barbell rows"...
  5. So funny! You've done a great job! http://www.goveg.com/
  6. Yeaahhhh, males always do! It's my girlfriend!
  7. ...to become motivated before I begin my training I always watch this movie: http://media.putfile.com/Film_00016184
  8. Here are some more: http://www.attilahildmann.com/stuff/monk1.jpg And this one: http://www.attilahildmann.com/stuff/vandamme.jpg
  9. I swim a lot am into shaolin kungfu training and do training with weights! I am a vegan since 2000
  10. Hi there, I am a little out of shape but anyway I want to know what you think about my back. I need to define the muscles a little bit more I guess... http://www.attilahildmann.com/stuff/attila_oktober_05.jpg
  11. I disagree, it's not only the ethical point: it's because there is a large content of cholesterol in milk and it's products. Humans consume milkproducts maybe for about 2000 years. Over 40 percent of humans in the whole world don't tolerate lactose...
  12. Welcome! I am also the only vegan I know except my girlfriend...
  13. Nice! Now you can become a computer geek!
  14. Hi SeaSiren, first I would like to thank you that you registered an account in the www.vegan-forum.com forum! Just great! Secondly I have smoked tofu in my onlineshop. there we go: http://www.attilahildmann.com/veganshop/index.php?cPath=27_35 You can click on the small image to get a bigger one! I really love it and it will be soon available for international customers - I just need to install a new shop for the english people! Here is one recipe with smoked tofu: http://attilahildmann.com/en/spaghetti_carbonara/spaghetti_carbonara.htm Don't you have VIANA products in your grocery store? O.o VIANA produces the best fakemeat stuff. Simply delicious!
  15. Robert, you simply rock! Thanks!
  16. Hey thanks! Once I tried to register an account at veganforum.com but they didn't accept me! lol I dunno, I am a vegan and all that but they just didn't want me...one reason more to make this new forum!
  17. Hi Robert, you really surprise me! Well, the more I read and post here the more I like you guys!
  18. Hi there, we just opened a new vegan forum at www.vegan-forum.com I hope I can promote this thing a little bit here! Greetings to all vegan bodybuilders out there! Greetings from Berlin ATTILA
  19. Hi Alex, I just watched the video on the website of the german televison station "HR". Here we go: KLICK FOR AWSOME ALEX! If you want to watch the video in your external player, take this URL: http://lsd.newmedia.tiscali-business.com/bb/redirect.lsc?stream=hronline/fs/hessenschau/20051209_bodibilding.wmv&content=content&media=ms Just copy it into your player and enjoy the show Keep up the good work and hopefully you try one of my recipes next time http://www.attilahildmann.com/rezepte.html
  20. Awsome! hey Alex: I've heard that there will be a short film in tv today - can you rip it and load it up? Webspace wouldn't be a problem!
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