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  1. Hey no worries and your right, no body really gives a "gosh, darn, tooting" what we think!!!
  2. I agree. That is one of the dangers with forums in general and something I've been aware of and fearing for years. It is also very common in veganism, religion, and other groups of people who follow a specific path. As you've probably noticed, I pretty much never post anything at all in certain categories such as Nutrition because I don't know enough about it to give solid info. I only know my own experiences. It is hard to know what to believe when reading forums, but at the same time, it is nice to hear people's stories and their own experiences. I'll look into more scientific articles and post them on the main website and as stickys in appropriate sections of the forum. Thanks for bringing up that point DV, I actually think it is one of the most important points to bring up, period. DV There's conflicting info everywhere you look on this universe, if people have their own opinion on nutrition and want to share it then so be it and they have every right to regardless of it being right or wrong in the same way that you do, we also have a right to share our own experiance because that's our own personal truth even if it's no one elses, my own experiance with nutrition totally goes against what the science/fitness book says but does that mean it's wrong and I can't share it or it's not true to me?....I'm sure if you asked meat eaters about nutrition they will have a different story to tell too and the same with raw vegans, in my opinion all we can do is either relate to it or take it all with a pinch of salt and accept each others differences because forums just happen to be a good way for everyone to share crazy off the wall stuff. My ten cents.
  3. Well what happens to people like me that don't crave sweets or salt???? All I'm eating is fruits, so they must be doing me some good...eh! Plus when you say amino acids are you meaning protien? Another question, have you ever gone 100% raw for any longer than a year if you have you should have a better understanding when it comes to cravings. Anyway I'm not getting at you, I'mjust bored and thought I'd join in for a bit. I'm off now, gotta go workout, see ya!
  4. Cool...have a great time training, I've done my thinking for the day!!!
  5. Yes we are. You know what I meant... ! I didn't have time to get specific....
  6. What do you build muscle mass from then? You can abuse your system by over eating/drinking anything! You build muscle by using a little bit of everything for instants taking care of your emotional state and staying stress free and happy, consistant/intense progressive training, recovery and replacing nutrients, staying hydrated and repeating that cycle but no one thing such as food is responsible for muscle growth.
  7. We have high levels of obesity because of the gradual shift in food choices and the increasing popularity of fast/junk foods as well as various other elements that are personal to each individual. When discussing fitness and diet you have to be careful using animals as an example because we are not animals and we also make up sports and all sorts of activities/competitions to do for no real reason and animals don't so they can eat when they want and what they want without fear of it effecting their perfomance, so to the animal, what they eat is really not a factor in anything because to them they are simply eating. Peace!
  8. I think that's a really good question and I do not think that you are being a jerk at all. If you visit a food composition website, you will see that vegetables, especially greens, are loaded with minerals and protiens compared with fruits. It's just the way that nature did it. Fruits have an action of supplying calories that we all need in order to sustain ourselves, but vegetable are filled with the body builder such as our protiens and minerals. Let's look at a few comparisons, For protien, a 100 gram serving of apples contains only .4 grams of protien. In comparison, leaf lettuce contains 1.2 grams of protien per 100 grams. That's triple the protien. Juice that leaf lettuce and you've got a great source of protien. I drank a 4 ounce glass of juice that had two heads of lettuce, one apple, and one carrot in it, and recieved 35 grams of protien. Not powders or shakes to add. Apples help to release the nutrients in other veggies, si I always add them to the juicer. Let's look at a few more items, Spinach has 2.1 grams of protien per 100 grams, Chard has 1.4 grams of protien per 100 grams, Brussels Sprouts have 4.4 grams of protien per 100 grams, even potatoes have 2.5 grams of protien per 100 grams. Since we all agree that we need protien in order to bulk up, it's easy to see that a gorilla gets really big eating greens that have on average, triple the protien content of fruits. I wish that I could get my hands on beet greens more, as they contain a whopping 2.2 grams of protien per 100 grams. But juicing a glass of juice like I do, has as much protien as a boneless, skinless chicken breast. I used to juice 13 times a day. But it would be unfair to talk only of protien as muscle mass is of course made up of many things. greens and all other vegetables have a massive amount of vitamins and minerals compared with any fruit. I would be happy to post comparisons if you like? But things such as lettuce, beet greens, and carrots, are loaded with nutrients. In order to survive on greens alone, one would have to munch quite a bit, and a gorilla does. Greens just don't have as many calories as fruit, and they aren't as sweet either. Hence, fruit is more attractive. But try it for yourself if you have the extra money, and look at food nutrient charts and see what I mean. I don't agree with the info about calories/protien, etc because I've seen results with my own training and growth to prove otherwise, plus anybody can get big/huge by stuffing themselves with meat or greens all day and abusing their system but does that mean your going to be healthy or it's all muscle mass? Personly, I've learnt that food is not the be all and end all when it comes to muscle growth, You've forgotten about "REST/RECOVERY" and "TRAINING" Rest and intense training you do is just as important and plays a major role in getting good results, in my experience and opinion, food doesn't give energy, nor fuel, infact it takes away energy because it has to be digested, rest gives me more energy and fuel than anything I could eat. In my case fruits merely serve to replace nutrients I have lost and to keep me hydrated, nothing more and nothing less.
  9. That's it I'm moving the family to greece!!!!!
  10. This greens, size/strength thing just doesn't make sense to me, I've heard this point made so many times and it makes less sense each time I hear it....so are you saying that if a gorrilla ate anything else but greens it wouldn't be as strong or as big as it is and that if we all eat greens we'll automatically take on the strength and size of animals that eat greens, if that was so what's to stop us from inheriting the size/strength of animals such as sheep, rabbits, horses and if we really want to get huge why not eat what elephants eat? Gorillas are naturally big and strong and they don't eat greens to maintain any muscle mass, a gorrilla is a gorrilla no matter what it eats, just the same as a human is a human regardless of what we eat. I don't mean to be a jerk but it just doesn't make sense. Good luck with the training!
  11. Please do man, I've not heard from you in a while.....be good!
  12. Hey Richard....your a good looking guy man!!!! I think this is the most I've seen of you at one time too, congrats on the weight loss. Anyway you be good ya hear!
  13. Hey thanks, that's a huge honor man, it's funny because now everybody and their mama is trying to be the raw body building sensation but these guys don't have a clue, I'm starting to get out more and I'm meeting people that already know me from raw forums and my youtube vids, it's been such a pleasure, I was also asked to do a couple of fitness classes at the Raw Spirit festival but I'm not going to go to that. Anyway PM or E-mail me sometime anyway! The Fruitarian One!
  14. Congrats on all the work you've put in to achieve such a eye pleasing figure!
  15. Hey Rob, I'm glad you met doug, I 've just got back from being an instructor at his health and fitness week in Seattle, he's a great guy. Keep on representing buddy! Bigz
  16. I'm gonna be in Seattle for 7 days tomorrow, holla if you see me....
  17. I'm just sharing progress baby, in a creative way, infact these are probably my last set of pics as I am off to do other things now, my job is done!!! Or are you ready to admit that this is one bad fruitarian mutha (hush yo mouth)??? Go on admit it, Jonathan, you know you wanna dump the oatmeal and come to the fruity side, the force is strong on the fruity side!!! Speaking of Rob and his pics...I think more people should post pics and vids of themselves training or making progress!!! Go Rob!!!
  18. Here's some pics from a recent shoot! http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/1450/dsc0089wj3.th.jpg http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/5269/dsc0046ra7.th.jpg http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/6560/dsc0025ft0.th.jpg http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/7439/dsc0022dr5.th.jpg http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/2481/dsc0037ql8.th.jpg
  19. Thanks man, I'm getting my gun license tomorrow!
  20. The opposition was fierce and tried to dominate at the end but I had to represent for all the dads out there and hours of training finally paid off!!!! ....the idea was who could get furthest in 30 secs..... Semi-finals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpTOsskcxeQ Finals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVP6rywnksY
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