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  1. Please advise me for lose weight (25 kg...) What you recommend me? (sport, food ect....) Thank a lot for your help.
  2. cool your photo xdarthveganx, but it's not worse than Rob. picture! missing!
  3. Freddy is the ferret of my youg brother... He is so funny, when my brother release he in the house, he jump and run everywhere... Freddy is very nice because he don't bite we but he lick! The alone problème is he smell strongly
  4. A muscular man like you who be afraid by so timid animal! No it's not possible! I laugh, when I started to ride horse I'm effraid also...
  5. Woohoo, another vein lover We will have to start a vein appreciation society soon as our numbes are growing It's strange, I love veins since my childhood....And I choose my boyfriends in relation to veins! It's not very nice for them!
  6. thanks, she is very crazy when we go to the education center...She's not obedient when she is with other dogs! Last saturday, she broke my strangler collar (in iron) while she pull!! But, out of the education she's very obedient: she's love pass me for stupid... I'm too nice with her!!!
  7. Jessifly you are very nice in you photos!
  8. If your Pitt are the dogs in your avatar, they look beautiful and nice! I love large dogs in general.... staff, rott, dog argentin, doberman, ...
  9. your country is really exceptional!!!
  10. very beautiful, where you are?
  11. the ferret: Freddy [/img] I'm tired, I go in my bed to dream my un a muscular body!
  12. my mother like animals and she have lot of them: cats, one dog, one ferret, 2 bird, the pony, hen, duck....
  13. my pony: 31 years old. It's a conemara breed [http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/9181/koaladz6.th.jpg' alt='koaladz6.th.jpg'>
  14. good! You ride Horse? If you want I post other photo!
  15. http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/2456/bettyeo8.th.jpg' alt='bettyeo8.th.jpg'>
  16. for the moment I am not muscular but I hope to become a day..... I love to post comments in you weebsite because you are very nice and open! And your are evry beautiful and I like to see your photos! for imagine me in a dream!
  17. He have a good-looking face, but I prefer your body because you are more large and we look your veins! And I like veins!!
  18. thank Rob. Il love meet new persons and know when we live in USA because il love veganstyle and is not wide-spread in France
  19. In Paris is not difficult but in other city......
  20. "la guerre du cru" for Guy Claude BURGER Because is the first to speak this lifestyle in France!
  21. staffordshire bull terrier are so nice! A day, when I come back shopping... there is a staffordshire bull terrier abandoned in front of my house... I ask it to folow me for take it in my garden the time to take my purchase in my home... And I take it with the collar and lead (of my dog) for send it at town hall. It's was verry nice and obedient.... Womans witch work in the town hall are frighten!!!! and womans phone to the dog refuge for man gone to keep the dog... And mans when whith break collar and cat lead!!!! so funny with frighten womans!! And mans are afraid and the dog begin to jump everywhere... I tell they to move away and I take the dog in the car... It's so funny to look French people with this sort of dogs...thank to our gouvernement for effraid everyone with they media and the low.
  22. [/img] and my rat: http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/120/nikitaratouneto0.th.jpg' alt='nikitaratouneto0.th.jpg'>
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