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  1. I got the rest of the pictures and there's like a billion more, so I am limiting my posting to just a few. I hope you like them!
  2. Ha! Thanks. I love my tattoos and some people have made comments about it being a "tramp stamp," but I don't really care what they say! It took me a lot of practice! Haha. Some people are naturally flexible, but I am NOT one of them!
  3. Haha, me either, so I posted them both! I still haven't seen the rest... I am waiting as patiently as possible. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hahaha, well I *DO* like curry. Maybe I'll have that added next time!
  5. If you're ever in Philadelphia, feel free to come to a class. I will kick your butt. My tattoo? It's a lotus. I bought it for myself when I finished my first yoga teacher training. You can see a bigger picture here (http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/stamped1.jpg) from when it was fresh.
  6. I a had a photoshoot yesterday with the same photographer that took my old yoga photos. These are the first few that I've seen. There are more and I'll add them when I get them, if you're interested! I was super nervous about this shoot, but I think they came out pretty good.
  7. Where are the vegan marshmallows and other ingredients for vegan s'mores? This doesn't sound like camping AT ALL!
  8. On Monday I am going to NYC to practice with Dharma Mittra (http://www.dharmayogacenter.com/dm.htm) as part of my replacement "mini vacation." I am SO excited to meet him!! I have never practiced with him before, but I've wanted to for a while!
  9. Thank you!! I keep walking around making a noise that can probably only be described as wailing. I will try to knock it off by tomorrow for my husband's sake.
  10. Ahhhh, I've ben planning this trip to the Florida Keys for MONTHS. I was going to go down there and do yoga with Pattabhi Jois, the founder of ashtanga yoga, and just generally enjoy the heck out of Florida! I bought two new bathing suits, I had everything planned, I had rented a convertable... And Pattabhi Jois has fallen ill and is unable to travel (he's like 96 years old) from Mysore, India to Florida!!! I just cancelled my entire trip, because he may still come back this year and I want to have the money/vacation time to go then, but I'm soooooo bummed. I have been looking forward to this trip for months. I am still taking two days off work and I plan to go to NYC and practice yoga up there one day and the second day, I don't know yet! Any suggestions? If they involve wearing one of my great new bikinis, even better!
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty well snowed in. My husband escaped this morning to head to work, but my car is still stuck. I had someone sub my morning yoga class so I wouldn't have to head out (they live closer to the studio than I do). Yesterday I left work at lik 1:30 and it took me two hours to get home, the trains were running SLOW.
  12. Wow! Go you! I've only given blood once, and I guess my iron was fine, they didn't say anything. I usually can't give blood because they have all of these weird rules about giving blood after being tattooed. I think the basics are that you can't ever give blood within a year of being tattooed and I seem to get tattooed about every year, so I'm almost always not welcome to donate!
  13. Wow, the temple has wireless!? Haha. As I've said before, I'd love to visit there sometime! Maybe it will happen this summer, who knows?! I do like swimming in creeks.
  14. This sounds like it's going to be an awesome adventure!!! Will you still have internet access somewhere?
  15. Rob, I had a piece of chocolate cake today just for you... I swear, it wasn't because I wanted it at all.
  16. Happy birthday!!! I hope it's a good one!
  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your bun. I had bunnies about 4 years ago who both passed away within a month of eachother. They were sisters who I adopted from the Humane Society: Liza and Louise. Bunnies really bond with eachother. I also had a bunny before that, Francis. They are great pets!
  18. Yes it is. Definitely easier than a tattoo.
  19. I think there's something that you can buy called a vegan passport that describes a vegan in a ton of languages so you can use it when travelling. It might be something to take a look at!
  20. nicole


    That's amazing!! I have big plans to go to Mysore and practice yoga someday!
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