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  1. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/nya-nya.gif *smooch*
  2. Lol, Good Lord, what is that?? You're welcome
  3. What don't you get robert? I'd say you've got a surfer-beachboy-Steve McQueen-Tab Hunter thing goin' on willpeavy,
  4. Thanks for that, Jay, I knew that was what you thought; you know me -- I just had to call you on it And I agree with you to an extent; but it's just that one cannot know another's intent/purpose by looking at them From my experience this subject could get really ugly; but I'll refrain from responding to some of the comments as I know robert has expressed his desire to keep this forum friendly and non-argumentative. However, suffice it to say, it never ceases to sadden me the irony and pettiness one comes across from time to time in this subject. I think Richard's very clear, fair, and balanced on the subject .
  5. Hi, BrandonC!! You mean there are no fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains in Ireland?? Seriously, it's best to stay away from vegan fake foods anyway, many are just as processed and bad for health as their meaty counterparts. Going vegan is EASY! Nice to meet you!
  6. crispyQ, aside from exercise, perhaps your diet is a factor? Whole health and fitness is a combination of things. Just exercise won't get you there, neither will just optimal nutrition. We need lots of things like sunshine (for Vitamin D), playtime/fun, adequate (for our level of activity) sleep and rest, a de-stressed life, friends/family -- all these things play into how each part progresses. In other words I'm not as fit as I can be if I'm not getting adequate sleep, or if I'm not eating right, etc. How is your diet? You can lose flabbiness to an extent through diet and exercise, but not just one or the other. Maybe you're exercising enough already, and should focus on what you're eating. I know that was my problem. I was not eating properly and NOT getting the results I should have had for all the friggin' exercise I was doing! So frustrating! But now I'm doing great: I cleaned up my diet and now I don't even have to exercise so strenuously or so much.
  7. exciton, you feel like a whole hole? Neat story. Well, I'm a bird person -- love them; all of them. I suppose I could be an owl or a hawk, turkeys are sweet, a dove, swan; but I think ravens are mysterious and dark...quite mischievous and considered the most intelligent of the wild birds Best to be identified with the crafty, intelligent not-so-beautiful ones rather than the beautiful always-the-prey, dumber ones Actually, all birds are extremely intelligent. I love them all.
  8. Lol! This thread is hilarious! Jay, I'm disappointed in you! Why would something so superficial as fake breasts keep you from caring about a soul?? I mean, I'm shocked! You'd allow one aspect of someone's appearance to make or break your decision? I'd date a man with a fake penis...I mean, really...does one's genitalia define them?
  9. No. But there are great analogs out there. There is seitan, tofu, tempeh; faux chilis, ground "beefs," "chickens," "turkeys," "duck," etc., practically anything you want is being made vegan. And you can even make your own faux "meats" at home. What do you all think of the lab-grown meat? Would you consider it? I'm so far removed from meat, I wouldn't. I don't crave it at all anymore; not even the analogs!
  10. This is so fun! I put in 11 -- yes, 11 pictures of me and it read, "No faces were detected" Hmm...maybe I should be complimented that I don't look like anyone Finally, it worked with a couple and it came up with Sophia Loren Katherine Hepburn Marilyn Monroe - ?? NOT! Christina Ricci Scarlett Johannsen (sp) Michelle Pfiefer (sp) - NOT Kim Basinger - right! I'm not even blonde. what the...? Judy Garland Ingrid Bergman - now that's a compliment Lauren Bacall - that's another; too bad it's not true Angelina Jolie - That's more like it! ~I can dream, can't I?~ Bette Davis- a young one! Kim Novak sara Michelle Gellar Jodie foster Carrie Ann Moss MALE: Jean Claude Van Damme - Hot damme! If I were a man, this would be great! and, my favorite... Pope John Paul I I do not look like any of the above, by the way; I agree with the first 11 assessments that ranked me as having no match Interesting, though, and fun!
  11. Hi, Phoenix! I like newbies Green smoothies are smoothies made with whole leaves of greens and fruit. The original ratio is 60% Fruit: 40% Greens. You can vary this to taste, most beginners use more fruit if needed to suit their taste or you can add stevia to sweeten like I do. The links I provided above (in my first post-the blue type) tells all about them; give them a read! They aren't long. Here is an excerpt for some very simple smoothies; try these or use them as a guide. Eventually, you'll be whipping up your own to your own taste: Mango-parsley 2 large mangos 1 bunch parsley Water Peach-spinach 6 peaches 2 handfuls of spinach leaves Water Mango-weeds 2 mangos 1 handful of lambs quarters, stinging nettles, purslane, etc Water Strawberry-banana-romaine 1-cup strawberries 2 bananas ½ bunch romaine Water Apple-kale-lemon 4 apples ½ lemon juice 4-5 leaves of kale Water Kiwi-banana-celery 4 very ripe kiwis 1 ripe banana 3 stalks of celery Water . Pear-kale-mint 4 ripe pears 4-5 leaves of kale ½ bunch of mint Water Finger banana-spinach 10 finger-bananas 2 handfuls of spinach leaves Water Bosc pear-raspberry-kale 3 bosc pears 1 handful of raspberries 4-5 leaves of kale Water In a blender (a good powerful one is best, see note below) add your fruit and water. Then, add the green leaves (trim off the tough stalks) Blend on "high" till super creamy and smooth. Adjust sweetness, if needed. Drink immediately. Best to drink right away as nutrients are lost as it sits. If kale, collards, or other greens taste too strong for you (try not to start out using bitter greens ;D) try lettuces or spinach or other mild green. My favorites are bok choy, kale, collards, and mache (lamb's lettuce). Also mild and yummy are vegetable tops! The veggies you buy with greens attached can be eaten and are very nutritious; don't throw them away! For example, carrot tops, beet tops, parsnip tops, radish tops, etc. -- all are smoothie-able! See how great green smoothies are? No waste, and you get so much nutrition Notes: You can use a regular blender, but a powerful one is best. Have you heard of a VitaMix or a K-tec? They are super blenders. There is a European version at THIS SITE, and they sell a VitaMix too. A less expensive American source for VitaMix is HERE or you can go to the VITAMIX SITE. Less expensive, but nice are the TRIBEST PERSONAL BLENDER or the MAGIC BULLET, both of which are smaller, inexpensive, come with accessories and are convenient and a favorite for folks who like to use them at work. Personally, I think it's worth it to invest in high-powered blender like a VitaMix, K-tec, or the NewGena; you will find you use it a lot. Otherwise use your regular blender but add the ingredients incrementally to avoid overburdening it. Add fruit and water first, blend; then add the greens a handful at a time; blend. Works just fine these are very nutritious. They should be thick (or if you prefer thin add more water) and creamy. Try any seasonal or favorite fruit. Summer fruits are yummy. You can add other things to this as well, such as a protein supplement or others. Whew! Are your eyes rolling back into your head yet?! One more thing: here are a few pics. So no one is confused, use the whole leaves in the blender NOT juiced greens, as the last picture shows. Did I cover everything? Ask away if you have any questions! http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/Picture17320x240.jpg-Green Smoothie http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/SmoothiedGreens.jpg-Another... http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/Picture9320x240.jpg-kale, collards, bok choy http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Raven_PZ/Greens4Smoothie1320x240.jpg-VitaMix blender full of greens
  12. Glad you made the right choice, exciton. How'd you come up with that moniker?
  13. To those who use this, I'd like to know why and what benefits, if any you've gotten. Also, when, and how often do you take it. How much? I read the "My new favorite" thread, but not much in there answering my above questions. Personally, nothing supersedes my ethics -- not taste, aesthetics, or convenience -- if I am to try a meal supplement, it will be vegan and if there is an ethical vegan providing it, they are worth supporting Thanks! I'm thinking of recommending this to someone who I'm helping with designing a healthy diet.
  14. I agree with Jay -- broccoli and raw sesame seeds (or raw tahini) are great, but no better assimilated than fresh, raw, leafy greens. My daily staples are those highest in calcium -- bok choy, kale, and collards. These are also the highest veggies in e.f.a.s and protein (contain all the aminos for producing protein). Large amounts are best! Also, almonds are pretty good. Try blending broccoli into a soup with some creamy nuts for a "cream of broccoli soup"! Or add broccoli sprouts to you salads.
  15. Thanks so much for the welcomes! Jay, I'm gonna hold you to that! Try them! Robert, awesome aren't they?!!! So much better than green juices! By the way, saw you in Veg News mag this month -- lookin' good! And Congrats to VeganEssentials (Ryan) for his appearance there as well! Brendan is great! He's such an inspiration. I love that he's high raw too; he's a credible, respectable source for nutrition and the legitimacy of eating lots of raw. Seasiren, Phoenix, Richard, Flanders77, thanks, nice to meet you all. Daywalker, thanks, I fancy meself a raven from time to time . Try the green smoothies! Thank you Crash! CrispyQ, hi . Try the smoothies. Make 'em sweet! You'll not be disappointed and you'll feel the energy! Awesome, exciton, Yay! Lemme know how it comes out and what you think Recognizing lots of names here...
  16. Hi, Everyone I registered on this site a long time ago, posted once and only came back, being reminded by Jay (Hi, Jay ) about this site. I forgot what name I had originally registered! Anyway, good to be here. I'm vegan, high raw; been vegan, I guess 10 + years and high raw over one year -- actually, I've been 100 % raw (food intake) but don't call myself or want to be really identified as a "raw foodist." And at any time I may fall into cooked food debauchery My mission is to turn you all into lovers of Green Smoothies If you don't know what they are read HERE and HERE these are *the* most nutritious things you can consume. AND what better way to get all those greens you know you're supposed to be consuming daily? Ha? What better way, I ask? Nice to meet you All!
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