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  1. Why thank you! I love Mr. Clean. I even had that huge earring when I was young. I have to throw some hydrogenperoxide on my eyebrows though.
  2. Yikes! What? You don't like the cello? Lucky Denmark! Oh, come on, you went from classics like Nicholson in the Shining to Diesel? Indeed, I went from Nicholson to Diesel. I like diversity and I certainly have films of highly varying character (and quality) in my collection. Note, however that I did not try to compare the aforementioned two actors. That is just impossible since they are not even in the same frame of reference. In the same manner comparing e.g. The Taxi Driver with Pitch Black is like comparing a Steinway with bubblegum. But even if you play the Steinway you may occasionally enjoy a piece bubblegum (as long as you keep your habit away from the concert hall). Diesel works in the framework of Pitch Black which never intended to be deep but simply to provide good clean family fun!
  3. This is an ancient article (1966) but it is nevertheless quite interesting, as it presents a case of a vegan with no absorption problems suffering from megaloblastic anemia due to lack of b12 in the diet. http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/content/abstract/19/4/260?maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10&RESULTFORMAT=&fulltext=vegan&searchid=1&FIRSTINDEX=0&volume=19&issue=4&resourcetype=HWCIT
  4. My reasons: 1) He shoots animals (including Harry Whittington) 2) He looks like Beavis http://z.about.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/U/7/distorted.jpg
  5. Check out Find me guilty, he does a pretty good job there. It's a good movie. Still I think Pitch Black might be his best. I agree: He does a good job in Pitch Black. The movie has been quite overlooked in Denmark though!
  6. Yes Interesting. I am always fascinated by alternative views and reinterpretations That's just the way I am Ah, yes Ben Kingsley. He is a good actor too. Reminds me of the fact that I've never seen the Gandhi movie. I must do that one day, although I expect some Disneyfication has been employed. He reminds me of a weatherman on Danish TV. I take it that's not a compliment He was a political strategist and consultant for President Clinton. He's a rottweiler! Well, I don't know if it should be taken as a compliment or not. I think one of the points that has transpired from this discussion is that I may not be the worlds leading capacity in estimating the mojo of famous bald men. Anyways here's the weatherman: http://www.thhe.dk/grimme/Henrik_v3.jpg Well. Bald women don't grow on trees. But this one is my kind of woman: http://womanheadshaving.baldlygo.com/photos/mona_lisa_s.jpg Ahh, I see...that's your taste, aye? I wonder what codes are to be cracked under that!? Well the mystery is of course: Why in the world did Leo add the hair when the woman was in fact as bald as Ving Rhames?
  7. Let's create "The International Hairist Vegan Muscle Society" .
  8. Alright have it your way with the mojo -- but Boyle kicks ass. Well actually every single actor in that movie kicks ass. And the director as well . It's one of my favourites. Oui, I am a "Shining" fan too. It is simply one of the best movies in the genre and a study in the aesthetics of horror. Interesting intepretation! I must admit, that I never thought of the movie in this way -- but indeed some(all) of the riddles can be solved using this perspective. Vladimir Putin w/mojo? Are you serious?! Yeah. I agree. Even some people with hair may look OK. On good days. ^^^ This is Edward Nortons dad, right? He reminds me of a weatherman on Danish TV. Well. Bald women don't grow on trees. But this one is my kind of woman: http://womanheadshaving.baldlygo.com/photos/mona_lisa_s.jpg
  9. Yes, too much estrogen is why I am bald like a woman.
  10. My personal all-time favourites are Peter Boyle in "Taxi Driver" http://www.movieactors.com/freezes1/TaxiDriver12.jpeg and Philip Stone in "The Shining" http://www.lifeinlegacy.com/2003/0621/StonePhilip.jpg -- both displaying unbelievable baldness-mojo.
  11. First, estrogen or estradiol or any other steroid hormone produced in the human body are not found in soy. There are _isoflavonoids_ in soy, however (check out the structure of these and compare with that of estradiol here: http://www.biovita.fi/isoflavonoids.GIF). The isoflavonoids are sometimes referred to as "phyto-estrogens" (=plant-estrogens) because they can bind to the human estrogen receptor. This fact doesn't necessarily mean that the isoflavonoids act in the same way as estrogen. Firstly their binding affinity for the receptor may be low compared to estrogen and secondly when they bind they need not activate the receptor -- they could just as well block estrogen from acting at the receptor and hence have anti-estrogenic effects. Of course, there is also a chance that the isoflavonoids could act just as estrogen in certain doses and under certain circumstances. The truth is, the issue has not been settled yet, but it is still under investigation. As far as I know (and I am certainly not an expert in the field) what we have is some observed correlation between lower risk of certain types of cancer and the intake of isoflavonoids (from soy foods). Here are two randomly selected studies (there are quite a few): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=9950237&dopt=Abstract http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/529146 You can probably also find some results pointing out the negatives of high soy intake -- perhaps even in serious scientific journals . To answer your questions: Isoflavonoids are found in all soy products, as they are a natural component of the soy bean. The concentration, though, may vary significantly between different types of products. Unless you are allergic or intolerant to soy, I see no reason for excluding this great source of protein from a good vegan diet.
  12. Yeah, there is no doubt that cholesterol has many important functions in the body. For instance it is a precursor in steroid hormone synthesis and provides cell membranes with mechanical flexibility http://web.mit.edu/esgbio/www/cb/membranes/structure.html . However, the (healthy) human body syntehesises cholesterol and it is therefore not required from the diet -- but of course there are some jackasses out there trying to spread that word. For instance visit http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com and answer the pop quiz: Is Mr. Masterjohn is in the pocket of the meat/dairy industry or not ?
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